What To Wear To College Party ? 25 Outfit Ideas

College party outfits for girls. For many college students today, college parties are a rite of passage. And whether you’re a freshman (and new to the scene) or a student on the verge of graduating, having a few good and fresh party looks is a must!

Here at Outfit Trends, we have got you covered on the cutest and most fashionable ensembles that are sure to make you the knockout of the party. These 25 looks are listed in no particular order so decide what suits you best and feel free to pick-and-choose pieces that catch your eye! After all, putting together party outfits should be fun.

What To Wear To A College Party

Keep reading for 25 gorgeous and easily recreated looks!

college party outfits for girls

↓25. The Sequined Trouser Look

When done right, sequins are eye-catching, stylish, and can jazz up any outfit. Try pairing these Zara sequined trousers with an off-the-shoulder black top (the semi bell sleeve adds a sophisticated flair) and some pointed black heels. Matching red lips and nails pull the ensemble together. For more tips on rocking sequined outfits, check out these Sequins Wardrobe Essentials.


↓24. Patterned Tights and Belted Skirt

For a classy and fashionable look, how about some polka dot tights? With a cowl-necked sweater, belted gray skirt, and cross-body purse, you will look put-together, stylish, and feminine. A low bun, chunky hoop earrings, and black boots complete the look.

↓23. Yellow Beanie and Tweed Trousers

An ensemble that is both fashionable and understated, tomboyish and classy, this is the outfit you wear when you want to be comfortable but still make a statement. The beanie pairs well with this otherwise neutral outfit where a black jacket (or coat – depending on the season!) is worn over gray, shin-length tweed trousers and black, clunky-heeled boots. Accessorize with a watch and a few silver rings.


↓22. Flower Printed Shorts and Blue Velvet Blouse

This look is for you if you love bright colors, bold fashion choices, and a girlish flair. Slim-fitting combat boots that hit you mid-calf are the footwear of choice for this ensemble. The crushed blue velvet top contrasts the bright yellow jacket and complements the blue flowers in the printed shorts. Keep accessories minimal with this outfit so you don’t distract from this playful and eye-catching look.

↓21. Pointy, Two-Toned Footwear

This is a satisfyingly simple outfit where the footwear and gorgeous, zippered skirt are the main attraction. It has a touch of a retro vibe but the black sweater keeps it modern. As with all good outfits, a shorter skirt calls for a long-sleeved top to keep the look balanced. Feel free to get bold with the colours if you aren’t drawn to the black on white!


↓20. A Winter-Approved Ensemble

For a spin of sophisticated femininity, give this embroidered sweater a try! For an otherwise dark outfit, it adds a touch of soft appeal to this edgy leather miniskirt and knee-high boots. Add some sheer or opaque stockings and let your hair down! You’ll feel fun and playful in this outfit. Here are 23 Cute Winter Outfits For College/High School Girls.


↓19. 3-in-1 Mix and Match!

Three looks for the price of one! Here are two ways to style a sequined top. Tuck it into a long black skirt or a pair of trousers. Another option for a gal who prefers a slimming look is to go all black with a knee-length pencil skirt and a black sweater with three-quarter length sleeves. All three looks are suited best with a half-up, half down hairstyle. And hey, why not try a smoky eye while you’re at it?

↓ 18. Suede Sandals and Pale Pink Skirt

We interrupt our scheduled programming featuring mainly BOOTS for this gorgeous look that includes suede black sandals (or heels) and a pretty pink skirt. Here’s another classic outfit that does well with a simple black long-sleeved top (definitely a staple for your wardrobe). Accessorize with some glitzy earrings and a bracelet or two.


↓17. Frat Party Outfit

With this look, you’ll be ON FIRE. (Too cheesy? Noted.) This ensemble is a great example of putting two items together that you wouldn’t normally think could work… and yet it does! An off-the-shoulder ruffled blouse tapers down into a fitted bodice. These high-waist black jeans feature a flaming decal… but hey, any bold decal would do. Simple flats or – you guessed it – a pair of sleek boots would complete this look nicely. Let the ruffles and bow do the talking on this one and keep your accessories minimal.


↓16. Red and Fabulous

If you love some bold color, this is the look for you. A mid-rise pair of ripped jeans are paired with a simple bandeau. But they are only the canvas for this commanding red leather jacket and beret. A funky pair of ankle boots complement the metallic zippers on the jacket. Fluff out your curls and opt for a bold brow. This look is all about the fab.

↓15. Bold, Beautiful, Brave

Do you love defying typical fashion stereotypes? Are you a bold and brave kind of a gal? This might be the look for you. These flared, vertical striped trousers are paired with a patterned top with a v-shaped neckline. Red, puff-ball earrings are the main accessory of choice. Throw on a pair of flat sandals or a strappy heel and let your hair down. You’ll be the hit of the party with this one. Striped outfits are must-haves for all college girls since they don’t just look great but they can be mixed and matched to create hundreds of looks, so here are some of the best Outfits with Striped Shirts.


↓14. Feminine College Party Attire

For a cute and flirty look, try this matching outfit that features an eye-catching pattern. The strappy, open-toe wedges and half-up, half-down hairstyle give this ensemble a sweet and innocent vibe. You could alternatively switch out the top and shorts for a romper to achieve the same look.


↓13. Lacy Bandeau and Beige Coat

This look happens to feature a nearly identical pair of white sandals, similar to the wedges of Outfit #14. However, here they are paired with blue jeans, a lacy black bandeau, and a beige trench coat that hits mid-thigh. It’s a daring look for the girl who doesn’t mind showing off a bit of tummy. A high ponytail gives an instant chic vibe to this ensemble.

↓12. Sweet, Comfy, and Girly

An adorable look for the girl that likes to dress sweetly and girlishly! Throw on a soft denim jacket over a white top and black skinny jeans. The tied knot at the hem of the top adds a touch of femininity. Silver, closed-toe flats are the (comfy) footwear of choice. A simple necklace that hits just below the clavicle and silver earrings (perhaps a pair of hoops) are the perfect accessories for this simple outfit!


↓11. Stripy Trousers and White Sneakers

If you love hanging out on the dance floor, then you will love this outfit! A cute pair of comfy sneakers makes this ensemble the go-to choice for girls that love to dance. Stripy trousers, a black, fitted jacket, and loose curls make this outfit both sassy and stylish!


↓10. College Party In Fall

Who doesn’t love a sweater-style dress and knee-high boots? This outfit lends well to the girl who loves to look a little mysterious. Long, lush curls and a smoky eye are the perfect complements to this gorgeous look. Add a cross-body purse (it doesn’t have to be brand name to do its job!) and rings on your fingers. Don’t miss out these 30 New Fashion Tips for College Girls.

↓9.Fitted Jacket and Cheetah Print Blouse

If you love a greyish taupe, check out this gorgeous fitted jacket. It’s worn over a cheetah-printed blouse with a fun neckline that features a tied knot. These (very) dark blue jeans are straight-legged and cut right at the top of the ankle. This look is for the girl that appreciates a savvy, almost professional look (the rips in the jeans and the cheetah print keep it from looking too business-y) but still wants to have fun! Let your hair down with this one and throw on a pair of big earrings to complete the look!

↓8. Fun, Tropical Dress and Flats

This bright little number can be worn with or without the tee shirt underneath, depending on how covered up you want to be. The blue and orange of this dress complement this lovely lady’s complexion quite nicely. The flat beige sandal is understated (and so perfect for dancing in!) To further jazz up this look, add some silver bangles to your wrists and some big hoop earrings to really pull everything together!


↓7. Fanny Pack and Top-Knot

Now, this is a look to reckon with. Tie up your hair in a sleek top-knot and throw on a cropped long-sleeved top (points if you can replicate the pale mint – how gorgeous is that shade?!) The leggings and fanny pack are optimal for understated style and comfort. (A fanny pack is so much easier to deal with than a pesky purse.) The strappy sandals feature some dainty diamante which echo the simple stud earrings.


↓6. Turtleneck and Overalls Dress

Want to look both chic and adorable? This is the look for you. A thick, white turtleneck is worn under a little denim overalls dress. Black sheer stockings and some super trendy Doc Martens pair well with the cross-body purse. You can keep your accessories minimal or you can throw on a few silver rings and some stud earrings!

↓ 5. What To Wear To A College Party In Winters

Teddy coats and fluffy fleece jackets have been a hot trend this last year. We have seen them paired with everything from high-waist jeans, short mini skirts, and body-hugging dresses. For this particular look, pair a cozy and stylish teddy coat (or fleece jacket!) with a set of sleek thigh-high boots and a high-waisted skirt for a gorgeous and trendy ensemble that is both fashionable and comfortable. A thin white tee or a bodysuit tank top will complete the look. And remember that your hair are as important as your outfits so here are 20 Best College Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Length Hair.

↓ 4. The Black Skirt and White Sneakers Look

For a fun and flirty ensemble, why not pair a black strapless top with a form-fitting black skirt and mix it up with a white pair of sneaks! Whether you go for Converse, Vans, or your favourite pair of kicks, your feet will thank you for this playful choice of footwear. Accessorize with a couple of clavicle necklaces and a bracelet or two, tie up your hair in a stylish top-knot, and you are good to go.


↓ 3. Leather Skirt and Statement Jacket

If you are out to make a statement, this is the look for you. Savagely stylish, this bombshell outfit will attract every eye in the room. While this particular ensemble is not difficult to recreate, feel free to have fun with it! It’s all about the personality. With feathered sleeves and a chambray-esque fabric, you will want to let the jacket do the talking on this one. Stay away from bold prints or patterns with your top and opt instead for a simple bandeau or a tank. Ankle boots with a sheen will catch the eye and complement your leather miniskirt. Sleek hair and hoop earrings will further tie the look together. With this iconic outfit, you are sure to be the hit of the party.

↓ 2. The Leather Jacket and Little Black Dress

What’s a party look without a token little black dress? It’s iconic, classic, and will never go out of style. So why not don one for your next night out on the town? To keep it fresh, pick a number with a standout feature. The one pictured below sports a cutout pattern on the bodice. Pair with a snazzy pair of black heels. (These feature a fuzzy piece across the toe strap – they’re unique and add flair.) A leather jacket slung around the shoulders provides an edgy finish to the outfit. Accessorize with a choker necklace and loose hair.


↓ 1. Glitzy Dress and Statement Earrings

If you were looking for a little bit more of a glamorous look, this is the one for you. A long-sleeved, high-necked dress that hits mid-thigh (and features an almost galactic pattern of glittering beauty) and a classic pair of gold pumps pair well with loose, voluminous hair and big, silver earrings. Accessorize with a ring and a dark lipstick.



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