These are the 20 Famous Girls Who Can Do Both#

Girls who can do both. Look for a girl who can do both :p Beauty with Strength and Brain- In this era who can think that there is a thing that a woman can’t do. Sounds more like an illusion. A beautiful face can also be strong and super intelligent.

Women of the 21st century have given femininity a more versatile definition. It is not limited to makeup and high heels only. Rather they have proved themselves in every field, whether it’s the tech world or the forces. Another illusion which prevails in our society is that women belonging to sports and forces are generally not that conscious about their looks and considered to be more manly which is nothing more than a stereotype of the society we have formed. They are just like any other girl who often gets bothered with a pimple popping on her face or her lipstick shade not complimenting her outfit.

Get You a Girl who Can do Both

The article is going to tell you about 20 super strong and tough women as well as some extremely talented and knowledgeable ladies who have proved themselves in their profession. You might not know many of them but this article is all about breaking the stereotypes prevailing about professional and tough women. Also, you’ll get to know how effortlessly beautiful these women look and how they maintain their beauty just like all other women.

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↓20- Addie Clark

This amazing woman is the Physical Training Leader for the US Air Force who is known to have led nearly 450 beings towards their body goals. This green-eyed beauty has been quite thin during the early days of her career and had nearly zero muscle mass but her zeal brought her success. Here are Top 10 Celebrities Military Inspired Outfit Ideas.girls who can do both (21)


↓19- Alysia Magen

Physical activity has always played one major role in Alysia’s life. Alysia is currently working as an Airforce dental technician as well as a fitness model. along with that, she’s inspiring many youngsters and kids to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle. Along with serving the military for long hours she has been keeping up with her fitness routine quite well and seems quite ambitious about it.

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↓18- Rebecca Kelly

The San Diego girl Rebecca Kelly is an RN student and social worker who loves guns and is seen as a rough and tough girl but she’s more of a girly person when not around guns. Her body clearly depicts that she chooses to be girly yet fit and tough at the same time.

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↓17- Erin The Navy Girl

The muscular girl Erin serves in navy and her abs are actually goals. She seems to be extremely fit being on the boat for hours. Apart from being pretty, she dreams to look like a threat to the enemies and gives the idea of being a strong woman who can turn heads with her beauty.

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↓16- Dr. Cat Begovic

The Harvard graduate Dr. Cat is a plastic surgeon who believes in working hard when it comes to her profession and she’s married and is a mom as well. She’s often asked how she maintains her family life along with her fitness and profession, the answer was simply her love and commitment towards everything which is a part of her life. When not into surgical stuff, she’s more of a glamorous lady. Do check out these 30 Cutest Hairstyles for Asian Girls.

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↓15- Yarden Haham

Looking at this Israelian beauty, it seems like she’s some super model whereas she is a lawyer by profession who loves to dance. Yarden also has a youtube channel where she puts all her amazing dance videos with her gang.

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↓14- Cynthia Marie

This beautiful blonde is a sergeant by profession who loves adventures and sports. Her innocent face does not give the idea of her toughness and strength, yet she believes in keeping her makeup on point.

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↓13- Morgan Reid

Morgan Reid is a Duke soccer player from Ohio and her fitness can be depicted from her game and abs. Her stunning beauty makes her look like a model whereas she is a sassy defender in soccer. She’s considered as one of the hottest Duke players.

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↓12- Ny Tavares

Ny Tavares is a mom as well as a police officer who believes in staying fit regardless of her work routine. Guns are actually her passion. Here are Top 8 Short Height Plus Size Models Breaking the Stereotypes.

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↓11- Hope Solo

Hope Solo is an American brunette who plays soccer as a goal keeper being a part of the US National Soccer Team. This pretty girl is an Olympic as well as FIFA champion, however, her flawless features and model like figure make her any girl’s ultimate goals. She has also appeared in various Athletes related TV series like  The Cutting Edge and Keeping Score. Also, she has been photographed for the cover pages of some of the influential magazines for Vigue and Metropolitan.

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↓10- Genie Bouchard

This Canadian National level tennis player has this pretty innocent face but her strength gets visible in the tennis courts. Her entire personality seems like that of a Hollywood actress and her attitude is extremely sassy when playing the game. She has received many significant awards since 2013 like WTA Newcomer of the Year. She had been linked with world’s renowned brands like CocaCola, Nike, and Babolat. She has also appeared in the Olympics. She had also proved her excellence in mathematics and science. She’s truly a beauty with an impressive brain. girls who can do both (12)


↓9- Kourtney Michelle

Kourtney Michelle is a doctor and model whose beauty can turn heads. Her exquisite tattoos and model like figure make her look phenomenal and genius altogether.

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↓8- Emmi Löwenberg

Emmi Löwenberg works as a flight attendant for the Scandinavian Airlines who is a Bikini Fitness athlete at the same time. She believes in a healthy lifestyle, not the one which is all about starving to get that idealized figure. She believes that a little fat does not hurt anyone rather women should embrace their imperfections. Do check out this list of Top 15 Petite Stylist to follow this Year.

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↓7- Claudia Oliveira

This tan beauty is a defender as well as a student who believes in helping the oppressed. When not in the professional field, she’s just like any other pretty woman who loves to look sexy and glamorous.

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↓6- Carmen Jorda

Carmen is the Spanish beauty who has marked her success as a race car driver and is linked with Addidas. When she joined Lotus F1, she got to be on the list of those 11 women who are a part of Formula 1 team’s driver line-up. However, her Spanish beauty is envied by a larger number of young girls out there.

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↓5- Darya Klishina

Klishina is a 26-year-old Russian beauty who’s an athlete obsessed with Long Jump and proved herself in various European Tournaments European Youth Olympics as well as a champion in World Youth Championships. Swiping through her Instagram it becomes obvious that she’s just like any other pretty blonde who loves to play with dogs.

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↓4- Orin Julie

Gorgeous Orin has served in IDF as a combat soldier and is now working as a fitness model getting everyone obsessed with her charm. Here are Top 20 Countries With Most Attractive Female Soldiers In World

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↓3- Hannah Cunliffe

The girl in the white deep v-neck sassy dress is actually a running athlete who has marked her name in various NCAA indoor as well as outdoor tournaments.

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↓2- Puck Moonen

Puck Moonen is a pro cyclist with beautiful blond hair and exquisite features. Looking at her in a long dress or a bikini will make you forget that she’s an athlete in real.

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↓1- Salila Thuy

Salila Thuy who has done Bachelors in Science of Nursing is a yoga expert who is pushed by several difficulties and grieves towards working hard in learning the art of yoga.
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