Getting A Dermal Piercing – What You Should Know

Incredible Facts You Must Know About Getting a Dermal Piercings. Dermal piercings are becoming more and more common. Quite a few people I know have them and they have gone down the right routes to get them, but never have they always gone right.

That does not mean to say that every dermal piercing is a write-off. Some look amazing, heal brilliantly and can last a long time. This post covers the basic knowledge that you should know if contemplating a dermal piercing.

 What Is A Dermal Piercing?

A dermal piercing, or micro dermal, is a single bar anchored beneath the skin via a figure of eight bar and a punch. They are considered implants as they have a single point puncture rather than a surface piercing which has an entrance and exit. The stem, which can be seen outside the skin, is threaded allowing for change of screw jewelry. Dermals can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Avoid areas where there are joints such as ankles, feet, wrists, hands as they can be prone to being caught and can be uncomfortable if on a joint.

Have a look at this video clip of a wrist dermal being done.

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What Is The Cost?

A typical dermal implant will set you back around $35-$40. This is for a single point bar. Depending on where you go and how many dermals you want prices will vary. More prestigious salons will charge more however you pay for quality and when it comes to piercings you should definitely want quality!

What Is The Healing Time?

Usually, piercers will say healing time for dermals is 3 months. This depends on how well and how quickly your skin heals as everyone is different. Even after a 3 month period, I would keep cleaning your new dermal and refrain from catching it on anything. More often than not I have seen peoples dermals pulled out or just fallen out because of ill care.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

Well the main rpo is you end up with a very cute little addition involving a small jewel or stud. Dermals are the type of piercing that suit pretty much everyone so it is rare you see a horrible one. One con to dermal implants is that to have them removed you have to seek out a professional who can surgically remove them. They CANNOT just be ‘dug’ out of the skin. Removing them either yourself or by someone who is not trained to do so will end up in nasty scarring or infection.

Have a look at some of the cute dermal piercings below and why not gain some ideas to have your own done. Some celebrities also have dermal piercings and these are also shown below.

10 Great Ideas For Dermal Piercings

Triple dermal implants placed behind the back of the ear. Great for a subtle and cute look.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (1)via

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 Two dermal piercings above a belly button piercings makes for an effective look.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (2)via

 Three little star microdermals at the base of a finger. Very cute and effective style.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (3)via

 Three dermal implants up the arm from the wrist. A cute look with a matching bracelet on the opposite side. Try not to put bracelets on the same wrist as they will catch.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (4)via

A gorgeous way of incorporating dermals with tattoos. Adding a look of jeweled beads this tattoo and the dermal combination looks beautiful.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (5)via

 Five turquoise dermal piercings down the nape. Different sizes make for a bit of shape and is a great look for summer with open back tops.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (6)via

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 Tattooed words with a simple dermal look amazing and is very effective.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (7)via

 A single dermal between the collarbones is a popular dermal piercing to have but is very cute to look at. Be careful not to catch it on necklaces though.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (8)via

 Single wrist dermal implants. A simple and great look all year round. These look great with a matching pendant necklace and earrings.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (9)via

 Facial dermals next to the eye are a common one too. They look great if done properly and are the right size for the face.

Ideas For Dermal Piercings (10)via


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