Funky Hijab Style-16 Cool Ideas to Wear Hijab for Funky Look

Funky Hijab Style. Looking for funky hjiab styles? How to get a funky look with Hijab? Funky hijab outfit ideas? Well, this post is for you. We know that Teenage girls are obsessed about getting a funky look. So in this post, we bring some amazing ideas for you.

And if you want to take your hijab to the next level then you must see hijab with swag styles.

Funky Hijab Fashion

As we know that Hijab is an Arabic word and it means to cover or to shelter. According to Islamic point of view, hijab is a type of decent and modest dressing and it covers the entire body except for your face and hands. In Islam, this clothing style has morality and modesty. But now hijab fashion has gone to the next level. A wide variety of hijabs is available in the market. Muslim teenage girls love to wear funky hijabs in different styles and designs. First, we would like to share some basic hijab type tips and styles that you can wear with other outfits. You can see step by step simple hijab-wearing tutorial from here for your ease.

  1. The most popular and common style of funky hijab is the square one. Well, this style of hijab is folded into the triangle shape and then placed over your head. You can secure this hijab style under your chin by using a pin.
  2. The second style or idea of funky hijab is long hijab. Basically, it consists of a large piece of cloth in a rectangular shape around your face. In other words, this style of hijab is almost similar to scarves. Women from all over the world prefer to wear long hijabs.
  3. If we talk about working women then they should wear one piece hijab. Basically, it is a tube like cloth and its fits over your head. Working women prefer to wear this hijab style because it is easy to use and wear
  4. Another popular funky hijab style is the Egyptian style and it includes two pieces of hijab. The inner piece is almost similar to the long hijab and you can easily wear around your face. The outer portion of this hijab is twisted and you can place at the top of your head.
  5. The last famous style or the idea of hijab is Kuwaiti style hijab style. Basically, this style of hijab consists of 2 pieces.

What is the most Simple way to get a funky look with hijab?

Well, the simplest and easy way is to wear the hijab with jeans, Sneakers and multi combination rings.You can do the go more funky by wearing hijab with ripped jeans or hijab with boyfriend jeans that give a real cool look.In order to wear any style of hijab, it is important that women should know her face shape and figure. For readers, we are sharing the pictures of hijabs in different styles and designs. All the hijabs are designed according to latest trends and fashion ideas. We are completely sure that Muslim women and girls who would love to wear hijabs will definitely like these pictures. So don’t waste your time see these lovely girls and you can look as chic as them.

↓ 16 – Funky Accessories to Wear with Hijab

One of the simplest ways to add an element of funkiness to any hijab outfit is by using the right accessories. See here how some of the most famous hijabis on Instagram have used the basic funky accessories to make their outfits stand out.

Here we see the use  of gold necklaces along with a bag that matches the coat. The accessories have been selected wisely to make them prominent through a simple outfit.


If you have a nice colorful shawl then you really don’t need any more accessories, as proven by this blogger. She simply wrapped her funky shawl around her hijab and wore it with her casual everyday jeans and shirt and yet she looks amazing. Check out this post on 30 Stylish Ways to Wear Hijab with Jeans for Chic look


Add a splash of funk and colors to your plain hijabs through such colorful and bold earrings.


If you have a clutch you love then make it the star of your outfit as shown here.


Wear statement earrings and sunglasses with your everyday hijab and abaya for the perfect funky look.


↓ 15 – White Hijab with a Bright and Funky Outfit

A funky outfit is all about being cool and colorful so don’t be afraid to buy a neon-colored outfit that you love. In fact, never ever be afraid of bright colors since they can make you look ravishing like nothing else can. However, the point is to wear funky outfits but not to let them clash which is why this orange blazer has been paired with a white hijab and trouser. For more such great ideas, check out 14 Popular Hijab Street Style Fashion Ideas This Season


↓ 14 – Turban Hijab with a Printed Blazer


↓ 13 – Funky Hijab Look in an Abaya

funky hijab outfits


↓ 12 – Baseball Hat with Hijab

A cool hat is another accessory that can instantly transform your look and outfit into a funky one. Do check out these Hijab with Hats Styles-18 Modest Ways to Wear Caps with Hijab


↓ 11 – Funky Look in a Black Hijab

Every girl owns a black hijab so here are some of our favorite funky outfits to wear with hijabs.

Funky Hijab StyleSexy HIjab Style

↓ 10 – Funky Animal Print Hijab

The animal printed hijab has been perfectly matched with Shinny leather Pants and Animal Print Flat.

indah nada Funky Hijab style

Here’s another look in this hijab:Tiger Print Hijab

↓ 9 – Hijab With Converse

Converse shoes are not just extremely comfortable but also fun to wear because of the amazing styles and colors they come in.

How to look funky with hijab

↓ 8 – Chic Hijab outfit combination

Black Scarf with jeans and Wedges. You can never go wrong with a complete Black or a black and white look.

Hijab with Wedges

↓ 7 – Hijab with Printed Floral Pants

Hijab with SneakersHijab with Tights

↓ 6 – Hijab with Sneakers

Hijab with Sneakers fashion

↓ 5 – Hijab with Tights

Funky Hijabis

↓ 4 – Layering Hijabs

Funky Hijab Trends

↓ 3 – Funky Turban Hijab with Pastel Colored Outfits for Summers

Funky Fashion with Hijabs

↓ 2 – Woolen Scarf Hijabs for Winters

Cool Hijab Looks

↓ 1 – Hijab with Funky Headbands

Cat look with Hijab

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