20 Cute Elephant Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Elephant Tattoo ideas: The idea of getting a tattoo might be really fascinating but it comes with a long process. Everything should be perfect in order to get your desired design inked on your body. A little bit of an error can lead you to a path of long-term regret.

Choosing the right kind of design is also one of the difficult steps. Sometimes you have an idea in your mind and sometimes you want to go with the trending designs. Elephant desings are also one of the most trending tattoo designs. If you are planning to get something related to elephants but can’t decide what, then we have got you covered.

Elephants being the largest land animal on the earth can also prove to be a great choice for getting tattoed. They often symbolize wisdom, strength, and power. Not only that, but they also represent love and affection. These tattoos can have a lot of different meanings depending on what design and size you are getting but some of them might not have any specific meaning.

You can also get creative and get a design of your own. Big and detailed tattoos hold deep meaning in them and are often done on the back and arms whereas if you are opting for small tattoos, then you can have them on your fingers, ankle, wrist, or anywhere you want. The benefit of small tattoos is that they can easily fit on any part of your body. Elephant inks are not only done alone, they are also linked with other things and animals like lions, butterflies, birds, flowers, and a lot more. It is just a matter of creativity.

Elephant tattoo ideas

Do’s And Dont’s Of Getting An Elephant Tattoo

  • A tattoo is something which will remain on your skin forever so you should be careful while choosing a design. Do some research about what kind of design and size you want. Don’t be spontaneous and think about the long term effects before getting inked.
  • You should also be clear about the placement of the tattoo.
  • Make sure to discuss your pain threshold with your artist. Remember, the larger the tattoo is, the more pain you have to go through.
  • If it is the first time you are getting a tattoo, try to get it done from an experienced and skilled artist. Beginners or inexperienced tattoo artists have higher chances of messing up the design.
  • Aftercare of the tattoo is also very important. Keep it as clean as you can to avoid any kind of infection.

20 – Elephant Family

The love and bond that you share with your family are deeply depicted in this tattoo. It represents union, affection, and family ties. Wrist and foot are some of the popular places to get this tattoo.

It also symbolizes protection and responsibilities. The parent elephants are protecting their children from the outside world. So if you want to dedicate one of your tattoos to parents or family, then you can get this one

19 – Mama And Baby

The meaning of this tattoo is too obvious yet it is too beautiful. An elephant mother is very protective of her children and humans can totally relate to it. This tattoo is a symbol of responsibility but you can also get it to show your love and affection to your mother.

18 – On Fingers

Not only us, but most of our celebrities are also a fan of these tattoos. This mini elephant is done on the finger of the very famous singer Shawn Mendes. Even though it doesn’t have any specific meaning but if you want something really small and minimalistic then this can be your choice.

17 – Dumbo

Of course, we have something for Disney lovers too. How can we forget the cutest character of Disney? The adorable and caring flying elephant. His oversized ears made him different from anyone else. Ever since dumbo came, I had a desire to keep him as a pet but sadly it wasn’t possible. But getting a tattoo of him is totally possible. So if you are also a fan of dumbo then consider getting this cute tattoo.

16 – Small Elephant

As compared to their real size, you can have elephant in small sizes as well and they look equally good. A mini elephant on your wrist or back would instantly grab everyone’s attention.

15 – On Arm:

An elephant covering the whole arm is a big yes for people who want to go extra with their tattoos. It is best to give freedom to your artists and let them create the best design for you. Since it is a really large tattoo so you also have to be careful before taking the risk. Take your time and do your research about everything and then get a tattoo.

14 – Geomatric

Don’t worry! There isn’t any mathematics involved in these tattoos. If you are not aware of geometric tattoos then let me tell you that it is one of the best choices to get a tattoo like this, if you are a person who likes balance and harmony in your life. Not only that, but they are also really popular because of how stunning these symmetrical shapes look. All of these shapes have different meanings and getting an elephant with geometric shapes is the perfect way of showing off your noble qualities to others.

13 – Half

This close-to-reality half tattoo has a really strong meaning. By paying attention you will realize that it is an old age elephant. Elephants usually live up to 70 years and they have the same strength and courage even if they get older. Old elephants have also the quality of kindness. With all these qualities, these tattoos are really famous among youngsters.

12 – With Birds

This tattoo gives off vibes of happiness. Getting this tattoo will make you as happy as the elephant looks in it. It is something light and refreshing with nothing exaggerated. This tattoo would look great on the ladies if they wear backless dresses like these.

11 – On Hand

Hands are one of the common places for getting inked and an elephant looks really good with their trunk covering your figure. It is also one of the body parts that is clearly visible to everyone so get this cool tattoo and make a great first impression on others.

10 – Matching Tattoos For Couples

Besides all the lovey-dovey hearts, couples can also get these cute matching tattoos. Elephants symbolize love and what’s a better way of showing affection to your significant other. You can also add an alphabet of your partner’s name to make it more significant. You can also get these mini-matching tattoos on your hands.

9 – Elephant With Butterfly Wings Tattoo

Which combination is more beautiful than an elephant and butterfly? This tattoo is a beautiful work of creativity. A baby elephant is creatively connected with butterfly wings. It may represent the beginning of something new but this tattoo is mostly liked by people because of its unique design.

8 – Outline

Outline tattoos are the ones that have no shading in them and this is one of them. These tattoos are perfect when you want something minimalist and nothing extra. You can also add a pop of color by adding cute little dots of different colors.

7 – With Flowers

Floral tattoos are one of the most popular designs among females. Love, life, and death are some of the beautiful meanings behind this tattoo. You can add different kinds of flowers to create different designs. They can be large enough to cover your back and arm as well.

This is another beautiful design in which different kinds of flowers are beautifully combined together to form the shape of an elephant.

6 – Elephant With Trunk Up Tattoo

It is believed by many people that elephants with their trunks up symbolize good luck and blessings. Elephants use this gesture to greet their friends and to express their happiness. Choose this design as your next tattoo and maybe it becomes your good luck charm.

5 – Half Lion & Half Elephant

Can’t figure out which is your spirit animal? Whether you are strong like an elephant or brave like a lion. Well, if you can not decide then get both of them tattoed on your arm. Lion, the king of the jungle represents immense power. An elephant, on the other hand, symbolizes kindness and royalty. If you have the qualities of both of these animals, then this is tattoo is a perfect choice for you. You can also add few quotes like these to stay motivated every day.

4 – Octo-Elephant

When two different kinds of animals and tattoos are brought together, they form a unique meaning. Octopus, the ocean animal with three hearts possesses some amazing qualities including intelligence. Both of these animals have some unique qualities and besides that, this design also looks really fascinating.

3 – Elephant Head

The elephant head tattoo is the most popular one among men and it requires significant detailing. In this tattoo, all the features of the elephant are visible including the trunk, teeth, and ears so it needs to be done carefully. You can also get this in different colors but it looks best in black and grey.

2- Baby Elephant

Baby elephants are loved and adored by everyone. Their innocence and loving nature is the reason why everyone is attracted to them. These cute creatures are also very popular as tattoos. Mostly women get them to dedicate it to their children. A little elephant with flowers and different colors would look good everywhere on your body but below the neck is a unique place for getting inked.

1 – Realistic

We are all praises for this absolutely amazing piece of art. You should possess a lot of patience and pain tolerance to get a tattoo like this. It might take a lot of time but the result will be worth the wait. You should also choose the best skilled artist in the town for this. These kinds of tattoos are larger in size so they look good on the arm and back or you can also choose a place where they are clearly visible.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What does the elephant tattoo symbolize?

Ans. Different tattoos have different meanings which depend on the designs but they usually symbolize wisdom, power, and strength. Elephants are one of the strongest animals and their tattoo represents the same. A big and detailed tattoo shows that you have some noble qualities like intelligence, patience, and prosperity. Some of these tattoos are also connected with spirituality in some religions.

If you are getting a tattoo of an elephant family, it means that you are closely connected to them. Baby elephants represent innocence and good luck and you can also dedicate them to your children. If you want a tattoo that’s more on the feminine side, then you can have an elephant design with flowers. You can also get a tattoo of an elephant couple for your partner. Some people get these tattoos because they are just elephant lovers.

Q. What is the meaning of a mandala elephant tattoo?

Ans. A mandala represents spirituality and it is most popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. A mandala is a circular design that is considered a spiritual symbol and getting a tattoo of both elephant and mandala together means that you strongly believe in personal growth and positivity. They also represent peace, loyalty, and happiness.

Q. Are elephant tattoos popular?

Ans. Yes, they are pretty popular in both men and women because of their unique designs and meanings. There are a bunch of creative designs related to elephants and each one of them has a different story to tell. The most popular ones are the baby tattoos as they have the tendency to grab anyone’s attention easily. Large tattoos are very popular among men because of their powerful meanings. Women are mostly attracted to elephants with flowers tattoos. So, we can say that these tattoos are high in demand and you should also consider getting one if you are a tattoo lover. If you still need more ideas for tattoos then here are the 80 Most Amazing & Latest Tattoos Ideas To Go For

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