21 Cute Dove Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Dove Tattoo Designs: Nowadays, tattoos are not just considered as an inked design on your skin but they have also become a huge fashion statement. They become a part of your body and can reflect your personality traits to others.

Some of them hold deep meanings and stories. We can say that dove tattoos have evolved much with time and there are more diverse and creative than ever now. One of the designs, that has gained a lot of popularity and recognition in recent times is the dove tattoo

From a simple flying dove to a large spiritual one, every dove tattoo is high in demand these days. No doubt, they are both visually appealing and meaningful at the same time. Small dove tattoos are more popular and preferred than larger ones because of their simplicity. Doves with cross signs and angel wings are also pretty famous among people belonging to Christianity. There are a bunch of fantastic designs in this article that will end your search for dove tattoos right here. So scroll down and pick your favourite design. Your excitement about getting a tattoo can turn into a nightmare if you don’t do your homework. There are some of the things that you should take care of before and after getting any tattoo.

Dove Tattoo designs

Tips On Getting A Dove Tattoo

  • First things first, your design. Either you are getting a dove tattoo or any other one, try to be specific about the design to get the right one. It is always better to take inpiration pictures with you or let the artist artist draw a rough draft first.
  • To get the best things done, you need the best people. Yes, we are talking about the artist. The person who has to do his magic on you. Just make sure that he is skilled enough to play the tricks right.
  • You are wrong if you think that the process ends after getting the tattoo done. You have to take care of it until it is completety healed. Try avoid taking shower for atleast 3 to 4 hours after getting the tattoo.

21 – On Hand

We would say that it is not the most popular one but definitely a unique one in a way that the dove is clearly visible with its wings. A little bit of black shading will really make the tattoo look stunning. Even though it is a simple dove tattoo but the detailings are making it fascinating.

20 – Dove Sleeve

Doves have great spiritual significance in Christianity and they are also mentioned in Bible. This tattoo is more on the religious side which includes a dove, rose, and a cross sign all in one. Doves are also considered as the messengers of God. Sleeve tattoos are really popular, especially in men. This is a great choice for people who are on their spiritual journey.

19 – Dove And Skull Tattoo

A lesser-known fact about dove tattoos is that they can also symbolize death. When a dove is tattooed with a skull, it represents the passing away of someone, or it can also be done in the memory of someone. In the end, we can say that it does look a little spooky and doesn’t really give the vibes of a peaceful tattoo but it can be a great choice for creative souls.

18 – Outline

Getting a tattoo for the first time can be a little bit scary therefore you can go with an outline tattoo like this one. It is a really small and cute one with no shading but looks equally elegant and can also prove to be the great first tattoo choice for you.

17 – On Chest

This huge chest tattoo is visually striking as well as meaningful. You get a lot of space to get creative and pen down your thoughts or your favourite designs. Although the chest is a bit of a sensitive area so it might hurt more than other parts. Three huge doves along with three cross signs symbolize the significance of peace and love, along with them, a quotation is also added.

16 – Doves With Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is doing complete justice with the true meaning of dove and heart which is love. You can tell just by the first glance what this tattoo is about. It is a great choice to dedicate it to your partner. The heartbeat makes it look cuter.

15 – Dove With Flowers Tattoo

The most popular way of adding a feminine touch to a tattoo is to add flowers with it. Adding some flowers with your simple tattoos can magically change their entire look. You can also go with only one kind of flower or with different kinds and to make it more beautiful you can get them coloured too.

14 – Dove With Keys Tattoo

A tattoo of a flying dove holding keys has different meanings and they are done for different purposes. Some people get them as a memory of their loved ones which are locked with these keys. While some get them as the keys to their inner powers and abilities. They are also quite popular in couples where one person gets the tattoo of a dove with a lock and the other person with keys of that lock, it shows that they both are incomplete without each other.

13 – Dove With Angel Wings Tattoo On Arm

Angel wings can prove to be one of the most beautiful tattoo choices if done correctly. The detailing and the creativity is all it takes to get the best design inked. Angels are considered as the messenger of God and have great significance in some religions. This tattoo looks decent on both men and women.

12 – For Wrist

Wrist tattoos are mostly famous in females but can be worn by both men women. In this tattoo, a flying dove is carrying a cross sign which is commonly considered as a sign of peace in Christianity. You can also add letters, numbers, or quotations of your choice with it. Butterfly tattoos are another cute animal design you can look into.

11 – Dove With Cage Tattoo

Freedom to fly, to chase your dreams, and to get out of your cage is the inspiration you get from this tattoo. A dove flying with his cage is the perfect way of representing that you are a carefree soul and no one can stop you from achieving your goals. It also inspires you to step out of your boundaries. The beautiful flowers are enhancing the entire look of this tattoo.

10 – Dove And Snake Tattoo On Shoulder

A little different approach to showing off your personality traits to others is that you are as shrewd as a snake and as innocent as dove. Get both of your spirit animals tattooed on your body. We have to appreciate the fact that everything including quotation, design and placement looks perfect in this tattoo and if you want the same results then you should consider getting it in the same place otherwise it can look good on the back as well.

9 – With Quotation:

Peace over ego is something that everyone should choose and as always Doves are representing peace here. This might be a unique and different place for some people to get a tattoo but you can always try something fun and out of the box. And nothing can be cooler than your favourite quotation written on your temples for everyone to see all the time.

8 – Dove With Anchor Tattoo

Apart from doves, anchor tattoos are individually really famous. They symbolize strength, passion, and stability. One common meaning that doves and anchors share is peace. Combining dove, anchor and flowers will give you a beautiful look and beautiful meanings too. It can also be placed on your forearm or waist.

7 – Small Dove

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that these tattoos are the most demanded ones. Little doves on your wrist, back, arm, foot are some of the choices that you can never go wrong with. They look absolutely beautiful and realistic.

6 – Memorial

Honouring your loved ones by getting tattoos is an old practice and a beautiful way of showing your love to them. Doves being the symbol of peace are also being used in memorial tattoos. You can add dates, quotations, flowers, and even portraits of people with these kinds of tattoos.

5 – Colored

Being a coloured tattoo isn’t the only exception in this one. It gives you the look of the sky and clouds in the shape of a dove. Combining two things like this needs some kind of creativity. If you also want something creative and colourful then you can opt for this tattoo.

4 – Behind Ear

Behind the ear is a wonderful choice to place tiny tattoos like this one. It is a sensitive area and needs a lot of aftercare but results are worth the pain. A little dove with an olive branch symbolizes peace and faith in God. A little bit of colour is also added to make it more attractive.

3 – Flying Doves Tattoo

As much we adore them flying in the sky, we equally love them getting inked on us. This cute design of flying doves is proof of why they are so famous. If you are the kind of person who loves freedom, nature, sky, or simply if you love doves then you can get it. The other great placement choice for this tattoo can be your upper back.

2 – Matching Dove Tattoos For Couples:

Matching tattoos in couples are not a new thing and is considered a wonderful way of expressing love to your significant other. Nowadays, alphabets or names of the partners are usually avoided by many people for some reason and if you are one of them, then we have a solution for you right here. Doves are the symbol of love and getting matching tattoos of doves with your partners shows how strong your relationship is. The two doves facing each other look charming and prove that you both are so in love with each other.

1 – Dove And Rose Tattoo On The Neck

Both doves and roses have almost similar meanings that are love, beauty, and affection. This combination is very famous and widely appreciated by tattoo buffs. Getting it inked on your arm or back can also be a great choice but if you want it to be clearly visible to everyone, then the neck is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a dove tattoo symbolize?

Ans. As beautiful as they look, dove tattoos hold even more beautiful meanings. The white bird is not only a treat to the eyes but it is also a symbol of success, freedom, love, and a lot more effective meanings depending on different designs. Their white colour represents peace, harmony, and a lot more effective meanings depending on different designs. Doves also have great spiritual significance in Christianity as they are often considered as Holy spirit. Doves are also seen as a symbol of love and dedication as they are very loyal to their mates.

Q. Where do you put dove tattoos?

Ans. Depending on their sizes, these tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body but the most popular choices are arm and wrist. Doves are small in size so they are preferred in that size for the tattoo choices by many people however large designs look good on the chest and back. You can also get them on some of the unique places like the neck and behind the ears. Tattoos for specific occasions like Halloween tattoos would look good on the arms or hands, where they are visible.

Q. What are some dove tattoos for guys?

Ans. Dove tattoos are famous among women but they are not bounded to them only. There are a variety of different and unique designs for men to get. They can even get a simple flying one that symbolizes peace and harmony. Some shading can be added to give it a masculine look. Spiritual dove tattoos are also very people among guys. A sleeve tattoo can also look really good on them. Besides that, flying doves, outlines, and simple dove tattoos are also some suitable choices These are some popular ones but men can get any tattoo they want. Heavy Metal Tattoos are usually what men like to stick to but hey, there’s no right or wrong here it’s just a tattoo!

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