Petite Fashion Bloggers – Top 15 Petite Stylist to follow

Petite Fashion Bloggers. Social media is a great way to be in touch with the happenings of the world, be it business news, about celebrities or fashion. When we talk about social media then how we can forget about social media celebrities?

Bloggers are the one who makes social media interesting by adding their flavors to the world of the internet. They can talk about the lifestyle of medication to fashion. So we decided to talk about some petite stylist who can make a million girls happy.

Best Blogs for Petite Girl’s Style Tips

So today we bring you some of the most amazing petite fashion bloggers, from whom you can learn the tips and tricks to stay stylish.Top 15 Petite Bloggers (1)

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# 15. Jean Wang – Extra Petite

The CFA charter holder, Jean Wang started her blog so that anyone can feel beautiful about whatever size and shape they are. She gives a lot of information about how to carry dresses, to wear what type of dresses and how to shop accordingly.

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (16)


# 14. Brandi – Run Style Run

Brandi from Run Style Run talks about literally everything on her blog. From lifestyle to fashion, fitness and inspiration. She is lively when it comes to writing and talks about everything that can alter our lives and styles. You’ll also find some amazing tips at our blog post 17 Cute College Outfits for Short Height Girls to Look Tall

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (15)


# 13. Kimberly – Eat.Sleep.Wear

Kimberly is a dream blogger, for all the girls. Clothing, events, health, and food she has got it all covered. So head over her blog to know about the latest trends in town.

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (14)


# 12. Blair Eadie – Atlantic-Pacific

If you are looking at how to carry one pair of shoes with many dresses, or what place to shop at for the perfect night out, then Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is your one-stop blog. Also, have a look at these 10 Short Height Female Celebrities Fashion You Should Follow

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (13)


# 11. Steph – Sunkissed Steph

A telecommunication graduate, who started her blog in 2011, Steph style, has evolved a lot but now her minimalist approach is excellent and caters all body, shapes and sizes so that anyone can benefit out of it.

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (12)


# 10. Serena Goh – The Spicy Stiletto

Worried about home, food, lifestyle or what fashion to follow? Serena Goh has it all in her blog The Spicy Stiletto. She has a particular way of expressing and showing what goes well with what and how to carry it.

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (11)

# 9. Karla Reed – @KarlaReed

If you don’t know how to dig in through multiple shelves, or whether you’ll find anything useful or not then follow Karla Reed. She’ll give you shopping experience and confidence like none!

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (10)


# 8. Katie – My Travelling Closet

If you want a taste of beauty and fashion from around the world than you’ve got it all under My Travelling closet!

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (9)

# 7. Helena – Brooklyn Blonde

Helena, a new mommy whose passionate about clothing and shopping shares her style experiences on her blog, which you surely don’t want to miss.

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# 6. Ashley Madekwe – Ring My Bell

Ashley Madekwe talks everything about her style on Ring My Bell. From denim to summer dresses, you can catch up on everything.

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (7)


# 5. Lia – Curiouser and Curiouser

Lia from Curiouser and Curiouser will tell you how to put together two absolute unique yet trendy pieces of clothes together and make them look all fab!

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (6)


#4. Tam – Hello Framboise

Tam from Hello Framboise is a lawyer who works with children. She works creatively with her style and clothing which can enchant the audience in minimal time.

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (5)


  # 3. Jenny Wu – Good, Bad and Fab

Beauty, fitness, home décor, food, travel and outfits, Jenny Wu, loves to write about everything. For women all around the globe, there will be best recommendations out of it.

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (4)


# 2. Kim Le – Lace and Locks

Gold, glitter and glam, that’s what attracts Kim Lee. She has a chic style and carries it around very beautifully. If you look for a more feminine style then her blog is a must stop!

Top 15 Petite Bloggers (3)


# 1. Amber – Easy Petite Looks

The cool casual, food lover Amber from the Easy Petite Looks is all fitness and fun styling, and you can learn a lot about comfy looks from her blog.

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