10 Best Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls with Styling Tips

Everybody loves a good carnival. With the bright colors, fantastic glittering outfits, music, and dazzling lights, who wouldn’t?

But what would you wear when attending such an event that is all about artistic expression?

If you don’t have anything on your mind already, let’s help you find the perfect outfit that fits your personal style!

Guide to Choose Carnival Outfits

Carnivals are about celebrating pure joy, so make sure whatever you pick expresses you in the best way.

While there isn’t a particular dress code for most carnivals, it’s best to wear colorful clothing and vibrant accessories to complement the occasion’s vibes, so go “Big and Bright.”

However, make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear. Don’t wear anything that might be restrictive for you when moving along in a crowded place.

You can play around with different fabrics, such as:

  • For a bold statement, go for metallic, sequins, neon, or feathers.
  • Pick jersey, cotton, linen, or cashmere for something comfortable.
  • For a DIY costume, you can use brocade, faux leather, and neoprene to structure it.

For patterns, go for polka dots, stripes, paisley, florals, or even mismatched prints to add a fun element.

What to Wear to a Carnival?

Following are some ever-green and trending carnival outfits based on individual style preferences:

Summer Carnivals

These are large-scale carnivals with a big crowd, hot or warm weather, and several rides. So, outfits with maximum movement space, light fabric, and comfort are practical choices as listed below:

↓ 10. Classic Denim Shorts-and-tee Combo

Nothing beats a classic denim shorts-and-tee combo look that is evergreen. It suits any body type and is great for warm weather.

Not only this, but it’s also easy to style. All you need to do is find a pair of cut-off denim shorts you love and pair it up with your favorite graphic tee.

For accessories, you can wear a rhinestone belt and chunky hoop earrings. Wear glasses to add style, as they can never go wrong with denim!

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: kristinendalton

↓ 9. Summer Dresses with Small Prints

Before you pick your outfit, make sure it’s weather-friendly. In summer, you wouldn’t want to wear fabrics like heavy wool, leather, corduroy, pure polyester, or velvet dresses.

You can wear a mini dress with floral prints, splash patterns, or polka dots and accessorize with small earrings or other minimal jewelry.

Pro tip: Wear skin-colored shorts underneath your dress to prevent mishaps! Street fairs, boardwalks, and carnivals sometimes get quite windy.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: caryslouisebrandon

↓ 8. Skirt and Blouse with Patterns

A skirt and blouse are the best choices for a date night outfit at the carnival.

You can wear a flowy maxi skirt with a fitted blouse, a ruffle mini skirt with a long blouse like a kimono top, a turtleneck, a high-waisted A-line skirt with a tucked-in button-down blouse, or a fitted crop top and a light jacket on.

Depending on your blouse and skirt pairing, you can wear statement necklaces, colorful bracelets, bangles, flower crowns, headbands, hair clips with feathers, statement glasses, and bags.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: ireneisgood

↓ 7. A Bright-Colored Romper

A romper is a great outfit when you know you will be hitting every carnival ride. It’s an appealing and practical outfit, as it won’t fly up when sailing down a big drop on a roller-coaster!

Accessorize with a contrasting-colored belt, oversized sunglasses, and flats.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

↓ 6. Floral Jumpsuit for Day Time

A Light colored jumpsuit is a fantastic daytime outfit option for a carnival.

Funky yet light colors like yellow, blue, and pink are always refreshing colors to wear during the day. Moreover, a monochrome look will also set you apart from the crowd.

Here’s an inspiration from a famous fashion influencer, Chiara Ferragni.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: chiaraferragni

Street Carnivals

↓ 5. Patterned Blouse with Wide-Legged Trousers

Pair a vertical striped blouse with wide-legged trousers, it looks amazing on all body types.

You can go for other patterns like chevrons or vertically placed paisley motifs. However, look for smaller prints or widely paced motifs for your tops.

Style your look with wedges, pump heels, strappy sandals, or kitten heels. For accessories, wear a matching cross-body purse and long earrings.

Pro Tip: For a curvy body, wear a dark-coloured top paired with a brighter trouser to define your curves.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Music Carnivals

↓ 4. Boho Inspired Top with Flare Pant

If you want an artistic and creative look, a bohemian outfit with a hippie spin is just right. You can borrow elements from different cultures to express your style.

Show off your favorite boho aesthetic either with a long, flowy skirt, top, and tasseled vest, or you can also go with a top and flared pants.

The secret to this outfit is in the accessories. Long layered necklaces, a belt, and a headpiece make this look unforgettable.

Have a look at these 12 Chic Style Bohemian Outfits Combinations!

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: serenanahaha

↓ 3. Denim on Denim

If you want a simple yet chic look, try this one the next time you visit the local fair or carnival.

Pair your favorite skinny jeans, with a light-wash denim jacket. You can also wear a thermal shirt or a tee.

Ditch everyday jewelry, and wear tassel earrings, sunglasses, and cushy mules. Add a clutch or other small crossbody bag, and you’ll be ready.

For a rebel look, pair your denim jacket with ripped denim jeans if you’re going to a music carnival!

Here are some fabulous Country Concert Outfits For Women.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: hayleyalaines

Themed Carnivals

↓ 2. Contrasting Color Dress

The spring season brings many racing carnivals around the world, and the one thing common amongst all these horse racing carnivals is the impeccable fashion of the women.

You can pair contrasting colors like black-and-white dresses or monochrome dresses. Moreover, you can choose outfits with pockets or patterns to add intricate details.

For accessories, choose fascinators with feathers, flowers, or similar embellishments. You can also wear Wide-brimmed hats or net headbands.

Here’s one such gorgeous look from the Melbourne horse-racing carnival for inspiration:

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: Nicole

↓ 1. Flowy Maxis for Cruise

For the festive atmosphere of Carnival Cruise, you can wear jumpsuits, flowy skirts and tops, capri pants with sleeveless blouses, and cocktail dresses.

However, the most suitable outfit for the cruise is a flowy maxi with floral prints or a monochrome maxi.

Pro tip: Avoid fitted dresses. Keep the word ‘flowy’ in mind as they are ideal in the windy atmosphere of the cruise.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: camilacoelho

Famous Cultural Carnivals and Outfits to Wear

While above are some outfits you can pick for any local carnival, the following are some specific outfits for world-famous carnivals!

1. Rio de Janeiro Carnival (Brazil)

While this carnival is often associated with extravagant and bright outfits, as a spectator, you can pick something more comfortable (make sure you still wear something bright and colorful).

Because of Rio’s hot weather, pick a light fabric like cotton or linen. However, you can experiment with colors and styles.

Perfect outfits include flowy sundresses, tops, skirts, and sleeveless tops with flare pants with bright colors and patterns

You can adorn these outfits with feathers, furs, sequin fabric, and beads and add accessories like headbands or bandanas.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: daniellebernstein

2. Mardi Gras (New Orleans, USA)

There is no particular outfit required for New Orleans Carnival; you can literally wear anything as long as it’s colorful and crazy.

The most common colors for this carnival are purple, green, and gold, each color representing something.

For accessories, add feathers, sequins, masks, rhinestones, and glittery stuff to elevate your outfit and style.

Below is a perfect outfit for this occasion!

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: Instagram

3. Notting Hill Carnival (London, UK)

If you’re attending this carnival, then make sure to add the elements of Caribbean culture with some high-spirited twist!

You can pick skirts, blouses, denim-on-denim style outfits, flowy sundresses with topical prints or colors of your favorite Caribbean Islands, or bright co-ords.

Style these outfits with colorful sunglasses, bandanas, hair beads, cornrows, and feather headbands.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: dressforum

4. Venice Carnival (Italy)

If you plan to visit Italy at the end of January, don’t miss the Venice Carnival, which usually lasts 10 days.

A masquerade-style outfit with a mask, feathered one-piece, heels, and dark colors like black and maroon are great choices for this carnival.

To elevate your look further, you can wear sheer tights and gloves. You can also wear this outfit for a masquerade ball-themed carnival!

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Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: chrisellelim

5. The Fastnacht or Karneval in Köln (Germany)

As a spectator, you can wear any colorful T-shirt with patchwork-like patterns or fun striped patterns. You can also wear a dirndl-inspired skirt with a floral top.

For costumes, you can wear animal-inspired outfits or a group costume if you are attending a carnival with your friends.

For accessories, go for animal ears or funny hats with vibrant colors. Other Halloween costumes are a great way to dress as well.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: cadirndlhaus

Make-Up Tips for Carnivals

Bright make-up is okay for carnivals; however, if it’s too bright, your makeup will outweigh your outfit and have an overwhelming effect.

To avoid this mishap, stick to pleasant tones such as pinks and blues, or why not natural ones such as bronzes or browns?

A touch of glitter is appropriate, but do not overdo it!

However, there are certain exceptions: if you’re going to a themed or cultural carnival, you can do your makeup as required.

Have a look at these Easy and Stylish Eye Makeup Tutorials.

Carnival Outfits Ideas for Girls

Image Source: iredefh

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