Silk Saree Blouse – 20 Latest Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

Latest Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees 2019: Sarees are the go-to fashion apparel for South Asian women. This timeless and ethereal fashion trend of wearing sarees has not gone out of trend and is, in fact, reinforced by many Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, and Sonam Kapoor who often wear them to formal appearances.

Silk Sarees are super elegant, especially the Kanjivaram sarees which are curated in South India. These Sarees are more manageable to style for formal occasions and can be paired with blouses that give them a modern touch to the entire outlook. Try out bold cuts and colors or go for traditional embroideries to double the beauty. Additionally, mix and match different colors or prints to create unique looks. Get ready to flaunt your Silk Sarees like never before with these stunning 20 blouse designs.

What Blouse To Wear With a Silk Saree?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when finding the right blouse for your Silk Saree:

  • Go for a blouse that best complements your Saree. A heavily embroidered blouse will look great with a simple Banarasi saree while a minimalistic blouse would look great with a fancy one.
  • If you do not mind skin show, go for low backs or fancy cuts that add gorgeous detailing to the look.
  • Mix and match with colors by pairing your Saree with a contrasting color.
  • Longer sleeves are a great option for petite girls looking for an elongated figure.
  • Add in fancy tassels to the back for a fancy look.
  • Incorporate all the recent trends with the traditional blouse with off-the-shoulders, ruffles or frills.

Stunning Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

↓ 20. Backless Blouse

If you want to conform to the traditional Indian style of wearing the saree, do it in the best way by opting for the classic backless blouse. The bold and sexy look involves a wider back that can be adorned in a number of different ways to give it a beautiful look. While the older method involves using the tassels, as seen in the picture below, the recent trend calls for gorgeous cutwork embellishments and danglers. This beautiful silk saree has been paired with a plain black blouse, and we find it appropriate for both day and nighttime events. The gold tassel danglers add just the right amount of details to it, making it look super tasteful. But if you want to go for the latest trend, check out these 25 Ideas On How to Wear Pants Style Saree.

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↓ 19. Cape Blouse

Threadwork and embroidery is the best way to adorn a blouse and here is a great option for a silk saree. The cape style blouse is a western style blouse that has been gaining popularity among saree wearers. While it has not become a part of the everyday wear style, it has been spotted on formal occasions and events. The tiny tassel detailing looks great with the overall look of the saree. Since the front of the cape has stunning embroidery and wearing the saree pallu over it would conceal it, it is best to style it in a better that allows it to shine through. We have spotted some beautiful cape blouse type sarees that involve wearing the blouse over the saree. Which means that the saree pallu goes under the blouse, letting the blouse grab all the attention.

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↓ 18. Statement Blouse

The more focused part of any saree blouse is the back. Here is one of our top favorite and currently trending blouse design that is great to pair with a silk saree. The detailing is exquisite, traditional and one-of-a-kind. If you are a bride-to-be, consider getting this blouse made for your big day. For those that do not know, the back detailing depict the traditional Indian wedding featuring the “doli”. The modern cuts and the use of colors all make it super glamorous and admittedly the top choice for silk sarees. However, make sure to pair with something that is not over-the-top, to allow the back to grab all the attention.

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↓ 17. Peacock Embroidered Sleeves

How stunning is the embroidery on this blouse? The multi-colored threadwork makes it super easy to style. The blouse can be paired with an elegant Rekha-style Kanjivaram saree or a plain silk saree in either pink, blue or green to match the embroidery. The peacock is known to be associated with Indian folklore, so pay tribute to the sacred animal with a gorgeous embroidery like this one. The heavy blouse look should be paired with a simplistic saree to balance out the look. It makes for a great wedding outfit for bridesmaids or even brides going simpler on their big day.

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↓ 16. Diamond Shape

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↓ 15. Statement Sleeves

Here is the perfect example of how to give contemporary touches to the traditional saree. The back bands and the puffed sleeves are making it one super cool blouse. The puffed sleeves were one of the most commonly worn sleeves during the ’80s and 90’s and the sleeves have made a comeback, wherein they have been spotted in both Eastern and Western apparel. This type of blouse can be paired with a contrasting color saree or the same color saree, as well, for an elegant look. If you are not a big fan of embroidery or embossed motifs, you can stay up-to-date with the saree trend by going for an option like this one. Anita Hassanandani, being the face of Indian TV, is often spotted wearing stunning Sarees and we love her taste for modern blouses that she pairs with her glamorous sarees. Here are 30 New Saree Blouse Designs 2019 You Must Try.

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↓ 14. Wide Sleeves

Here is how to dress up in a silk saree for a casual look. This tie-dye saree has been draped gracefully around a plain, Western-style blouse. The shades of blue have been styled together for a beautiful look. The wide sleeves are a new trend that has been added to the basic blouse, giving it a statement style. The pompom lace looks super stunning with the blue lace, contrasting red with the shade of blue.

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↓ 13. Layered Blouse With Floral Saree

The options to saree blouses are limitless. Going print on print or color on color is old-fashioned and boring now. Give your silk saree a transformation with a modern and trendy style. The floral print is being seen everywhere, in dresses, shirts, pants and now, in sarees. The layered and ruffled, peach blouse with subtle detailing looks absolutely perfect with the simplistic saree. The color has been carefully picked to best match the print of the saree. If you need a casual saree look, you should consider getting this one for its simplicity and gracefulness.

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↓ 12. Embroidered Blue Blouse

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↓ 11. Celebrity Style

Sonam Kapoor is known as the game-changer in terms of fashion for Bollywood. Her daring fashion choices, grace and an eye for exquisite style are what makes her stand apart. Ever since her wedding with Anand Ahuja, Sonam has been spotted in some tasteful Indian attire. Here is her in a printed Silk saree that she paired with a minimalistic blouse. You can find this saree at Jodi for INR 16,990 Prints on prints can be very tricky to pull off and it is best if printed silk sarees are contrasted with simplistic blouses. Her wavy hairdo and chunky jewelry seem to be doing the job for her. Replicate the look with any printed silk saree by pairing it with a plain or a minimalistic embossed blouse. You may want to accessorize the outfit for a fancier look to brighten up the saree a bit.

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↓ 10. Square Neck

Take your blouse game to another level by giving it different shapes and colors. The deep low neck is another take at the backless blouse but has a square shape to it. The back and front have a very different look, making it unique from both the sides. The boat neck has been used to enhance the beauty of it and we are absolutely loving it. If you have a light-toned saree lying in your closet, pair it with a vibrant blouse to give it an entirely new look. If you wish to change the look a bit, you could add organza to give the blouse a sheer back look. Here are Indian Ethnic Wear Sarees In Modern Day fashion.

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↓ 9. Bow Detailing

Give your traditional blouse a transformation with trendy western styles and cuts. This asymmetrical blouse has beautiful bow detailing added to it for a super unique and glamorous look. Additionally, we love the contrasting shades of silver-gray and pistachio green.

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↓ 8. Round Neck Blouse

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↓ 7. Back Embroidery

If you want to go for a modestly covered blouse to pair with your silk saree, here is an awesome option for you. Currently, both backless and high-neck blouses seem to be trending as seen on most celebrities. Even for her reception, Deepika Padukone chose a full sleeved, high neck blouse to go with her silk saree. The green and pink combination is a very graceful one and has just the right amount of detailing to it. Elephants are another one of the sacred animals of the Indian heritage and are often seen on their embroideries. Since the front of the blouse gets covered with the Saree Pallu, all details should be added to the back of the blouse. The pink and gold threadwork complements the color of the silk saree. If you want to accessorize your look to make it look subtle yet elegant, use a gorgeous flower to go in the hair like in the picture below. Other than that, it gets difficult to add jewels to an already worked blouse or saree.

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↓ 6. Peekaboo Sleeves

The peekaboo sleeve resembles the cold-shoulder style cut and has recently been incorporated with Eastern fashion. The teardrop shape gives just the right amount of skin show, surrounding it with stunning embroidery. This traditional Indian silk saree in a gorgeous shade of pink has been contrasted with a deep shade of blue. If you have a day wedding to attend, this is most definitely the choice for you. The beautiful sequins and zari work look one of a kind and are a great rendition of the traditional Indian embroidery. The blouse is definitely worth investing in as it can be worn with a number of different colors and fabrics.

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↓ 5. Danglers

Here is another take at the classic backless blouse, this time with gorgeous dangler detailing to it. The blouse has a beautiful square shape to it which gives a stunning view of the back. The gold danglers have been chosen to match the intricate embroidery done on the sleeves and the back neck region of the blouse. The light color of the blouse makes it easier to style with both light and dark colored sarees. The embroidery, color, cut and style are all making it a great pick for a daytime wedding or a reception look. Another important feature to note is the boat neck which gives a beautiful broad look to the shoulders. The boat neck can easily be styled with chokers, while giving the earrings a miss, or by opting for short length danglers and skipping the neck jewels. Love wearing sarees? Don’t miss out these 20 Cute Celebrities Inspired Hairstyles to Wear With Saree.

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↓ 4. High-Neck Blouse

While not as high as many women wear them, the neckline is definitely different from what is commonly worn. Such a high-neck makes it easier to style the outfit with statement neck pieces. However, you may skip the heavy jewels if you are a big minimalistic fan. The elbow length sleeves give it a very royal feel and we love the overall delicate look of it. The gold embroidery breaks away from the traditional zardozi work which was initially quite famous. The sleeve embroidery complements both the blouse and the saree really well.

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↓ 3. Lace-Up

If you want to go for a moderate amount of skin show, without opting for the backless blouse, here is how to do it. The lace-up style trend has been going around for quite some time and we have seen it on shirts, dresses and even shoes now. The trend has been incorporated on the blouse to give it a bold and beautiful look. At the end of the lace, it has been tied with gorgeous tassels for all the back detailing one could ask for. While the saree has no shade of orange, it has been paired with a stunning shade of orange to go with it.

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↓ 2. Rectangular Detailing

Fashion and geometry seem to be going hand in hand as seen here in most of the blouse designs. The rectangular cuts on the back is a super unique look and something that is not spotted quite often. The colors are vibrant and look great for both Spring and Summer seasons.

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↓ 1. Dual Colored Blouse

How beautiful is this dual-colored saree blouse that perfectly matches the two-toned saree in pink and blue. The gold embroidery and cutwork looks super traditional and ethnic.

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