Top 10 Celebrities Military Inspired Outfit Ideas

Military fashion as a trend is not new to us, we all have been aware of it since 2010. The fashion industry introduced military dresses after being inspired by the original military uniforms. Since 2010 it brought a good change in the fashion industry.So today we will discuss some top celebrities fashion outfits.You can get lot of ideas from them as how to style military outfits for a chic look.

We talked about  16 cute military inspired fashion trends earlier.Trends keep changing every then and now but one thing is for sure that military fashion is a never ending trend. Uniform in the military were introduced back in the Georgian and Victorian era.A lot of celebrities in the town have taken a lot of inspiration from the trend and have been following the trend keenly. No matter what this is one of those trend that will never change and will still have its charm. Recently the military trend has been rocking the runways on fashion show.

Let’s explore what celebrities have opted for in the military fashion wear and what are the major military prints and designs. Women’s military fashion is similar to the men’s military fashion trend. The colour palette used in this trend includes green and blue. Coats and military jackets are the main fashion wear for military style.

Celebrities wearing military style clothes are often seen with aviator boots or collar coats. This gives more style to the dress. The key print remains camouflage. During winters it is more appropriate to wear military jackets. It keeps the person warm and stylish. In 2014 Lou Dalton, Mark McNairy and Valentino introduced the traditional khaki-brown prints.

Like celebrities, every normal person can add these prints to their wardrobe. This will be a bonus point to your closet and dressing sense. The names of the celebrities who love wearing military style outfits are as follows:


How to wear military fashion? Here are some Use full Tips extracted from Celebrities Style.

 1-You can wear a military jacket with tight jeans and long boots. You can wear a hold embellished belt around the waist to create more drama.

2-Shiny leggings with a military print shirt and a blazer over it would look fine. You can wear heels to complete the look.

3-It doesn’t matter whether the print has to be green or blue, you can change the color to red or maroon. Go for a bold color shirt and wear a coat over it. Carry a clutch in hands and wear timberland boots.

4-Nothing can beat a tucked in shirt with a military jacket and long knee boots. Wear a headband as it will complement the entire dressing style.

5-If you don’t plan on wearing a jacket or a coat because of the hot weather then you can wear a simple sleeveless shirt with khaki military design print.

6-Style your outfits with combat boots .Yes combat boots are very popular these days .You can wear same shoes with different outfits.See 18 cute ways to wear combat boot with different outfits.

Here are some images for the reference. You can see these top celebrities wearing military jackets, boots and printed shirts. They know how to carry themselves. You can also take inspiration and create your style.

 Jessica Ilba

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (1)

Jenna lyons

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (2)

 Emma Watson

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (3)

Victoria Beckham Military Style

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (4)

Miranda Kerr in Ruby Army Jacket

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (5)

Lindsay Lohan

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (6)

 Olivia Palermo

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (8)

Chloé Colorblock

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (9)

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (10)

 Katie Holmes

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (11)

 Alexa Chung

Celebrities Military Style outfit Ideas (12)

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