What To Wear In 50 Degree Weather? 30 Chic Outfit Ideas

What to wear in 50 degree weather: We always style our outfits according to the season, but the trickiest part is when we are transitioning from one season to another. Our outfit plays an important part whether it is too hot or too cold which is why it is important to wear the right kind of outfit for every weather.

-50 degrees is the kind of weather when it’s cold so you might consider sweaters and chunky clothes that are warm. On the contrary, 50 degrees are extremely hot, in you should wear light fabric and light colors. In this article, we have summarized outfit ideas for both -50 degrees and 50-degree weather to help you select outfits for both seasons.

Outfit Ideas for 50 Degree Weather

Styling an outfit in this weather is really fun as you can play around with layers, colors, and much more. You can mix and match both your summer and winter outfits for this season, you can even wear summer tank tops with winter coats and jackets, and in this way, you can efficiently style your outfits.

The easiest and less time-consuming way to dress up for this weather is to layer a sweater, jacket, coat, shawl, or cardigans to your outfit. You can invest in some cool jackets and elegant coats, so even if you wear them over the most basic shirts and jeans, your outfit will still look good.

Turtleneck outfits, hoodies, and sweatshirts with jeans are some great options for a casual outfit. Sweater dresses with long boots or heels look great for a dressy look. You can also wear normal summer dresses with long coats and cardigans.


Styling Tips

  • Even though layering is good but adding too much of it would give you a bulky look. Try to keep it minimal to one or two layers of clothing pieces only.
  • If you want to wear mini dresses and skirts, but also want to protect your legs, then wear leggings or tights with them or long boots for a safer option.
  • Boots or closed toe-heels are the safest options of footwear for this season to protect yourself from cold feet in -50 degree weather.
  • You must protect yourself from the sun if you are out at 50 degrees. Accessories like caps, hats, and sunglasses can be added to your outfit for this purpose.
  • Avoid wearing dresses that are too tight or uncomfortable, instead, go for flowy and breathable dresses for air circulation.
  • Light colors like white, blue, and other pastel colors are preferable for extremely hot weather instead of darker ones.

30 – Beige Knit Zipper With Light Washed Denim Jeans

An oversized knit sweater, denim, and boots are the ultimate combination that you need for this weather. A minimal outfit that needs no styling tips and layering. It is also multifunctional as you can wear it anywhere when shopping, doing groceries, and anytime.


29 – Dressy Outfit With Slit Skirt & Teddy Coat

What To Wear In 50-Degree Weather?


28 – Semi-Formal Outfit With Blazer & Jeans

Wearing a blazer with jeans or trousers is the perfect way of achieving the semi-formal look for your daily work wear and office meetings. It gives you a sleek and polished look, but not so formal at the same time. When the weather is 50 degrees outside, you can wear a turtleneck with your blazer instead of a normal top.

Converse shoes are a safer option when you are going for a semi-formal look. Moreover, pumps are another choice you can opt for. Minimal accessories never hurt anyone, instead they make you look more attractive, so wear whatever jewelry you can pair with this look.


27 – The Airport Look With Comfy Sweats

We all want to look our best for the airport looks yet we want to be the most comfortable for the long journey. But somehow many people get failed to balance both of these things in cold weather. Let me guide you on how to style your outfits to a 50-degree for an airport look.

The key to a comfy yet cool outfit for the airport is layering. Keep your clothes simple for the flight like tees shirts paired with sweatpants. Avoid skinny jeans as they can make you uncomfortable while traveling. However, you can keep a long coat or a jacket with you so you could wear it whenever you feel cold.


26 – Black Bodycon Dress For A Date Night

They say that a little black dress never goes out of fashion and that’s true. You can wear it anywhere and anytime, even in winters as well. A black turtleneck dress paired with knee-high boots is the perfect choice for a date night. To protect yourself from the dropping temperature, you can add a long coat like this side split maxi coat which adds a classy touch to the look. The black and green colors are complimenting each other really well.

Even though the outfit is complete, to look more gorgeous on your date night, you can add gold jewelry like small hoops, chains, and rings to the look.


25 – Stylish Coats Are Your Best Friend For This Weather


24 – Wear An Orange Blazer For A Vibrant Look

We all love colorful and bright outfits that make us look beautiful. You can elevate your basic and boring outfit just by adding some colorful pieces to it. Here we can see that a simple white sweater is paired with denim, this looks perfect for a minimal and daily wear winter outfit however to enhance your fashion game you can add a blazer to it. An average black or white blazer would not look as attractive as this bright orange-colored blazer looks.


23 – What To Wear With Denim Jacket?


22 – How To Style Poncho Shawls In 50-Degree Weather?

You will never regret investing in a nice shawl for winter. Such beautiful prints and colors make you feel really gorgeous. For a change, you can substitute your jackets or coats with a lovely shawl and it can be paired with any outfit from formal to casual.

You can wear a shawl over a lightweight sweater, jeans, and boots for a basic look. Shawls over knee-length dresses can be worn for a dressy look with heels and statement jewelry. Poncho shawls with jeans is another great outfit idea.


21 – Brown Leather Blazer For A Trendy Look


20 – Chunky Cardigan With Boots To Keep You Warm

A rib-knitted tank top paired with high-waisted jeans and layered with a long chunky cardigan is a perfect everyday outfit. Cardigans are more comfortable and less formal and usually look good with jeans for a casual outfit. You can also wear cardigans with dresses and skirts.

What To Wear In 50-Degree Weather?


19 – Classy Outfit With A Sweater Dress

The easiest way to dress up is to wear a dress and a deep v-neck sweater dress for 50 degrees. If you are daring enough then you can leave your legs like this or you can also wear tights, jeans or leggings. Knee-high boots are also a good option to look chic.

Adding minimal jewelry and heels to this look will make it elegant enough to wear to formal events and dinners. You can also keep a long coat with you if it’s extra chilly or windy.


18 – Long Pleated Skirt With Vest Sweater For Hijabi Girls


17 – Cropped Puffer Jacket With Wide Leg Pants

If you are a fan of neutral outfits then you might like this one. A white crop top with linen pants looks like a summer outfit but for the 50-degree weather you need some warmth, and what’s better than a puffer jacket for that purpose?

If you are feeling a little cold, you can just throw a jacket on your shoulders. It could be denim, leather, or any kind of jacket but puffer jackets are relatively more efficient in keeping you warm. White sneakers with a cute mini bag are an extra addition to the look.


16 – Cropped Sweatshirt With High Waisted Pants

Cropped sweatshirts are so in trend these days because of how cute they look. In addition to that, they are also made of thick material and long sleeves which provide complete warmth to your upper body however it leaves the stomach area open which is not ideal for this weather. To solve that problem, you can wear a knit top or a turtleneck inside if you are feeling extra cold.

You can choose any kind of jeans with it, but high-waisted baggy jeans would look extra cute and also covers your navel area. You can already assume just by looking at this outfit that sneakers would go along with this look. A cute beanie cap and a backpack are all you need when you are out and about in the city.


15 – 50-Degree Outfit Idea To Look Elegant

If you are also obsessed with Korean winter fashion like me, then this is your dream outfit. How cute the girls look in K-dramas while donning those elegant yet adorable outfits in winter. You can also dress like them by styling a long and cute A-line dress with closed-toe block heels.

It is better to wear a turtle neck inside for the cold weather, instead of layering something like jackets or coats and letting your dress get all the attention. It is the perfect dressy outfit that you can wear to any formal event, it can also prove to be a cute birthday outfit.


14 – Add Colorful Scarves To Elevate Your Basic Outfit

Do you think that blue and white are too basic? But hey, what about that colorful scarf that’s getting all of our attraction? And that’s how you can convert the most basic look into a cute fit. Scarves are one of the coolest accessories for the cold weather and can elevate your outfit within a blink of an eye.

Another adorable addition can be colorful sneakers with this look instead of the white ones. With all these little details, you will look a cotton candy in this beautiful weather.


13 – Street Style With Leather Pants & Leather Jacket

You might be wondering if wearing leather pants in this weather is a good choice or not. Yes, it is a good choice because leather pants keep you warm in cold weather and look uber stylish. Go ahead, and style these pants with a knit sweater.

The high neck and long sleeves of the sweater are enough for warmth, however, if you are feeling extra cold, a leather puffer jacket is always there to help you out. The combination of leather pants, leather jacket, and sneakers would definitely form a cool outfit.

What To Wear In 50-Degree Weather?


12 – Cute Outfit With Boots, Skirt & Turtleneck

Since it is not very cold at 50 degrees, you can easily wear short and cute skirts. But still, if you are the kind of person who feels extra chilly but still wants to look cute with skirts, you can either wear long skirts with boots so that your legs are covered or you can also wear tights under the skirt.

This look is perfect for a bright sunny day in winter, for tops, you can either go with pullover sweaters or turtlenecks both look adorable with short skirts. Lastly, thigh-high boots are a must for winter so, wear them and you will have a cute outfit.

What To Wear In 50-Degree Weather?


11 – Sweater Vest With Buttoned Down Blouse

Sweater vests are perfect for when you only want to cover your chest area and leave your arms free. They don’t make you feel too warm like other jackets or coats. So if you the kind of person who feels that 50 degrees aren’t too cold, then you can pair a vest sweater with a buttoned-down blouse for a pretty outfit.

You can wear it to work by pairing it with gray dress pants or linen pants with hoops and closed-toe pumps. Pair it with a mini flared skirt and sneakers for a cute fit or wear it with jeans for a basic outfit.

What To Wear In 50-Degree Weather?


10 – What To Wear In 50 Degree Weather?

Some of us are very excited about summer fashion but as the temperature goes up, it becomes difficult to decide upon how to style our outfits in this weather, especially for work or formal events. It becomes nearly impossible to look good and wear outfits according to the weather at the same time but here we are to guide you on how you can achieve both things.

White is the summer favorite and a mini dress in white looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It doesn’t need much styling nor it is too basic, the perfect dress for your casual wear. You can wear heels and also style some accessories with them if you want to.


9 – Linen Pants With Plunge Neck Top

Linen pants are my summer favorite. The fabric is so lightweight and looks good at the same time. You can create both casual and formal looks with these pants. Pair it with a plunge neck top, accessories, and sandals and you have a stylish outfit for hangouts.

You can also pair them with a nice blouse, heels, studs, and a sleek bun for a formal outfit. In short, linen pants are perfect for warm weather and can be worn with anything.


8 – Ripped Denim Shorts With Floral Bikini Top For Beach Day


7 – Athleisure Wear With Biker Shorts And Oversized Tee Shirt


6 – Cropped Tank Top With Mini Skirt

All your favorite crop tops and tank tops can be worn in this weather. You can pair them with shorts for a gym outfit, you can also wear them with pants. Wearing a crop top with a mini ball gown skirt will make a cute summer outfit for you. You can do color blocking or wear different prints to look more attractive.


5 – Sundress For A Bright Sunny Day


4 – Workwear With Wide Leg Pants

Regardless of the length, you should see the fabric of your bottoms, if they are breathable or not. Wide-leg pants are perfect for workwear as they are both comfortable and look formal. You can pair different kinds of tops and blouses with them for work.


3 – Matching Floral Coordinate Set

Florals prints in pastel color give you all the summer feels and looks fresh. Bralette paired with a long slit skirt forms a cute outfit that you can easily wear to informal lunches or girls get together. The fabric is cotton which is ideal for summer.

Cowboy boots are not advised to wear for this weather, even you should avoid any kind of boots. Instead, tied-up sandals would look really good with an outfit. You can experiment with your hairstyle to amp up your fashion game.


2 – What Shoes To Wear In Hot Weather?

Another task is to manage your footwear for this extremely hot weather. You wouldn’t want your feet to be all sweaty and smelly so it is better to wear open-toe sandals and let them breathe. For your casual wear, flip-flops and mules are the best options, they are not the most fashionable but they are definitely comfortable.

Sneakers are also wearable as long as they are made from lighter fabric. For formal wear, you have many options including nice pair of wedges, sandals, and flats.


1 – Mini Silk Dress For Parties

You obviously can’t wear crop tops or cotton dresses to parties so for this purpose, a silk dress is a good option. You can wear this fabric in heat as it feels lighter on the skin. You can keep your focus on accessories to add the glam factor. Statement earrings or multilayered necklaces can be added to cover the deep neckline.

Adding a stylish belt would also enhance the charm of your outfit. Keep your makeup as minimal as possible so that it doesn’t melt away. Lastly, complete this look by pairing fancy heels with it and you are ready with a glam party outfit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is -50 degrees cold enough for a jacket?

Ans. It is definitely cold enough to wear a jacket at 50 degrees. They provide all the warmth that your body needs in this cold weather. Even if you are outfit is not warm enough, jackets are always there to help you out. Jackets of different kinds including denim, leather, and puffer jackets are some of the options that you can go along with.

Q. What shoes to wear in -50 degree weather?

Ans. While focusing on outfit ideas for this weather, don’t forget that your footwear is also equally important as they play a massive part in your look. Boots are the best option when you don’t want to get cold feet in this cold weather.

You can stock up on different kinds and sizes of boots to match each of your outfits. Apart from that, sneakers and pumps are also a good choice for daily wear.

Q. What to wear in -50 degree weather to school?

Ans. Since this kind of weather is the beginning of winter and it’s also not very cold so you can easily wear sweatshirts and hoodies with denim for school. Avoid wearing long and very warm coats to college instead go for cropped jackets. You can also wear sleeveless jackets with long sleeve tee shirts in this weather. You can also add scarves and boots to your outfits.

Q. What should you not wear in 50-degree weather?

Ans. Your first focus should be on the material of your clothes. Nylon and polyester are some of the fabrics that feel heavy on your skin so try to avoid them. Secondly, you should not wear clothes that are too fitted, your clothes should allow air circulation to avoid sweating.

Lastly, try to avoid darker colors especially black and dark blue because they absorb more heat. Long sleeves can be worn to avoid tan. Sunglasses, hat, and other such accessories are multi-functional as they look stylish and protects you from heat as well.

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