17 Cool Neon Outfit Ideas for Men

It is a myth that men can’t wear men, but now the myth busters are here to prove that every trend should remain followed. Neon outfits can be worn by men as well now. Neon colors are bright and have made a comeback in the fashion industry now. Why do girls have all the fun, when men can wear neon outfits in many ways? Our quick guide will help you to wear neon colors.

How to Wear Neon for Guys

From yellows to electrifying blues, the neon color list has vast choices for men to choose from. Just like women, men can also wear neon to parties, hangouts, dinners or even to their college or offices. What they need is how to put all the pieces together. Here we give you some tips to follow the trend for a charming and eye-catching look.

  • Neon color shirts can be paired with denim for a casual yet stylish outlook.
  • If you do not like to show much of neon colors in your outfit then follow the minimalist strategy, use neon color accessories, shoes or caps.
  • Wearing neon denim or pants can be fun  and interesting if you put the pieces right.
  • Pair bright color with dark shades of gray, black and blues.
  • Color blocking makes wearing multiple neon colors feasible at the same time.
  • Neon colors are way too bright, you either nail wearing them or fail them. Keep in mind that life is not a runway, so choose your dress items carefully.
  • Mix and Match: This strategy works every time when you just can’t decide how to pair your outfits.
  • Neon over neon is also good to go, especially when you have good fashion sense. If you are not much into fashion then seek advice or consult some online blogs on how to pair neon items with neon color outfits.
  • Wearing it with neutral or white colors is highly advised. Khakis, beige, and white color are kinds of saviors and everything goes well with these colors.

Points to Ponder

  • Not all functions are suitable for wearing neon color outfits.
  • Never experiment when going for a job interview. It is highly recommended to not to wear neon on your job interview.
  • Wearing neon in school is not advised at all, until unless it is a casual day.
  • If you are at a place where it’s raining, fog, or working near vehicles. Because it is suitable for places which need high visibility.
  • It is not appropriate to wear neon color dress items in funerals, abstain from doing that.
  • Beach, night hangout and parties are the right occasions for wearing this color.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits

#17- Semi-formal Look

As per fashion guru, hot pink is the new color trend in men’s fashion. As you can see the blue and purple goes well with white or light-colored shirts, same goes with the hot pink color. It looks sexy, attractive and very vibrant as well.


#16- Tee Shirt

Some colors are not in fashion but the bring out the best in your personality. Try them anyway and here you can also forget what is in fashion and out. A short suit is not formal at all, but depending upon the nature of your event, this suit can go well with neon fashion trend.


#15- Party Wear

Not all neon colors suit everyone, this is necessary to know which one belongs to you. Before buying any neon color clothes, try them first and analyze carefully.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (5)

#14- Summer Wear

Wonder how to wear neon shoes?  This idea can be helpful indeed.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (3)

#13- Lime Green Jeans

Many people ask about how to wear neon yellow or lime green pants, this one is an easy and good example to that.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (7)

#12- Experiment Variations

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (6)

#11- Swag Shirt

Ombre neon shirt is a pretty awesome idea, with less neon and more style this fashion item can be worn to beach parties, pairing up with jeans can work well with casual dressing too.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (9)

#10- Glow with Green

Lime green actually tops in the neon colors list and is very easy to wear in any season. It suits with most skin tones as well.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (10)

#9- Neon Accessories

You do not always need to get a shirt or jeans to get the look, neon color accessories, glasses, wristwatches or even shoe laces can be helpful, keeping the color amount minimal and the style factor maximum.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (11)

#8- Street Style

Going for a party? This neon outfit with color blocking is good to go for young boys.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (8)

#7- The Minimalists Style

If you are afraid of trying the bold and bright fashion trend, then keep the items minimal. Wearing neon shoes on a summer day works well with your whole attire. Try adding some more accessories when you are wearing it comfortably.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (13)

#6- Suit

Usually, it is thought that pink color is not for men, but the myth busters have introduced many styles for men in different shades of Pink color.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (14)

#5- Neon Blue

This attire is perfect for office and evening hangouts. Teaming a neon jacket with solid color trousers is a very good idea. Many times black suits are more with neon instead of neon over neon. Try it and share with us as well.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (15)

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#4- Graphic Tee

Lime green is bright and looks pretty good on broad men. Graphic designs on neon t-shirts also look very cool and stylish.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (4)

#3- Neon Pants for Casual Dressing

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (12)

#2- Formal

Are you dressed up formally but can’t understand where to accentuate neon accessories? Well, a pocket square in neon colour is the perfect accessory for your formal looks.

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (2)

#1- Polo Shirt

Ideas for Men to wear Neon Outfits (1)


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