20 Ways to Wear a Blazer for Plus Size Girls – Blazer Outfit Ideas

Blazer Outfits for Curvy Girls: Whether you love to play dress-up or like downplaying your outfits, in both cases, Blazers are the savior. That one thing in your wardrobe which can notch up your outfit and give it a very trendy look is none other than a tailored jacket. Some people think blazers or jackets are good for winter and fall season only, but even in the summer season, tropical prints could work wonders. The latest fashion trend, the lace blazers, is the new item which is gaining popularity. They add some more bulk to your body but it does not mean curvy or plus size women can’t wear them.

Wearing a blazer gives oomph to your whole personality. Just pick the right fabric and style, and follow our fashion advice to get the blazing look with blazers. To outshine the attire with basic garments is possible with them. Whether it is a formal or casual occasion, blazers look absolutely gorgeous. Keep trying new colors with blazers to come up with some pretty and unique combinations.

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How to Wear Blazer for Plus Size Women

Want to rock the blazer look this year? Do not worry! Because blazers look stunning on curvy women, making them perfect to wear all year round. Here are some tips on how to wear the blazers:

  • Stock on some basic solid color blazers in your wardrobe. Who knows when a white blazer or pink blazer could be needed. Having more than one solid color blazers is a great idea as they can be worn in multiple ways.
  • Plain solid color Blazer looks amazing with a printed camisole or tank top for a simple and adorable attire.
  • Solid blazers can be worn with printed dresses.
  •  In the winter season, do not layer up under your jacket, as it can add more volume to your body, making you look bulky.
  • Avoid wearing very thick fabric as it gives more bulk to the body. Thin fabric is ideal for curvy or plus size women.
  • Women with “Pear Shape” body type should wear a blazer with padded shoulders.
  • Printed jackets are ideal for women with “Apple Shape” body type and having a short length, slightly below waist, looks perfect.
  • Blazers and jackets look pretty good with slimline bottoms, like pencil skirts, maxi dresses, and denim (regular or distressed).
  • Always check before buying a blazer that it’s comfortable. Your curves must be enhanced, arms should not look jammed, making you look like an Iron lady stuck in an Iron costume.
  •  Showing up some skin is sexy and adorable as well. Cuff up your sleeves a bit and flaunt some style.

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Blazer Outfits for Curvy Women (3)

↓ 20. Tropical Outfit for Summers

This floral blazer is proof of how vibrant Summer must be. Cave out of the Winter blues and add some color to your life. There’s nothing a colorful outfit can’t fix. The best way to show your curves on a summer lunch is to wear a floral print tropical blazer with a black cami, white button-down shirt and black pants. The outfit is casual, comfortable yet exciting! The white sleeves folded on to the blazer give it a unique look. Add some bling to this look with a long chain necklace or a crossbody bag.

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↓ 19. Neon Color Blocking Dress Idea

While pastels are subtle and nice, sometimes all one wants is to stand out with a pop of color. What better than to rely on neons for that? Neons are not only bright but fashionable as well. There are so many ways to do them. You can add a pair of neon heels to a monochrome outfit to instantly enhance the look. Or, you can go for a pencil skirt and blazer combination like this one. Blue and hot pink is one great way to do color blocking in a full neon color outfit.

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↓ 18. Breezy and Cute Spring Outfit

Here is another vibrant and ultra cute look. Floral prints are the kind of prints we could wear for a lifetime. They never go out of fashion, are timeless and look great with absolutely everything. With so many ways to wear them, give it a fun twist by wearing it as a blazer. You can wear it over a dress or simply over jeans and a shirt. Style this outfit to work or while running errands and get many heads turning in the process. Keep it minimalistic with a pair of summer sandals or some cute pumps and you are good to go.

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↓ 17. Formal Maxi Dress with A Hint of Pink

Black is a classic color found in every wardrobe. There can’t be a collection without the color black in it. Plus size women prefer wearing it to conceal their curves. It is known to create an illusion, helping people appear slimmer. If you have one lying around somewhere, now’s the time to flaunt it out. The blazer took this outfit up a notch, giving it a formal look. Nude pink is quite famous among working women as it is a delicate and subtle color that can be used with a number of outfits. Going for a formal meeting or attending a theater, this outfit won’t fail you. The shades add in a perfect daytime vibe to it, while the accessories help make it look trendy.

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↓ 16. Casual Yet Simple Outfit

Here is a super casual look featuring a simple blazer in thin fabric. As mentioned earlier, the best kind of fabric for a plus size woman is light-weight. You could wear silk or cotton to keep from looking bulky. This beautiful and fresh look can be great to wear to Birthdays and Baby Showers. You could also wear the outfit to a casual Sunday Brunch. The lace-up heels and the clutch bag look super decent. The pink statement necklace, on the other hand, looks super hot and is adding a fun element to this outfit.

Stylish ways for curvy and plus size women to wear Blazer (18)


↓ 15. Cheeky College Girl Dress Combo for Summers

We cannot imagine the trouble of finding a good Summer outfit. If you do not have the energy to hit the stores, here is something you could create with the basics in your wardrobe. Put your denim jeans and white camisole to use by styling them with a pink blazer. Add in some trendy eyewear and sandals for the perfect summer vibe. You could also add in a long necklace and a little handbag for a chic style.

Stylish ways for curvy and plus size women to wear Blazer (19)


↓ 14. Modern Stylish Outfit with Nude Pink

Trying new things is always amazing. This stylish and trendy blazer is something very chic and elegant. It’s something that caught our eye and had to be included in this list. The slit across the arms is definitely unique. You could wear it to a formal occasion looking your absolute best in it. The slit conceals the arms yet helping you indulge in some skin show.

Stylish ways for curvy and plus size women to wear Blazer (20)


↓ 13. Chic White and Gray Combo

Going for a girls day hangout? Or, have a business meeting to attend? Keep your style statement simple and look elegant with an outfit like this. Adding some spell with statement jewelry can ablaze your look. The white and grey combo has an unending romance. Try it and let us know how you find this combination.

Blazer Outfits for Curvy Women (4)


↓ 12. Formal Black Blazer Over Black Dress

Black has infinite diversity and hundreds of ways to style yourself. If you are a woman who is sober and wants to reflect this from your attire as well, a printed black blazer with a black bodycon suit and subtle makeup is all you need.

Stylish ways for curvy and plus size women to wear Blazer (14)


↓ 11. Fashionista Look with Animal Print

Animal prints are not easy to carry and not everyone can look good in them. You must realize which print compliments your body type. Like in the image below, medium size cheetah spots with a plum pant and the black tank look perfect. Abstain from wearing heavy prints as they could make your body frame appear larger. Oh and don’t forget to apply a pink lipstick to instantly brighten up the face.

Stylish ways for curvy and plus size women to wear Blazer (15)


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↓ 10. Stylish Lace Blazer

The lace blazer is the new chic thing in the market and is best for summer outings. Whether you are going to the office or attending an annual dinner, lace blazers give your attire a chic and contemporary look. Be easy and choose accessories wisely! We love the statement necklace as it is enhancing the outfit’s beauty without stealing much from it.

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↓ 9. Energetic and Vibrant Yellow Outfit

It is not mandatory to follow every fashion trend. If one is not comfortable in long blazers then they should stick to short ones, or if the shorter ones do not suit you then pick the right length as per your body type.

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↓ 8. Sexy Black and White Outfit

White and black is a deadly and sexy combination. Wearing some gold jewelry and bold makeup is the way to go for a date night. As mentioned earlier, black can help make your frame appear slimmer. This print sure does great at concealing the curves! Don’t forget to add this to your wardrobe.

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↓ 7. Decent Date Night Outfit for Curvy Girls

Most flattering dresses for curvy women are ones which enhance your curves. Being bulky or plus size is something else but having good curves make you stand out. Choose your date night outfit carefully while being playful. This color combination of blue, white and red is a killer one. It sure would look great! The only suggestion we’d give is to give the horizontal stripes a miss. The horizontal pattern could make you look broader than usual. Instead, opt for a basic skirt to give yourself a hot look. Add in some simplistic gold accessories to brighten up the outfit. We love the danglers and the chunky bracelet, perfect for any date look.

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↓ 6. Evening Outfit for Working Women

Here is another animal print outfit. This simplistic attire is great for when you want to downplay the look.

Stylish ways for curvy and plus size women to wear Blazer (8)


↓ 5. Elegant White and Rosy Pink Stylish Dress

This cross between a blazer and jacket is a must-have piece for winters. It can help keep you warm, giving you an elegant style. The white two-piece is a great outfit to wear it with. The pastel pink adds in a subtle tone. However, if you wish, you can add in a bold or dark color as well.Stylish ways for curvy and plus size women to wear Blazer (9)


↓ 4. Summer Outfit for Plus Size Women

You can never go wrong with some navy blue. We love this combination of white and blue featuring a floral print. The loose fit of the blazer can help conceal your curves. If you don’t mind flaunting them, we suggest going for a tailored fit. The rolled up sleeves are surely giving a great, comfy look to it.

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↓ 3. Pretty in Pink

Pastels work wonders all year round. You can wear them in Spring, as well as, Winters and they look equally great. If you are looking for a formal or smart casual attire, you’re at the right place. This pastel pink blazer can be styled in a number of ways. Here is our favorite look featuring it. For the ultimate street style, we suggest wearing a turtle neck white sweater underneath it. For some added cool vibes, consider wearing some cat-eye shades. The cherry on top seems to be the blue danglers that add in a statement style to this gorgeous look.

Blazer Outfits for Curvy Women (6)


↓ 2. Sexy Outfit for Parties

Curvy women tend to stay away from crop tops. However, we believe that accepting your body and flaunting is what will make you look and feel beautiful. Do not shy away from some skin-show if you do not mind it. Wear a cutesy, plain top and pair it with a burgundy suit for a super hot and chic look. This outfit works well for both day and night time. For this color combination, we would recommend adding in some gold accessories. With hoops doing the rounds, you could add those for a funky feel. Keep the makeup nude and simple and you have yourself the look of the year.

Blazer Outfits for Curvy Women (5)


↓ 1. Hot and Formal

Here is a color combination that almost never disappoints. This two-piece is a super hot combination that you could wear to formal parties. If styled with a dress shirt, it could also make for a great business look. Paired with a black crop top, this is one great outfit to give you a youthful and sexy look. For the accessories, we would suggest keeping it minimalistic, allowing the outfit to shine.

Blazer Outfits for Curvy Women (1)


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