Cocktail Outfits for Men – 30 Tips Learnt from Celebrities

Cocktail Outfits for Men: Celebs can give you a complete style guide for latest trends, what’s in and what’s out. But One cannot follow the latest and hottest fashion all he time and neither can afford like our celebs. Now this is not difficult at all, as good things and old fashion keep coming back after some time. If you are invited to a cocktail party then dress code is mentioned. For a charming and dashing look,  these cocktail outfits for men, worn by celebrities, can be very helpful.

How Male Celebrities Dress Up in Cocktail Outfits

Cocktail attire for men is not that tricky, instead, you can add fun and be playful while choosing the outfit. As we said earlier, celebs can give you a complete how to get the look advice while choosing a dress. So here are some basic tips and tricks, what to wear while going for a to grace the red carpet or having a cocktail party.

Usually, men do not have many options when it comes to dressing up. Thus, it could be bit difficult to choose what to wear. So when is doubt, just keep these simple points in mind.


Few Basic Tips :

  • Color of the suit: Dark to mid-gray suit is good to go
  • What Shirt Should I Wear: Dress shirt in white or a muted color
  • Tie And Pocket Square: Necktie in subtle patterns or plains pocket square. if you are wearing a tie, the color of pocket square should complement color scheme in some way, in order to look “put together”
  • Which Shoes are better: Black dress shoes with leather sole
  • Socks: Over the Calf or long socks matching with the trousers or something else in your outfit
  • Shave and Hair Style: Of course make sure you have clean shave and you get a proper hair cut
  • Yes or No for Tuxedo: Do NOT wear your tuxedo, that would be overdressed.
  • Pocket Square Tips: The stitches that are currently appearing on your suit pocket are very easy to remove. Do not hold them for no reason. Do your personal style a favor and get rid of them but be careful. Then three pocket squares can do as much for one suit, as owning three different suits,money saved indeed. Add a dash of your favorite cologne on your pocket square will give an elegant touch to your attire.

#30- Informal Cocktail Party Outfits

Now it becomes but tricky when you have to attend an informal cocktail party, as the dress code becomes semi-formal. If you are given an invitation card then go for the formal wear, if invited on the phone, then semi-formal dressing is best suited. However, dressy coats and trousers are a safe side. With that, a printed dress shirt of a solid color tie could also work.



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#29- Which Belt Suits Best

When Choosing a belt go for basic shapes in good-quality materials for a look that looks classic, and incorporate belts in unexpected materials for a more contemporary look.



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