How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – If you love trying new trends first, you are at the right place. Because I have brought to you the latest fashion trend, which isn’t much popular right now but going to make waves, if you nail this outfit perfectly, you will be making a fashion statement.

Side slit shirts are pretty easy to style. You can pair them with a basic or fancy boots since they are new in trends, so you have the liability to try them with many combinations until you find the one that feels right. In this article, I have listed 15 different outfit ideas to style side slit shirts for your inspiration.

Keep reading to find out which one is the best for you!

Outfits With Side Slit Shirts

Side slit shirts are the upgraded version of tee-shirts and button-down shirt outfits, so they are effortless to style. First, you need to choose which type of shirt you want to style. Your options are button-down shirts, long tee shirts, shirt dresses, or oversized shirts. Now, the length and the color of your shirt. All these choices matter while styling a side-slit shirt outfit.

If you are going to an office, wear a mid-length shirt and pair it with wide-leg flared pants. Suppose you need to attend a formal event, then take a knee-length side slit shirt and wear it as a dress. You can also buckle the shirt from the waist. For the airport look, you can wear an oversized short shirt with cargo pants for a comfortable experience.

You can also style sweatshirts, sweaters, blazers, and coats with the side-slit shirt. A biker jacket will look excellent for a street-style look with this shirt.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas


Side slit shirt outfits usually fall in the casual dress-up category, but you can make them wearable for different events depending on how you style them. Here are a few tips to keep your styling game up:

  • Always prefer neutral or solid colors for these staple shirts and pair them with light colored bottoms. It will make your shirt more prominent.
  • Black and white are must-have colors. You can create many different outfits with the help of just these two shirts.
  • For winter, try to style oversized shirts with sweaters. It will make a lovely aesthetic outfit.
  • In summers, you can style long side slit shirts as dresses or pair them with shorts or wide-leg trousers.
  • Wear chunky sandals for formal events and flip-flops for casual outfits.
  • You can pair this shirt with low-rise jeans to create a bold look.

15 – White Side Slit Shirt With Tie And Dye Shorts

You can wear a white half sleeve shirt with shorts and mini skirts. Pair it with white and black tie and dye shorts. Also, fold the sleeves for a street-style touch.

Wear lace block heels as footwear and add a black hat as an accessory. You can also wear a bandana or a headband instead of a hat. If you want to make it more stylish, pair fishnet stockings with the shorts. Lastly, do a soft makeup look to compliment this outfit.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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14 – White Side Knotted Crop Top With Blue Denim Jeans

Pair side knotted white crop top with blue denim jeans to create a casual look. You can wear wide-leg pants, trousers, or flared pants as well. Wear this shirt with low-rise jeans and chunky sandals- it will look fantastic. You can add a cropped jacket or cover-up to complement the ensemble.

Try a soft makeup look with pink lips. Wear a black chocker and do a side braid to complete the look, and that’s it!

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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13 – White Oversized Button-Down Shirt With Black Leggings

You can wear an oversized white shirt with black leggings for a night out or a shopping day. You can tuck the front of the shirt inside your pants to give it a more casual look. Moreover, you can also pair this outfit with a blazer for a more elegant look. However, choose a bright shade for the blazer to be prominent.

Wear chunky buckle boots and carry a black handbag. To complete this look, go with a nude makeup look. You can also add the belt around the waist for a stylish touch.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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12 – White And Black Striped Shirt With Black Cropped Shorts

Pair a white and striped shirt with leggings or shorts. If you have knee-length ribbed hem shorts, then that will look phenomenal. The collar shirt compliments the tight pants exceptionally well. It will make you look taller, so definitely worth a try if you are short heighted. Also, you can fold your sleeves up to give your outfit a casual look.

Keep your hair straight, add silver jewelry, and clean makeup with bold lipstick, and that’s it!

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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11 – Slit Blue Button-Down Shirt With Matching Slit Skirt

You can pair a light shade like blue, pink, mint, and lilac with a long white side-cut skirt for a refreshing look. Button-down shirts are usually an excellent option for formal looks. But you can wear it to a semi-formal event as well with proper styling. For example, you can tuck the front of your shirt inside.

Choose a light-shade skirt if you want to keep the look subtle. Otherwise, you can wear a dark color if you want to look confident. You can pair this outfit with strappy sandals. For the accessory, choose hoops or visible earrings and a pendant.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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10 – White Collar Shirt And Black Sleeveless Sweater With Fishnet Stockings

You can wear a white side slit button-down shirt with a black sweater for an aesthetic touch. Pair it with shorts or fishnet stockings if you are feeling bold enough. You can add a black shoulder bag. Also, don’t forget to wear your favorite chunky boots to complete the look.


09 – Pink Long Side Slit Shirt Dress With High Heel Boots

You can wear a long side slit button-down shirt for a formal look as a dress. Choose bright colors so your outfit will look prominent. Add a brown belt around your waist. You can wear black high heel boots as footwear. For accessories, wear golden jewelry and add a shoulder bag to complete your look.

You can also wear a hat to give your outfit a more elegant look.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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08 – White Midi Length Shirt With Black Cargo Pants And White Loafers

Wear a white shirt with cuffed sleeves and cargo pants for an airport or casual look. You can choose any darker shade of pants, like black, brown, or dark green. But if you choose a dark shade shirt, then prefer the light pants. Add white loafers for a sleek look.

Also, carry a tote bag to keep all your essentials. Lastly, add sunglasses for the daytime.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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07 – White Side Slit Tie Shirt With Black High Waist Pants

Here’s another style that looks super subtle. The side-tie slit shirt is perfect for college girls. You can pair black trousers or high-rise pants with this shirt. To make the outfit look more stylish, you can throw a sweatshirt around your shoulders and tie the sleeves in front.

Keep your hair in a sleek bun and go with a no-makeup look. You can quickly wear sneakers with this outfit.


06 – Pink Button-Down Shirt And Black Leather Pants With Waist Belt

Another formal look option is a front pocket side slit button-down shirt with bishop sleeves. You can pair this shirt with black leather jeans for a voguish look. Add statement jewelry pieces with cat shape sunglasses.

Carry a white sling bag, and for the footwear, wear mid-calf boots to complete the overall look.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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05 – Beige Half Sleeves Collar Shirt With Beige Wide Leg Pants

If you want to create a modest look, then this is the right option for you. Wear a half sleeves beige shirt, pair it with beige wide-leg pants. To make your outfit look more stylish, tuck the half side of your shirt into the pants. For footwear, choose chunky sandals.

You can recreate this look in many neutral and pastel shades. Add hoops as an accessory and a pendant if you like, or you can skip it as well. I would suggest wearing a dark shade of lipstick with this outfit.


04 – White Long Side Cut Shirt With Khakhi Straight Pants

You can wear a long white kurta with slits on both sides for a model-off-duty look. Pair it with khaki trousers. Compliment this look with fishnet stockings and white sneakers. Give the final touches by adding staple sunglasses. You can also tie a belt to give your waist a visible look.


03 – Olive Green Button-Down Shirt With Beige Side Cut Pants

Pair an olive green button-down shirt with beige side-cut pants for a refreshing look. You can also wear the shirt with straight-leg jeans. Tuck one side of your shirt inside for a fashionable look. You can wear a large hat and yellow shades for Instagram pictures. Also, wear transparent heels as your footwear.

Accessorize your outfit with round earrings and go with a glam makeup look. You can also pair dark-shade pants with this shirt if you want to create a voguish look. Moreover, you can add a beige blazer to complete the look.

How To Wear Side Slit Shirts – 15 Outfit Ideas
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02 – Green Oversized Shirt With White Body Hugging Jeans

Oversized shirts can never go out of trend. It is comfortable as well as trendy at the same time. Wear a green oversized button-down side slit shirt with white jeans. Wear small earrings and chunky buckle strap sandals to complete your look.

You can also recreate this outfit with low-rise trousers for a bold look. You can recreate this outfit by wearing a different colored shirt with the same pants.


01 – White Bishop Sleeve Shirt With Black Denim Jeans And Brown Sweater

Wear your white bishop sleeve shirt with a brown sleeveless sweater to look stylish. You can wear denim jeans or leather pants for bottoms. Pair this outfit with black boots and you also can use a black sling bag for aesthetic purposes.

Another way to style this outfit is by wearing a black shirt. Add minimal jewelry to complete your look elegantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you wear a side slit shirt?

Ans: You style a side slit shirt in different styles according to the type of event you are attending. Here are a few options which you can try:

  • Maxi Skirt
  • Denim Jeans
  • Straight Pants
  • Side Cut Pants
  • Leggings
  • Palazzo
  • Cargo Pants

Q: Why do people half tuck their shirts?

Ans: Side slit shirts are more manageable to tuck inside than button-down shirts. When tucking in your shirt, the front or half tuck is perhaps the most common and straightforward option. The main reason for doing so is to create a waist visibly. Tucking your shirt in the front draws attention up to your waist..

Q: How do I make my shirt look classy?

Ans: If you are tired of wearing the same old style of shirts, try something new and different. You probably have seen center-slit shirts a lot. But have you tried side-slit shirts? These are recent trends, and you can style these shirts in many different ways. You can purchase them or make your side slit shirt at home.

Q: Where to purchase side slit shirts?

Ans: Many brands have a variety of side slit shirts for you to purchase, such as:

  • Amazon – You can find slit shirts at reasonable prices.
  • Walmart – Check out the store to find out the variety.
  • Etsy – Our top pick for the quality vise.

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