30 Casual Outfit Ideas For Black Men with Styling Tips

Casual Outfit Ideas For Black Men – Black men are one of the most stylish, sophisticated, and sexy men out there. This is why maintaining their look, even when dressing casually, is extremely important to them.

Whether going for a casual lunch or a basketball match, they always need a perfect casual outfit. We have compiled a list of the dressing style for dark skin guys, of all ages and tastes. This will help African men or Americans choose the perfect style and attire for any casual event.

You can also get many more ideas from this collection, such as perfect shoes for black men and ideal hairstyles for black guys. Let’s dig into these looks individually, and you can make your perfect look using these ideas.

Casual Dressing Ideas for Dark complexion Guys

1. Winter Style

Emphasis on the jacket, which can be studded or made of dark leather. Keep the focus on the jacket by wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath. The color of the jeans should match the color of the jacket so that the casual outfit looks stylish.

An ideal outfit for African men. This outfit idea will beautify your dark color even more and will make you look the best one out there.

outfits for black men 1

2. Style with Baseball Hat

Nelly is one of the most well-dressed black males out there. Take a cue from him and wear a large basketball cap, with a white T-shirt and a glitzy watch.

outfits for black men 3

3. Casual Street Style Look

A bright red jacket, with a black shirt and pants will look super stylish. You can wear dark shades with this look, for added glamor in the outfit. This bold look is loved by everyone, especially young girls. As much as this look is eye-catching, it is also very attractive and sexy at the same time.

Just wear a black formal pant with a black formal shirt and add a striking red coat. Keep the top two buttons of the shirt open but at least one button of the coat should be closed. For shoes, you can wear jet black shiny ones from Prada. RECOMMENDED: 17 Popular Street Style Fashion Ideas

outfits for black men 4

4. Causal Business Wear

A casual outfit can be practical too, so you can wear a tie and leave the shirt button open. Keep it stylish with a well-stitched suit and round sunglasses. For added emphasis, choose brown loafers with a gray suit, as this color combination makes a great casual outfit for dark men.

If you are a suit lover then you can add a matching or contrasting waistcoat inside your suit. These kind of waistcoats are trending these days and everyone including celebrities are wearing it with different contrasts. Here are some cool Men Waistcoat Styles -18 Ways to Wear Waistcoat for Classy Look

outfits for black men 5

5. Spring Wear

What’s more casual than a beanie cap? Here, you can wear a denim shirt, jazzy pants, and a gray beanie cap to look super stylish yet totally casual. Do not forget the red belt! This outfit idea is for those guys who love to look casual yet, dressed whenever they go out.

This style is also perfect for lazy dudes out there who want to dress effortlessly. Wear baggy jeans with a different colored denim shirt and add a red belt for more emphasis and coolness. If you have a beanie available then wear that too.

outfits for black men 6

6. Go Simple and Show Your Genetics

Sometimes, the best casual outfits are the simplest one. Here, leave everything bare and just wear a blue hoodie. It looks super sporty on black men, and really sexy too. No doubt this look is very bold and not every guy is courageous enough to go outside all bare.

But if you think you are bold and courageous enough and proud of your body then wear a zipper or a hoodie and keep the zip or the buttons of it totally open and hit the curb.

outfits for black men 12

7. Swag Style

Another way to wear a hoodie is by going all white. All white casual outfits are great for playing sports, or simply hanging out with friends. Wear tons of accessories such as chains with this casual outfit.

If you want more swag from this outfit, wear a white vest inside the hood, and keep the top half part of the hood open. Another option available for you is to wear the cap of the hoodie for the classic swag. Check out 17 Justin Bieber Swag Outfits to Copy for Swag Look

outfits for black men 13

8. Trendy Bear Style

Brown looks great on black men, as it highlights their beauty. Wear brown for a casual outfit, that is fit for all events and functions. You can also wear this to parties or boys night out. Simply wear a chocolate brown colored leather jacket that has jersey collars and pairs it up with denim jeans. You can also add a beaded medium length necklace for funkier and more casual look.

outfits for black men 15

9. Layering

Layers look great for casual outfits, with a paisley tie and dark shirt. This will help the tie in popping out and highlights it. This outfit idea will make you look very dressed, organized and sophisticated. With this dress, you will be able to attend any kind of formal meetings or gatherings but note that this dress is not suitable for parties or casual gatherings. You can go for a matching cut if you want some extra spice.

outfits for black men 18

10. Funky Style

Keep it mysterious with this seductive casual outfit. Keep your eyes hidden and your body covered with this casual attire. The focus is on chains and black leather jacket. If you are not a very big fan of chains then you can go for bracelets instead.

These type of black leather jackets are easily available in the markets at a very reasonable cost. You can also go for dark brown or dark blue color of leather jackets if you are not interested in black leather jackets.

outfits for black men

11. Sporty Look

You can highlight your body with this great casual outfit, perfect for lazy Sundays and washing cars. Wear a stylish, fun cap with loose cotton trousers. Lose the shirt, but remember to wear your accessories such as chains and bracelets. RECOMMENDED: How to Style Adidas Superstar Men

outfits for black men7

12. Summer Style

Keep it classic with this perfect casual look. Here, a simple, elegant white T-shirt has been paired with classic Levis jeans. It looks stylish, natural and very easy.

outfits for black men8

13. How to Dress Casually for Work

All the nerdy black guys, this look is for you! Keep your nerdy glasses on, and highlight them by wearing a simple, plain denim shirt. The focus should be on your glasses, so keep it casual.

outfits for black men9

14. Decent Look.

If you are a kind of guy who loves to look decent but sexy, then this look is perfect for you. Wear your favorite hoodie and pair it up with a pair of denim jeans. The best color to choose from is dark blue, black, grey, dark purple.

outfits for black men10

15. Celebrity Look

Here’s Kanye West rocking the bomber jacket which is a must-have for Fall.

16. Celebrity Style Casual African Shirt

The African-American Basketball player Lamar Odom was seen in an orange-green African style shirt as casual wear for running errands and spending time with his family. He paired the shirt with black shorts and air jordans.

african casual outfits men

17. Casual Look for Boys Night Out

Here’s another outfit of Lamar as he heads out in a plaid button down shirt.

casual outfit ideas black men

 18. Khaki Pants with a Twist of Hip Hop

19.  Beach Outfit

Didier Drogba, the Ivorian football player, was seen hanging out on the beach for lunch with his family, wearing one of the safest and simplest casual outfit combinations. A white tee with black shorts and flip flops completed his minimalist casual look.

20. Smart Casual Wear

We all know that Snoop Dogg is not just a great rapper but also a great fashion icon so who wouldn’t want to take some style advice from him. He chose to go all simple and casual in a grey Adidas tracksuit with his signature geek glasses.

21. Go Traditional

Here’s the Nigerian Hip Hop star and style icon Wizkid wearing the traditional agbada with a modern twist.

22. Semi-casual Look

The blue color looks great on all African guys so take inspiration from Idris Elba and wear a blue polo short with printed slip-on shoes.

23. Date Wear

Check out comedian Trevor Noah’s casual date look:

24. Sunday Outfit

Peter Okoye from Nigerian band P-Square looks mind blowing in his traditional yet casual Sunday outfit.


25. Winter Street Style

There’s no doubt that African men can look good in anything which is why long coats are must-haves for Winters’

26. African Teenagers

Denim shorts are definitely a great option for young boys and teenagers. 

27. Smart Casual Wear for Men Over 50

For men over 50, all black outfits are a fail-safe option, is proven by the actor Denzel Washington.

Here’s another gentleman, Samuel Jackson, the great American actor and producer, rocking his 60s in smartly chosen casual wear.

28. For Summer

29. For Wedding Guests

30. Party Look for Guys


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