Stylish Hijabi Must Haves in 2018

Let 2018 be your most stylish year yet. Check out our list of the essential must-haves that every stylish hijabi will want to have in her collection, and start prepping your wish list, to get ready for a gorgeously fashionable year!

Gorgeous nudes

Stylish Hijabi Must Haves in 2017

Nude colours are one of 2017’s hottest shades – and we love it. Nudes look effortlessly chic, soft and feminine. There’s just something about being swathed in soft, dusky pinks, pale creamy hues and ballet-inspired blush tones that brings out the girliness in you, right?

Make a nude scarf or two a staple in your modern hijab collection. Try a few different shades – pale, ethereal pastel pinks and creams will be perfect for day time come Spring, bringing a lovely touch of lightness as the sun starts to come out again.

For night time, we love the contrast of deep, dusky pinks and darker shades – experiment with blush-toned hijabs layered with black maxi dresses or elegantly flowing skirts, and top it off with a hint of glamour with gleaming gold accessories.

Florals and ruffles

Stylish Hijabi Must Haves in 2017

Whoever said hijabis weren’t stylish? I don’t quite recommend following some funnily awkward hijab styles, but keeping a close eye on the fashion radar. And judging from the runway looks, 2018 is set to be majorly in love with all things Victorian.

Think big ruffles, heaps of florals and beautiful flowing maxi dresses. A hijabi’s dream wardrobe, in short!

To get ready to incorporate this look into your wardrobe this year, you might want to ease in gently. Floral printed scarves are a great way to accent your look, without looking like you just raided a florist. Get as adventurous as you like – bold, oversized floral prints look fresh and modern – perfect with a contemporary work outfit or smart and stylish tunic in neutral shades.

Stylish Hijabi Must Haves in 2017

Or for a more whimsical and playful feel, go with delicate ditsy florals – with pretty sprigs of pastel coloured blooms to brighten up your everyday hijab.

Ready to amp up your style? Then the next addition to your collection should be full of details – tunics in beautiful floral prints, flowing maxi dresses and ruffles galore. Undeniably dramatic, these looks are great for a special occasion – but you can also work them for day too. Balance the drama with a neutral touch to balance them – pair a gorgeous taffeta or lace detailed skirt with a plain top in cream or black, and a smart blazer – and you’ve got the perfect hijabi outfit for work.

Go bold in white

Crisp, clean and cool – the simplicity of an all-white look speaks volumes without needing any extra embellishment.

Stylish Hijabi Must Haves in 2017


Think an unpatterned white hijab, paired with the razor-sharp lines of a crisp white shirt, or the soft, flowing silhouette of a sleek white tunic.

Textures are key to making an all-white look work best – add a soft silk scarf in pure white to your collection, and pair it with a flowing, draped tunic dress or top. For night, you could even add subtle embellishments – lurex or crystal details give a hint of sparkle to your bright white outfit.

Stylish flats

As much as we love our high heels, we have to say we’re glad to see flats back on the fashion radar this year, and in 2018, a few well-chosen flat shoes are going to be essential to your must-have list.

Cute, classic lace up sneakers are perfect for finishing off a casual look – wear pretty floral lace up shoes with a tunic and loose trousers, or have them peeking out at the bottom of a soft and cosy draped jersey maxi dress.

Or for something with all the drama of heels – but none of the discomfort – try flats. Effortlessly cool and stylish, these are a great cheat for boosting your height with modesty, without worrying about killer heels!

What will you be wearing this 2018? What are your favourite style must-haves for the year? Share them with us!

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