15 Best Video Interview Outfits for Men – The Dos and Dont’s

Video Interview Outfits For Men. Virtual conferences have become the norm since the dawn of this pandemic. And a ResumeGo survey says that recruiters typically use Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet to conduct video interviews. Dressing well plays a major part as it will help you appear more credible and professional.

However, you still need to show etiquette and give your full cooperation as suits and ties will not do all of the work for you. To ace the interview, you should observe the following:

Before the interview

  • Have a healthy meal, and drink a lot of water to have enough amount of energy.
  • Research about the job title/course and the company/school ahead of time. You can start by going to their official websites and then practice answering some possible questions.
  • Don’t be late. Log in 5-10 minutes early. It is better to wait for the interviewer than make them wait for you. It will ruin your chance of getting hired.
  • Do a technical check. See to it that the microphone, the audio, the camera, and the lighting are all in place. Ensure that the background is quiet, well-lit, and clutter-free. Turn off your phone and any alerts on your computer, and secure a stable internet connection.

During the interview

  • Sit properly. Your posture says so much about you. Never slouch as it will show that you’re not genuinely interested in participating. The chest-up portion of your body will be seen on the video.
  • Ask questions. Remember that communication is a two-way process. Show the interviewer that you are interested in the matter by asking a few relevant questions; you can focus on things you find unclear. In that way, you can address your concerns and build a rapport at the same time.
  • Jot down important notes. Take note of key details throughout the interview but don’t be too caught up. Always look at the camera (NOT ON THE SCREEN) whenever either of you are talking.
  • Never interrupt. Let the interviewer finish, and wait for their cue before you talk. Avoid making unnecessary noise and movements.
  • At the end of the conversation, let them hang up first.

Video Interview Outfits For Men

When dressing for your upcoming video interview, do not wear clothes that are too distracting – avoid tight, loose, and offensive outfits. With the COVID-19 era posing a gaggle of perplexing wardrobe conundrums, men are having a hard time choosing the right outfits. The following tips will help you.

  • Fit is king. As we always say here, the fit is important so if you don’t have something comfortable to wear, give yourself some time to visit the tailor.
  • Makeup. Apply a light foundation or CC cream to give your skin a healthy and natural glow. If you have oily skin, use a blotting paper and some powder before joining your call.
  • Accessories. A classic wristwatch would suffice. Big jewels, earrings, and shiny necklaces are off the table as they can cause distractions.
  • Try your outfit on. Like with any big event, you try your outfit on before the big day. And when it comes to video interviews, you should test your outfit on a call to see how it looks on the camera.
  • Grooming. Make sure that your hair is well-groomed. Go for a professional look, and imagine you’re going to the office. Also, your facial hair should be freshly trimmed, preferably in the morning of your interview. You can find some great tips on this from our earlier post on Professional Beard Styles.
  • No loud prints. Something boring is better than something that’s too loud. Clothes with vulgar phrases are unflattering and distracting for such occasions. Remember, the focus should not be on your outfit but on you, so keep things minimal, neutral, and professional – stick to solid and warm colors. 
  • No clothes with writing on them. They look informal. Although you might think a T-shirt with a strong motto print motivating, your interviewer will not, so save them for streetwear.

video interview outfits for men

It is also a good idea to ask an insider or research the company’s culture or school to be sure of what’s appropriate to wear. Nevertheless, we give you these outfit ideas for a video interview:

↓ 15 – Interview Outfit For Executive Positions

Show hiring managers you are prepared for additional responsibilities. You’ll be expected to dress like a manager during your shift, so you want to make the strongest impression. How you dress can say a lot about your leadership and management skills.
Opt for a solid black double-breasted suit with peak lapels. Maintain a simple and elegant look, so avoid plaids and stripes. You want to show that you have higher authority and power, but don’t be arrogant and boastful, of course. The tie should match the overall suit’s color, and don’t even think of wearing a bow tie instead of a regular one. A tie bar is useful in keeping the tie in place, so invest in one if you haven’t yet. If you need to go suit shopping, don’t forget to check out these Amazing Suits Combinations to Get Sharp Look.

Video Interview Outfits for Men 16


↓ 14 – Interview Outfit For Mid To Senior-level Positions

You are leveling up in your career, and you want to give the hiring manager the best impression; demonstrate that you are ready for the new responsibility.

Put away the grey and black suits for now and go for a forest green double-breasted suit with peak lapels. Layer it with a contrast-colored fluid shirt, and pair them up with slim-fit flannel trousers like these from Moss London.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 13 – Interview Outfit For Entry-level Positions

Dress like you are ready to jumpstart your career without looking like you are trying too hard.

Don an outfit consisting of a navy undershirt and navy black blazer and check trousers, like these from Moss London. If you are wearing glasses, keep them to a minimum – avoid fancy frames to maintain professionalism and formality.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 12 – Interview Outfit For Startup Positions

Express through your style that you are excited to join their team, so dress like a professional without standing out in a bad way.

Being in a too formal outfit will make you feel out of place, so style a navy black check suit with a white Oxford button-down shirt, instead. Go for a notch lapel this time, and wear the blazer open, but keep the undershirt tucked in at all times. Also, the sleeves of the shirt must be a bit longer than the sleeves of the blazer. Wear a black leather belt or don’t wear any at all.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 11 – Internship Interview Outfit

Give them the impression that you are professional and serious about your impending career. Show the recruiter you are ready to join the workforce and take the opportunity seriously.

A simple combo of a white button-down and khaki pants would do for your internship interview. Go for a regular or slim fit. Do not tuck in the shirt this time, and leave the sleeves unrolled.

Virtual Interview Outfits Men 12


↓ 10 – Business Casual Attire

A white roll-neck sweater worn as an undershirt for a regular cut blazer can be your ultimate business casual outfit. Wear them with slim-fit grey chinos, and finish off the look with brown brogue shoes. I also recommend that you go through these Business Casual Outfits for more ideas.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 9 – Business Formal Attire

It is typically a three-piece suit with a tie. You can don a monochrome style by wearing an all-black outfit. It looks classic and appropriate enough for business and corporate matters. You can add a little flavor to your outfit by choosing a black-and-white striped tie.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 8 – What are the Best Colors For Video Interviews?

The safest choice might be to wear white and light colors like sky blue and ash grey but make sure that you don’t disappear into your background—it might not be ideal to wear white against a white backdrop. Wear bright colors and earth tones to enhance your skin tone, instead of blending into the background with your regular black, grey, or navy suit.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 7 – Wear A Suit For A Video Interview

A business-formal attire is a three-piece outfit consisting of a suit, a button-down shirt (preferably white), and a tie. You will never go wrong with the option of wearing this outfit for a video interview, as it is a timeless go-to workwear. Opt for business-appropriate colors like grey, navy, and black. 

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 6 – College Interview Outfit

Give the recruiter the impression that you are the one their school seeks- prove that you are fit for the program without looking and sounding rude. This humble outfit consisting of a wool blazer or cardigan, a roll-neck sweater, and plaid pants (with a shade similar to the coat) is a great option for a college interview.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 5 – Casual Interview Outfit

Some men claim that a casual outfit is not suitable for interviews. Prove them otherwise (without going overboard) by wearing a solid black pullover with slim-fit khaki pants. As for the footwear, limit your options to black and brown leather boots. Even Chelsea suedes would be perfect for this casual look. Don’t forget to accessorize with the best wristwatch you got.

Video Interview Outfits for Men


Another option is to layer an ash grey blazer with a T-shirt of a darker shade and pair them off with slim or stretch-fit white chinos. Mind that if you are wearing a tee as an undershirt, it shouldn’t be longer than the blazer. Keep things casual by leaving the coat open.

Virtual Interview Outfits Men 7


↓ 4 – Black Pinstripe Suit

It’s a no-brainer that black suits are best for interviews; I mean, why wouldn’t they be? But if you are tired of wearing your regular suits, then it’s time to opt for something unusual like this black Pinstripe suit from Zara. It looks better when worn with a white button-down shirt. Fashion tip: Pinstripe suits are perfect for short men. 

Video Interview Outfits for Men


↓ 3 – Black Slacks And A Button-down Shirt

This is a standard option for any interview: an outfit combo of black slacks and a button-down shirt. Wear a plaid sport shirt with a classic-fit like this one from Ralph Lauren, and pair it up with black polyester slacks. You know your pants have the right fit if they don’t keep you from sitting comfortably, and the hem should touch the top of your shoes. Like we always say here in Outfit Trends, it’s good to be friends with the tailor because you never know when you’ll need a helping hand.

Virtual Interview Outfits Men 4


↓ 2 – What Shoes To Wear For A Video Interview

While one might say that shoes are not visible in a virtual interview, you never know when there might be an emergency and you have to get off your chair and when that happens, you wouldn’t want your potential employer to see you in your Spongebob flip-flops.

So your footwear options should be limited to brogues, dress shoes, and boots, you can add sneakers to your collection, provided they have a minimal design and color. Choose from brown, black, and white. Avoid playful colors like bright green, red, and yellow as they are not appropriate for this matter. Thursday Boots and Thursday Sneakers have products made of high-quality materials and feature beautiful and hand-burnished finishing.

Virtual Interview Outfits Men 2


Even if it’s just a virtual interview, dress like it’s your first day in the office. And although there’s a small chance that the interviewer will ask you to show your shoes on the camera, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It would be awkward when they see you barefooted or just in socks.

Virtual Interview Outfits Men 3


↓ 1 – Smart Casual Outfit

As a substitute for a usual suit, wear a white slim-fit button-down shirt and throw a navy blue vest on top. Of course, the shirt must be tucked in, and just let the vest do the job of covering it. You can roll up the sleeves if you want, just do it the right way – above the elbows or above the wrists. Avoid leaving any crumples as you do so.

Virtual Interview Outfits Men 1


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I dress up my bottom half?

A. Dress up your bottom half. For one, it’s been notoriously known that interviewers may ask candidates to stand up during a video call, and you don’t want to be caught out in your PJs. To be safe and sure, dress from head to toe – wear the appropriate shoes, as well.

Q. Is a Skype interview less formal?

A. An interview is an interview, regardless of how it is done. So your interview outfit for a Skype call is as vital as an actual conversation with the recruiter. Give extra effort into how you look – hair, makeup, and clothes should be business-appropriate.

Q. Should I wear a T-shirt for an interview?

A. Yes, but never wear it as a standalone piece. Instead, style it with a coat. A white tee looks good with a navy blazer. Another option is to layer a red T-shirt with a black jacket, or vice-versa.

Q. How long does a video interview take?

A. According to The Zenefits report, surveyed companies say that 36 percent of interviews run in less than 30 minutes, 48 percent take less than an hour, and 16 percent last for over an hour.

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