What to Wear on Holi ? 16 Best Outfit Ideas

Best Holi Outfit Ideas: Holi is the most colourful event of the year, which brings about joy and happiness of its own. The Hindu Spring Festival is a widely celebrated one, not just in India but around the World. It is known as the “Festival of colours” and the “Festival of Love”.

It marks the triumph of good over all evil. So, arrange a fun get-together with your friends and family to celebrate this occasion of love. There is no end to the types of dresses you can wear at Holi, Kurtis, Saari, jeans, tunic, shirts; there is just no limit to experimenting with looks today.

Since the occasion calls for a play of colors, the go-to colour for it is white. Men and women dress up in white, colouring themselves different shades of Spring. However, you can break the norms by choosing vibrant colours for the occasion, like pink, orange, and red. We are bringing you some fun outfit ideas that you can sport this March on the occasion of Holi.

These 16 combinations will give you an idea of the kind of makeup, hair, and accessories to go for. You can also check out how to dress up for the carnival festival for some cool ideas.

What To Wear on Holi?

For a fun occasion like this one, we would surely want to look our best. Here are some tips for you to create a trendy and stylish look:

  • The Holi Traditions involve spraying powder color over each other, for which typically a white Kurta is worn. However, you can go for a Western look as well.
  • If you plan on going to Western, you may wear a long white dress to get colored in.
  • However, for an Ethnic look, you can go the Punjabi way and wear a short Kurta over a shalwar – like a Lohri Dress.
  • If you wear white, add a pop of color by throwing in a vibrant dupatta.
  • Add in a Kohlapuri and some Jhumkay for an Ethnic Indian style.
  • If your fun Holi hangout is planned during the day, do not forget to apply sunscreen and wear your classy sunglasses.
  • While playing Holi, use organic colors that are not too harsh on the skin.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (7)

↓ 16. Off-White Saree

No matter the age, the favorite Indian attire to wear to a traditional festival is the Saree. Women of all ages can sport it. This particular one in an off-white shade gives you all the reasons to wear it on the day of Holi.

It has been paired with a beautiful and vibrant orange blouse with floral detailing over it. This combination of off-white and orange is needed for this Spring festival. You can style this traditional attire with a sleek hair bun adorning it with some fresh flowers.

Since most people opt for the pure white shade, this off-white saree can be a refreshing change. Check out some classy Saree Blouse Ideas for Silk Sarees to stand out among the crowd this Holi Festival.

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↓ 15. Lohri Dress

With Holi and Lohri just two months apart, why not reuse your Lohri dress this Holi? The Punjabi Folk festival is commonly celebrated in January during the Winter season. With Lohri being the festival of North India, many women opt for the traditional Punjabi style consisting of a Short Kurta with a Shalwar.

The Punjabi culture is quite rich and includes a variety of colors and embroideries. This yellow outfit with an intricately embroidered Dupatta is a great choice for a Colour Party. Holi occurs during March and is a Spring festival, all about smearing colors on each other. Get dressed for this vibrant occasion by replacing white with a bright Spring color like this one.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (10)

↓ 14. Western Outfit

If you are in the West and want to have your Colour moment, worry not, as we have something for you. The West seems to love Holi just as much as the East, and they have been hosting their versions.

The color festival is big in Brazil and some major USA states. If you plan on going to one, here is what you can wear. Please put on your old pair of denim jeans that you would not mind destroying, and wear it with a basic t-shirt.

Throw in a light denim wash jacket for a cool style, and get ready to be drenched in vibrant colors. This casual style will help you stay comfortable with zero worries about removing your clothes of color.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (11)

↓ 13. Formal Attire

Are we headed to a Daytime Holi Party? Ace the look with a formal outfit like this one. Following the theme of white, we recommend this Cape dress with some stunning detailing.

The breezy and light look of it makes it easy to sport while under the sun. Rock your favorite shades with an elegant outfit like this for the ultimate Spring look.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (13)

↓ 12. Modest Fashion

If you observe the Hijab and want to have fun at this Holi Festival, here is how to do it. This Turkish neck wrap style Hijab works well over this collared white shirt. The brown Hijab also adds subtle color detailing to a basic white outfit.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (12)

↓ 11. Tie-Dye Outfit

Get spring-ready with this super chic look. To keep it casual and comfortable while out with friends, you can go for a plain white shirt and pants. Additionally, for just the right amount of color, add a vibrant and colorful tie-dye cardigan like this one.

It looks like it was made specifically for this occasion. The casual slippers and the cross-body bag make so much difference here.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (10)

↓ 10. Holi Footwear Ideas

When putting together an outfit look, it is essential to pay extra attention to the footwear. Since the occasion is a festival, it is necessary to pick the kind of footwear that helps you stay comfortable all day long.

These quirky and vibrant Kohlapuris will surely complement the Indian attire, giving it a fun look. These cute slip-ons are available at My Sole Sisters for INR 2,500.

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↓ 9. Printed Tunic With Silver Accessories

Switch your white outfit with a spring-appropriate outfit. This printed tunic in subtle tones seems like a great pick for a daytime look. To glam up for the occasion, you can throw in some chunky jewels. The Indian Culture is big on Silver accessories, which look lovely with this tunic.

You can add a funky necklace, a bracelet, and some danglers. If you will be under the sun for too long, do not forget to carry some cool eyewear along.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (11)

Fun Facts About Holi

  • The festival of colors is celebrated according to the Nepali calendar on the full moon of the 11th Month.
  • There is no limit on the fun as this festival is known to be one of the least religious festivals.
  • While the festival is celebrated to mark Indian folklore, it is also celebrated to welcome Spring.
  • The festival is celebrated for 16 days in a particular region in India.
  • The festival is not just known for the use of color but also for the number of delicacies that are cooked up to celebrate the occasion with traditional sweets.
  • The festival is kicked off with a bonfire the night before the actual celebration.
  • The festival is also celebrated by Non-Hindus on a cultural basis for the fun of it.
  • The festival is not just celebrated with dry color powder but also water. The water, mixed with the colors, is sprayed onto individuals with water pistols and guns.

↓ 8. Indo-Western Fusion

Who knew creating an outfit out of some wardrobe staples was this easy? If you have something very intimate and casual planned for Holi this year, here is an easy look you could sport. You only need a casual white top, a pair of worn-out Jeans, and a cute Dupatta.

The color powder is usually difficult to remove and leaves pretty ugly stains. Save yourself the extra burden by going for something old yet classic. The Dupatta adds an Indo-Western fusion, making it look super funky. For accessories, the long statement necklace adds some bling to the basic outfit. Check these ways to reuse an old dupatta in some super stylish ways.

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↓ 7. Ethnic Attire For Indian Festival

Stay loyal to your roots by choosing a beautiful ethnic outfit that looks great for the occasion. This pastel green embroidered Kurta has been worn over a white palazzo. The printed sleeveless cardigan perfectly complements the overall traditional look.

This is a great alternative to the basic white look and will help you look modern and elegant. The funky earrings add some spark to the light-colored outfit.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (8)

↓ 6. Indian Chunari

Being the Festival of Love, you will catch up with your family and friends. Here is how to make the most of this occasion. Twin with your favorite girls by going for traditional white outfits.

Throw in some matching Chunari Dupattas in different colors to up the style game. Look at this collection of Indian Ethnic Wear Sarees In Modern Day fashion.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (5)

↓ 5. Accessories To Wear at Colour Festival

While many women focus more on their outfits for the occasion, here are some nitty-gritty details to look at while planning your Holi look. Whether going for an Eastern or a Western attire, add accessories that can uplift your entire look.

These quirky dangling earrings can surely look great on a plain white dress. You may use the traditional Indian Jhumkay as a substitute for these more Modern ones, as they will look great with the traditional Indian attire. Since the Holi Colour Powder usually conceals your entire outfit, adding some accessories can surely stand out on their own.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (4)

↓ 4. Traditional Clothing

A white kameez and a churidar are classic Indian wear for various occasions. You can go to a fancy ensemble for a wedding or a casual one for everyday wear. With white being the most commonly worn color on Holi, we would recommend replicating this look.

However, the white outfit looks too casual and surely needs something to look all excited. For this, you need an embroidered traditional dupatta that can help give it a beautiful look. This blue Dupatta with multicolored thread embroidery and mirror detailing looks breathtaking. We want to add how well the silver footwear looks for the occasion, adding both style and comfort together.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (3)

↓ 3. Celebrity Holi Style

Like most of us, Deepika Padukone seems a great fan of the Indian festival. She has been seen celebrating the occasion in two movies – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Ram Leela. In both of her films, she was spotted in two very different attires.

A western look for the former and a traditional Gujarati Ghagra Choli in her latter venture. Here is the beautiful actress getting smeared, wearing a traditional Chikankari shirt. This Celebrity-inspired look can help you dress light and casual for this fun occasion. Don’t miss out on these Indian Celebrities in Palazzo Pants & 19 Ways to Wear Palazzo Like Them.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (9)

↓ 2. White Kurta Shalwar

Self-printed and embroidered Kurtas in the same color as the base fabric look trendy and unique. This sleeveless ethnic shirt has been paired with a shalwar, giving it a beautiful flare.

The bicolored Dupatta in blue and purple with pompom detailing looks refreshing and will surely make you look stand out this Holi. This outfit has also been paired with the traditional Kohlapuris for a casual and comfortable appearance.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (10)

↓ 1. Spring Look For Holi Festival

If you are planning on dancing the day away this Holi, here is an outfit idea that will not only help you stay in style but will also keep you feeling comfortable. Another traditional Indian attire for this season is the Ghagra Choli, typically resembling a skirt and blouse.

This floral print outfit in the cotton fabric is light yet a great option for a daytime gathering. The funky tassels add some gorgeous and colorful detailing to the skirt, giving us some Spring vibes. Wear some Kohlapuris or Punjabi Juttis with it to ace your traditional South Asian look.

 If you do not have time to scan the crowded markets for the right outfit and are looking for a Holi Dress Online, here is how you can steal this look. You can shop for this casual floral print outfit at Gulaal Creations.

Make The Most of Holi With These Stunning Outfit Ideas (11)


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