Men’s Orange Pants Outfits-35 Best Ways to Wear Orange Pants

Men’s Outfits with Orange Pants- Gone are the days when fashion trends were normal and mainstream. A white tee with blue denim jeans and white sneakers is too old school, now is the time of orange jeans and floral tops.

The world of fashion has changed drastically over the past few years. Newer and more innovative trends have been emerging continuously and are loved by most of the fashion community. Ordinary people seem to follow these trends, but they are also pretty popular among celebrities, which automatically makes them more attractive and trendy. In this era of fashion, it has become essential to keep yourself and your wardrobe up to date to stay in the world of fashion and keep up with the changing trends.

The phrase “orange is the new black” has been trending for quite some years now, and it has definitely left its influence on the fashion world. This phrase is exceptionally accurate because not many colors are as eye-catching and flamboyant as orange. This color holds the viewer’s attention and makes them stare for a while. Orange is known for its youthful and vibrant appearance and can give your outfit a dazzling look.

How to Wear Orange Pants for Guys

Orange pants have been on the cover of Vogue a couple of times, and Orange was a standout color at the recent London’s fashion week as well. Both men and women can sport them. Men can rock orange pants the same way they stun in a pair of blue jeans. Other than that, almost everyone loves a good orange top or pants because it looks vibrant and youthful. 

Some people get cold feet before going forward with new trends, and it’s very normal. Sure the style is challenging to pull off and can go wrong if it isn’t done justice. That is why you must always be prepared beforehand. It would be best if you were sure that the shirt and shoes you go for when wearing orange pants are on fleek. If you have landed here while looking for ways you can style orange pants, then you are in the right place. Here’s all you need to know in this regard.

how to wear orange pants for men

Do’s and Don’ts

Some people’s wardrobes severely lack bright colors, and that is just sad! Adding vibrant colors like orange, coral, and red to your wardrobe can do amazing things for your overall appearance, giving you a new and refreshing look. 

Everyone needs a few tips before plunging into a new fashion trend and following it. Here are some essential tips for beginning with:

  • Let the orange pants stand out. Do not pair them with other bold hues.
  • Colors like white, black, navy and gray are more comfortable to pull off with orange pants.
  • If you are new to the idea of orange trousers, steer clear of graphic tees. Go for plain ones instead.
  • Start with incorporating the vibrant color in your gym outfits as well, so you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with it.
  • A bright orange trouser goes very well with a denim shirt.
  • If you are carrying a bag, make sure it’s not a bold color.

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↓ 35 – Men’s Orange Workout Pants

A common misconception about gym clothing is that they cannot be trendy and fashionable. You can do some great things with a few pieces of workout clothes and rock them to the gym. If you want to wear an eye-catchy pair of workout pants, consider getting orange ones. These pants go great with simple white, black or grey tank tops and some gym sneakers.  Not only do the bright color capture attention, but it also captures hearts. For more detailed looks, check out these Men’s Workout Outfit Ideas.

men orange outfit


↓ 34 – Orange Chino Pants

Chino pants go with many outfits and can look terrific! Wear orange chino pants with a striped round-neck sweater to give yourself a stellar and fantastic appearance. Chino pants also look great with boat shoes in a neutral tone, and not very bright. We also recommend that you check out our collection of trendy Men’s Road Trip Outfits.

how to wear orange pants for men (25)


↓ 33 – Orange Dress Pants

Classy looks have always been in fashion, and people love them for all the purposes they fulfill. Not only do they make you look elegant, but they can also give you the best street style. For the classiest look, opt for vibrant orange dress pants with a crisp white button-down shirt. Throw on a black blazer and black tie for adding to the sophistication.

how to wear orange pants for men


Orange Dress Pants


↓ 34 – Orange Khaki Pants

Orange khaki pants can always help you put together a tremendous formal yet fashionable outfit. You can wear your orange khaki pants with a light grey dress shirt and dark grey tie. Pull-on a navy blazer for max style. Brown shoes and belt would go hand in hand with the rest of the outfit. Here are the best Khaki Pants Outfits for you.

how to wear orange pants for men (23)


↓ 33 – Orange Leather Pants

Orange leather pants are perfect for a tough yet bright look. Wear a white tee with it so that the overall look is toned down and lean toward the rough side. Step into black boots for enhancing the overall look’s sass. It is a great look for street style and radiates swag. This look goes very well with shades. 

how to wear orange pants for men (18)

↓ 32 – Men’s Orange Jeans for Summers

Every once in a while, people want to elevate their style from boring to dazzling. Instead of wearing the same old blue or black jeans, trying something different might make you feel adventurous, positive, and creative. Wear orange jeans for a cool look! A plain grey shirt would look very neat with it.

Do check out these White Jean Outfits for Men that are ideal for Summers.

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↓ 31 – Men’s Orange Slim Fit Pants

Slim fit jeans are always trending and are remain very popular among teenagers. They not only look attractive but also give your outfit a great look. Slim fit jeans can be styled in several ways. You can pair them with plain t-shirts for a casual look, a button-down shirt for a formal look, or even with a leather jacket for winters.

how to wear orange pants for men (21)

Men’s Orange Slim Fit Pants


↓ 30 – Orange Track Pants

Track pants are super comfortable and work best when you do not want to do anything special. They are also great for wearing to the gym or when going for a walk. The hat makes this look perfect, so check out this guide on How to Wear Beanies for Men.

how to wear orange pants for men (16)


↓ 29 – Hipster Outfit

Hipster looks are super popular among teenagers and young adults. Not only do they work great for street style outfits, but also give you a much cooler and brighter look. For the hipster look, experiment with confidence. Because more than the outfit itself, your attitude is what matters. With the help of orange baggy pants, you can create a great hipster look.

how to wear orange pants for men (27)


↓ 28 – Brunch Outfit

Going out for brunch? Slip into orange pants for the ultimate striking yet nifty look. Orange pants paired with a black sweater and a white collared shirt will give you a casual and classy look, which is perfect for a brunch.

how to wear orange pants for men (38)


↓ 27 – Travel Outfit

While traveling, people like keeping their outfits minimal to keep themselves comfortable. Orange pants with a white shirt would do perfectly. Toss a hat on your head for a chill vibe. Here are 15 Best Summer Travelling Outfit Ideas for Men.

how to wear orange pants for men (7)


Travel Outfit


↓ 26 – Work Outfit

Who says you cannot wear bright and funky colors to work? With the right formal shirt and shoes, your orange pants will look nothing but chic and give you a great look for work. For an additional accessory, add spectacles to your outfit.

how to wear orange pants for men (2)


↓ 25 – Casual Outfit

Running out of time to get ready, but you aim to look unique? Don’t sacrifice that wish. Sport orange pants with a sky blue button-up shirt for a laid back look. You’re bound to notice people throwing appreciative glances your way.

how to wear orange pants for men


↓ 24 – Street Style Outfit

Want to go for streetwear? Put on a striped black and white tee with your orange trousers. Throw on a navy printed button-down shirt and keep it unbuttoned for a stylish look. This look goes best with sunglasses and some comfortable loafers. 

how to wear orange pants for men (11)

↓ 23 – Swag Outfit

Navy will never fail as the ideal color combo with orange. A navy dress shirt with a pair of orange jeans would make for a flawless attire. Here are the Most Popular Swag Hairstyles for Men to Try this Season to pair with your swag outfits for a complete look.

how to wear orange pants for men (9)


↓ 22 – Dinner Outfit

Dining out with friends and family? Make sure you look sober and stylish. Go for orange pants with a white button-up shirt and put a navy or black sweater on if the weather demands it.

how to wear orange pants for men (28)


↓ 21 – Party Outfit

You can rock orange pants at a party as well! They look great with neutral-toned shirts or sweaters. For a more laid back look, wearing a beanie would also look amazing and put your outfit together.

how to wear orange pants for men (15)


↓ 20 – What to Wear with Orange Pants

There are several ways to style orange pants. All types of shirts can go with the right kind of orange pants. Try wearing your orange trousers with a plaid button-down shirt. For a more casual look, it would also be very nice with a plain white or black t-shirt. Check out these Men’s Outfit with Jogger Pants for some more fabulous looks.

how to wear orange pants for men (4)


↓ 19 – What Shoes to Wear with Orange Pants

You can wear the mainstream shoe colors like black, white, and brown shoes with orange pants. You can also go for colors like navy and purple. Choose to wear sport boots, sneakers or loafers, depending on your attire.

how to wear orange pants for men (5)


↓ 18 – Color Combinations with Orange Pants

The color orange has some restrictions when it comes to creating combinations. You can rock orange pants with navy, purple, black, grey, brown, and sky blue. Colors like shocking pink, peach, yellow, and red don’t make the ideal partners. Here are some coolest Men’s White Shirt Outfits for this season.

how to wear orange pants for men (32)


↓ 17 – Red Orange Pants

Red-orange is a great color to go with beige shirts and brown blazers. Not only does this color look refreshing, but it can also give your outfit a summery and bright look. There are many ways to style red-orange pants, and below is one of the best ones. 

how to wear orange pants for men (14)


↓ 16 – Burnt Orange Pants for Work

Burnt orange is the go-to color for those who want to stay away from the neon version, which is much more striking. These pants go great when it comes to putting together formal looks for the office or a dinner party. Don’t miss out on these Smart Spring Work Wear Outfits Combinations For Men.

how to wear orange pants for men (37)


↓ 15 – Light Orange Pants for Wedding Guests

Light orange is ideal for the hot summer days. Pair with other light shades and some denim jeans to create the best look for a summertime wedding. 

how to wear orange pants for men (26)

↓ 14 – What to Wear with Guy’s Dark Orange Pants

Dark orange is best for cold days. Wear your best knitwear and heavy boots with trousers and make them shine even more.

how to wear orange pants for men (29)


↓ 13 – School Outfit

Teenagers find it very hard to put together outfits for school that are trendy as well as comfortable. Orange jeans would work best with some neutral colored sweaters and sneakers. 

how to wear orange pants for men (13)


↓ 12 – Wedding Outfit

Weddings require classy outfits, and orange is as elegant a color as it could be! With orange pants, you can wear button-down shirts and dark blue or black blazers.

how to wear orange pants for men (6)

↓ 11 – Orange Cropped Pants

You can take some inspiration from Daniel Radcliffe and go for orange on orange.

how to wear orange pants for men (20)


↓ 10 – Dance Outfit

Who doesn’t love to dance? Are you planning on dancing in a club, friend’s wedding, or college? Well, wherever and whenever you plan to dance, wear baggy orange trousers, a white button-down shirt, tie, and finish off your look with the most comfortable pair of shoes you have.

how to wear orange pants for men (30)


↓ 9 – Tailored Orange Pants

For the following look, wear a tailored attire. Navy blazer, orange pants, light blue dress shirt, deep brown shoes, and belt, and you are ready to go!

how to wear orange pants for men (8)


↓ 8 – Summer Outfit

Look breezy in the sunny and hot weather with a half-sleeved button-down shirt and orange pants.

how to wear orange pants for men (10)


↓ 7 – How to Wear Orange Pants in Winters

how to wear orange pants for men (3)


↓ 6 – Spring Outfit

Spring is all about being refreshed, and that is precisely how your look must be as well. Try this look: striped blue and white shirt with orange pants. Brown dress shoes with no socks. Here are different Ways to Wear Blue Suits with Brown shoes Ideas for Men.

how to wear orange pants for men (12)

↓ 5 – College Outfit

how to wear orange pants for men (33)


↓ 4 – Business Outfit

how to wear orange pants for men (36)


↓ 3 – Comfortable Outfit

For a comfy look, throw on a gray polo shirt and slip into orange pants.

how to wear orange pants for men (31)


↓ 2 – Orange Pants Trend

how to wear orange pants for men (17)


↓ 1 – Celebrity Style

how to wear orange pants for men (34)


Q. Can I wear orange pants to work?

A. Yes, you can wear orange pants to work but make sure to tone down the colors a little. Wear them with formal button-down shirts in shades like white and beige and finish your look with oxford shoes.

Q. What shoes look the best with orange pants?

A. The ideal footwear to wear with orange pants is white sneakers or blue and black formal shoes, depending on the occasion.


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