30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 for Comfort & Style

Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50: Hello, girlies! We realize that picking the right travel outfits isn’t as easy as they used to be a few years ago, but there is no need to travel clueless on what to wear. We’ll guide you through all seasons and fashion trends. We’ve all heard the saying ‘Age is just a number so don’t think you can’t look just as hip as your twenty-year-old self. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with investing in your style.

Planning a trip, as stressful it is, we will not let you worry about your outfits! You need to be comfy but with the right amount of class and just a dip of correct matching and voila! We’ve compiled 30 of the best traveling outfits for women over 50.

What To Wear When Traveling For Fifty Plus Women

Here are some tips to remember when choosing your travel outfits after you’ve turned 50:

  • Always remember that comfort should be your number one priority to have an enjoyable trip.
  • Try to mix and match instead of carrying a lot of luggage.
  • Make sure to check the weather ahead of your stay so as to pack the right clothes.
  • Make sure to carry a few formal clothing as well to enjoy a fancy dinner or a high-end restaurant.
  • When choosing accessories always pick the classics so that they can work with more than one outfit.
  • Don’t forget to look fabulous!
traveling outfits for women over 50

↓ 30 – Comfort First, ALWAYS

Rule #1 of traveling, I can’t stress this point enough. Comfort first, always! Please don’t take along clothes that make you feel even slightly uneasy. No need to stay edgy all day. Match a simple, lightweight shirt preferably dark in color with beige trousers & the most comfy-est trainers you own. Here are 30 Best Outfits of Female Celebrities Over 50-Fashion Ideas.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50
travel outfit for fifty plus women

↓ 29 – Travelling in winter, why not?

Layering when travelling is difficult because then you’ll have to carry a lot of clothes, so it’s better to opt for a similar look as in the image above. Sweater, jeans and just carry one throw over to stay warm. Something that’ll match all the other outfits you’re taking along too. Carrying a shawl is entirely up to you.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (76)


↓ 28 – Comfortable Outfit for Flight

Have you been waiting for summers all year when you can finally plan a trip with your family? Well, we know exactly what you can wear and look fabulous! Sleeves or without sleeves are upon your comfort and the weather, but fitted clothes are an absolute no-no in summers. Wearing straight trousers and a matching airy shirt is ideal and with minimum accessories.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (74)

↓ 27 – Best Attire To Wear During Travel In Your 50s

When travelling by bus/plane/train/car, where reaching your destination might take you hours we prefer you to wear wrinkle-free outfits so you can look just as crisp as when you left. This beautiful dress will give the perfect traveling feel. Wear Knee-length tights underneath if you want to.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (73)


Another outfit that does not require much ironing is a printed button-down dress. These look great on women over 50 and are available easily in all price ranges. The one seen here is a gorgeous African print by Zurikenya. The good thing about this store is that it isn’t just producing artistic and good looking outfits, but the outfits are also ethically made outfit and empower women. You can currently buy it from their store for about $145. For those who like to look fabulous when traveling, this is the look to go for.

travel outfit for fifty plus women


↓ 26 – Carry Formal Clothes with you

Carrying formal clothes when traveling will help to stay prepared for formal dinners, or any fancy place you might plan to go last minute. Pair a silk blouse with a similar color skirt, and there you go! A subtle nude color can do wonders to your overall look. This gorgeous outfit will not only boost your confidence but also get you a lot of attention! Buckle up!

traveling outfits


↓ 25 – Black- Always a Life Saver

Black outfits are a must-have when traveling! Afraid you’re a lousy eater? Wear black. Can’t decide if the gathering is semi-formal or casual? Wear black. Can’t match accessories? Wear black. Don’t have anything to wear? Wear black you know you’ll look stunning. Black would make you stand out with the minimum effort.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (40)


30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (41)


↓ 24 – Mix & Match

Rule #2 of traveling, carry clothes that go with more than one outfit so to carry minimum luggage. The image above is the perfect example. Three different looks but cool in each. Flaunt it!

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (42)


↓ 23 – Business Trip

Who says you can’t look absolutely downright stunning while working? You can totally enjoy a serious business trip while you’re at it, look classy and keep your mind in the game.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (43)

↓ 22 – Relaxing Holiday- Cozy & Beautiful!

Planned a holiday trip with your friends? Need a break from life? Looking forward to a get-away weekend? Want to look attractive but still chill? These outfits are the answer to all your prayers. A simple and cute jumpsuit or a vibrant color basic dress is all you need.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (44)


30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (45)


↓ 21 – Travelling Solo

Once in a while, we all feel the need to explore ourselves, to look at the world from our own perspective only. The Fifties is just the right time to take this holiday trip with an open mind, return with new friends and memories but don’t forget to look your best self! This outfit will make you feel just right, pair it with heart-shaped earrings to give out chill vibes.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (47)


↓ 20 – River Cruises

These cruises are known to be the best option to have a relaxing vacation for older couples. We all need to spice up our married life after a few years, so we have just the right outfit to stun your better half! Not only will it make you look sleek but also way younger. We prefer you to pick the most eye-catching color and just smile! Check out these 15 Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women Over 50.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (48)

↓ 19 – Party- Anywhere, Anytime

Traveling anywhere in the world can help you end up at a party, so pack your ultimate outfit for this night! Match a pretty pink skirt with a short shirt (Preferably with flamingo’s on it!) Oh and don’t forget to pack your heels!

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (49)


↓ 18 – Casual

Feel like just going for a walk in the foreign country you’re staying at? Or doing nothing fancy and just chill? We totally get it. But you know you need to look gorgeous while doing nothing.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (51)


30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (50)


↓ 17 – Plus Size 50+

This super adorable check print shirt with skin-tight blue jeans will make you feel jumpy & and up for any kind of adventure. So what better time to wear this except when you’re traveling?

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (52)


↓ 16 – Dress Sexy Over 50

Being told you look ravishing feels great, doesn’t it? Dressing up and feeling good about yourself is all the therapy you need. This red dress will have you showered in compliments in no time. (No harm in charming a few strangers when traveling, right?!)

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (72)

↓ 15 – Wedding Bells

You are in a foreign place, and love’s in the air. Hands down the best sort of trips are when you’re traveling to attend a wedding. But the thing is you’ll probably meet your entire family, even the far fetch ones, so you need to look graceful.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (75)


↓ 14 – Easy to Carry on a Busy Day Planned Ahead

Does your trip involve constantly exploring one place after another? Then we totally recommended the above outfit.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (55)


↓ 13 – Workout Clothing

Alright, I know most of us tend to let ourselves loose when on holiday, but I’d rather tell you gorgeous women out there to hit the gym or go for a jog once in a while to keep your workout routine and your own self in shape or just take these pretty yoga pants with you and do a few stretches.check out these ; 12 Best Workout Outfits for Older Women

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (56)


↓ 12 – Beach Outfits

Catch to-die-for sunsets and look great! This super short but loose blue dress with pockets would be perfect for the beach! Pair it with a pair of simple sandals. You can now fly anywhere without thinking twice about it!

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (57)


↓ 11 – Outside the box?

Every time you travel to pick one outfit that you’d never go for otherwise because while you’re at it why not have your own fashion statement to stand out in the crowd where people might judge you, but you’ll never see them again.

While looking for clothes for 50+ women, I found this breathtaking beauty who’s in her late fifties but MY GOD! Is she a fashion icon! 100% recommend all her looks; she’s gorgeous.

traveling outfits


↓ 10 – Travel Clothes for Senior Women

Women who are way above 50 need to look out for themselves even more while traveling so try to keep your inner fashionista chill & easy! This cheetah print dress is the perfect match for you! Here are 20 Amazing Hairstyle & Haircut Ideas For Women Above 50.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (59)


↓ 09 – Comfortable Shoes for Traveling After 50

Don’t carry more than three pairs of shoes. And never opt for new shoes either so to stay in your comfort zone but still look hot! Trainers are a must when traveling regardless of where you’re going. Carry a pair of sandals like in the image above. Oh and a pair of heels obviously. And remember, never pack new shoes for traveling.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (60)


↓ 08 – Winter Hiking Outfit

travel outfit for fifty plus women
travel outfit for fifty plus women


↓ 07 – The Classics

Stripes have been, are, will always be in fashion. You can pair them with literally anything at any age and look amazing.  What better piece of cloth to take along when traveling that’ll match everything you might have to wear.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (62)


↓ 06 – Adding Colors and Patterns

Do opt for vibrant colors to give out happy-go-lucky vibes when traveling. Live your life like never before!

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (65)


↓ 05 – Simple yet Chic

Don’t overdo yourself. Try to stay true to yourself and wear what you like, whether it’s in or not. All trips need simplicity. Period.

30 Best Traveling Outfits for Women over 50 (66)


↓ 04 – Summer Travel Outfit

Have a look at these 30 Best Summer Outfits for Women Above 50 & Style Tips.

travel outfits for fifty plus


↓ 03 – Best Bottoms to Pack When Travelling

Khaki Pants or chinos will be one of the best bottoms that you can pack for an adventure and they work especially well with bright colored tops for some insta worthy photos.

travel outfits for fifty plus women


↓ 02 – Modest Travel Outfit

In case you’ve to visit any holy place, you’ll have to keep your outfit in check. Even if there is no one physically enforcing the dress code, always observe it. Too much body exposure is most often frowned upon.

traveling outfits


↓ 01 – It Took 50 Years to Look This Good

I decided to save my favorite traveling look for last! The color combo,  the appeal, the vibe! Just perfect! Sending love to all! Remember to travel light and look fabulous! Safe travels!

traveling outfits


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best outfit to travel in?

A. 5 top easy traveling outfits for women over 50 to always have on hand:

  • Sweater + Leather Pants + Oxford Shoes.
  • Leggings + Turtleneck + Statement Coat.
  • Bold-Hued Pants + Blouse + Sandals.
  • Boyfriend Jeans + White T-Shirt + Trench Coat.
  • Matching Jogger Pants + Shirt Set.

Q. What should you not wear at the airport?

A. Flip-flops and high heels are easy to slip off and back on at airport security, they’re not a good idea. And while sandals might sound good, even though if you’re headed to the beach also, remember that airplanes are notoriously cold.

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