One Word Tattoo Ideas: 20 Cute Designs to Check Out Now

One Word Tattoo Ideas: Getting a tattoo is the best option in case you are looking for something that you can be committed to for the rest of your life. A tattoo is an everlasting token and serves as a reminder representing a story.

Of course, there are a lot of options to choose from but people who choose one word know exactly what they want and trying to tell. Other than this, they cost much less than other tattoos and are less painful.

This type of tattoo is super versatile and can be worn anywhere around the body including hands, feet, neck, or my personal favorite – the fingers.

Single Word Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Tattoos are often worn by people who like to remember an event, tell a story, and make a statement. When it comes to picking up a word, there are so many options to choose from.

You can get your loved one’s name, a word that inspires you, one word that allows you to express how you live your life.

Still, if you are having a hard time choosing the right word for your tattoo, you can go for some of the common choices including belief, love, strength, hope, soul, etc.

To further help you, this article provides some great one-word tattoo ideas. These ideas will definitely help in getting your creative juices flowing. But before we dive in, here are some of the tips and tricks that you must keep in mind to get the smoothest experience.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Tattoos

Although it seems simple, one-word tattoos are comparatively harder to master. For a smooth experience, you must follow these tips and tricks.

  • Misspelling in a tattoo – There may be instances where your tattoo gets misspelled. Always make sure that the spellings are correct and go for a decent-sized tattoo with some space in between each letter so that missed letters can be added.
  • Font Consistency matters – This is essential because inconsistent font can make the tattoo not good. You can also get swirls and lines with the font to make it look more cohesive and bring the whole look together.
  • Check for Tattoo Blowouts – There may be times when the artist accidentally causes a blowout by pushing to make the ink spread out on the skin, make sure that it gets corrected right away before it sets.
  • Keep it away from running water – One of the tip you must follow after you get a tattoo is to not put it directly under running water, also don’t soak it as it makes the tattoo lighter.
  • Ice your tattoo – You read that right! Icing your tattoo can help in speeding up the healing process and prevents it from swelling. All you need to do is wrap a cold cloth on the tattoo and leave it for thirty minutes.
  • Tattoo touch-ups – For long-lasting results, get your tattoo touched up between 2 and 5 years. This time period will allow the skin to regenerate and the immune system will be restored.

Here are some Meaningful Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas you might want to try.

20 – Inspirational One Word Tattoo

Sometimes, one word can be more than enough to get your message across, there are so many inspirational words including:

  • Perseverance
  • Challenge
  • Truth
  • Determination
  • Goals
  • Freedom
  • Laughter
  • Hope
  • Faith

Inspirational words help you mentally stimulate towards achieving a specific outcome. These words help you stand out and you can wear them easily on your sleeve, ankle, wrist, etc. This tattoo design will look best on both men and women of any age.



19 – Meaningful One Word Tattoos

Meaningful tattoos are one of the greatest tattoo designs that allow featuring one’s adjective. The wearer of this design appears to have a meaning in life and has something to follow.

There are so many options to choose from including:

  • Shine
  • Cherish
  • Wildflower
  • Rebellious
  • Imagine
  • Souls
  • Balance
  • Fortitude

You can get this tattoo on your wrist, hand, behind your ears, neck, or anywhere you’d like.



18 – Breathe

If you are looking for a delicate design that is both stunning and helps you in making a statement, this design is the right choice for you. You need something that reminds you to just stop and take a deep breath.

You can get this design in black ink and it will look best on those parts of your body that are always visible to you i.e. your fingers, wrist, hands to serve as a reminder and help you in pausing and breathing for a minute.

one word tattoo

↓ 17 – One Word Tattoos for Females

There are so many options to choose from, but if you are looking for something that helps you in celebrating all the happy chances in life, go for the ‘serendipity‘ tattoo.

This word can be worn to take little or as much space as you’d like. This design will look best on your arms and in black ink.



16 – Word Tattoo for Survivors

If you’ve been through a tough time in your life and need a reminder of how strong you are and pulled it off, this design is the right one for you. The word ‘warrior‘ will always help you in remembering how gracefully you survived.

This word will look striking when drawn delicately or you can also go with a floral motif to make it look more appealing. This design can be worn on your arms or anywhere that is visible to you to serve as a reminder.



15 – One Word Tattoos for Guys

Next to some amazing floral work, this design will be perfect for guys. This design will look perfect on your arms, legs and in large font.

The word looks best in black ink and the floral work can be done in colored ink.



14 – How to Get a Rare One Word Tattoo?

There are so many rare words to choose from when you get a tattoo. This design is the perfect choice for you if you want something that is stylish yet allows you to express yourself in the most different way.

This design will look best on your back or chest or anywhere on the body with space.



13 – Non-Cliche One Word Tattoo Designs

Ornament chest tattoos are in trend these days. You can get a one-word tattoo accompanied by an ornamental or floral design to make the look stand out.

There is a wide range of one-word tattoo designs to choose from. To get your creative juices flowing, here is a design that incorporates one word on top of the ornamental tattoo design. This tattoo will suit both men and women anywhere on the body.



12 –One Word Tattoos For Couples

There are a lot of words to choose from to show your love and affection for your other half. Here is an inspiration for you. You can add one word with a loop that signifies your infinite love for your partner.

You can further add your partner’s initial at the other end of the loop to give a more personal touch. This tattoo will look best in both black or colored ink.



11 – Powerful One Word Tattoos

Looking for a powerful one-word tattoo? Well, look no further! This design is just the choice for you as it will help you in showcasing how powerful you can be. You can get it on your back, chest, hands, arms, or even legs.



10 – What Goes Well With One Word Tattoo?

You can do so much with this minimal design. You can add floral elements, ornaments, or any other design of your choice. If you like keeping things simple, just go with simple swirls and you’re good to go.

I would also recommend that you go through these Moon Tattoo Ideas.



9 – One Word Tattoos with Deep Meanings

There are so many words to choose from that have deep impactful meanings, but in case you are looking for something that has a meaning while being super simple, go for this one. This design features one word that can help you in expressing how you would like to be addressed.

Also, it has a deep meaning and makes you stand out in the room. This tattoo will look best near your neck right below your collar bone and can be worn in colored or black ink, whichever you prefer.



8 – One Word Tattoos for Men & Women Over 50

One-word designs are preferred by people because they are much less painful and allow you to express yourself in the minimal possible way. Here is an inspiration for you to get you started. This simple one-word tattoo will always serve as a reminder for you to keep smiling and work through your worries in the most positive way.



7 – One Word Tattoos in French

This word means ‘wonderful or tremendous’. This French word is the best one and allows you to signify your inner personality in the most elegant way. This design will look best on both men and women of any age and in black ink.



6 – In a Different Language

You can get a one-word tattoo done in any language. This design looks absolutely stunning on both men and women of any age. You can experiment and get a tattoo based on your preference. This tattoo design will look best on your arms or legs. If you’re looking for something that will help in making you look unique, this is the right now for you.



5 – When to Get a One Word Tattoo?

Whenever you feel like getting one! The fact that you are scrolling down through these designs is an indication that you are ready to get your first or another tattoo. Here is a design to further inspire you.



4 – Cute One Word Tattoo Ideas

One word tattoo designs can be cute and fun as they provide more room for experimenting and you can create a bunch of stuff with it to make the tattoo more cohesive and put together. This design features one-word ‘magic‘ symbolizing good vibes and positive energy.

Adding leaves and some color to the tattoo design will make it look even more pretty. This design will look best on your thighs or your arms.



3 – For Teenagers

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you must’ve seen the episode where Lisa spells this word in a spelling bee competition.

This one-word design looks super elegant and you can add leaves to it to make it even more stylish and attractive. This design will look best on the chest and in black ink. However, you can experiment and get it anywhere on your body.



2 – Greek Word Tattoos

Greek mythology is quite fascinating and there are several Greek enchanting creatures that can charm you. There are one-of-a-kind designs of greek word tattoos that you should check out.

Greek letters look absolutely stunning when inscribed on your body and can be tattooed on your wrist, arms, or even your shoulder.



1 – Word of the Day – Fearless

Sometimes simple words are the best. There is nothing like a delicate reminder of how strong and brave you can be when it comes to solving the problems and challenges that come across in your life. The word ‘fearless’ signifies your strength and ability to face the issues with utmost bravery. This design will look best beneath your ankle, on your fingers, hands, or even behind your ears.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some good words for tattoos?

Ans. Strength, chance, imagine, smile, fate, fearless, fortunate, destiny are just a few of the words that are preferred when it comes to getting a one-word tattoo. Here you can find some of the best examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Q. Where should I get one word tattooed?

Ans. You can get these tattoos anywhere on your body i.e. hands, fingers, side of your wrist, neck, behind your ears, neck, or even ankles. The best part about one-word tattoos is that they will look best on every part of your body and makes you look elegant.

Q. Do word tattoos age well?

Ans. Small tattoos can fade eventually you do not follow care instructions properly. Also, to make the tattoo last longer, go with bolder lines.

Q. Are the words on the tattoo supposed to be readable to you or to others?

Ans. Whichever you prefer, you can make your tattoo readable if you want it to be understandable, or go for a tattoo with a complex design that is not very easy to read.

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