20 Popular Saree Gown Designs to Try this Year

Saree gown designs – Saree, a 6-yard wonder, is meant to bestow you with an ever-green classic look. From nivi drape to front pallu, sarees are all about versatility. No matter what the occasion, if you sought this 6-yard drape then you are sure to bag all the compliments.

The saree reflects our cultural and traditional heritage. It is such a majestic attire whose elegance is un-hurt by any opinion. Now it is diversified into different dresses. The most common style among young girls is the saree gown.

A saree gown is a type of dress that assists you in enjoying the luxury of wearing a saree while still giving you room to strut the stage with elegance.

The saree has always been the go-to dress for many celebrities. The saree look of Indian celebrities always makes rounds on the internet, but a saree gown is the best.

How to Style Saree Gowns?

Saree fashion is versatile and conveniently ensembles with other outfits like a jacket, a lehenga gown, or cigarette pants and there is a gazillion of looks in this list too. However, the thing that matters the most is the carriage of the dress.

You can spend the whole night sitting in it or put the dance floor on fire. The choice is yours. Otherwise, if the drape is not styled correctly then it might lose its glamour and you may not look as good as you expected yourself to be. So, to avoid such faux pau we have discussed some simple tips and tricks that are sure to assist you in this fashion trend.

Tips and Tricks on Wearing A Saree Gown

  • Heels: This tip is quite significant for this outfit. For the perfect length of the dress always wear your heel.
saree gown designs
  • Pleats: Pleats are a saree’s actual beauty, so they should be stitched or made as neatly as possible. To have them fixed use safety pins or saree clips. You can also use a pleat maker for perfect saree pleats.
saree gown design


  • Pallu: To have a perfect pallu, you must measure your pallu to the back of your knee according to your body proportions. Then manage its length in your way. Now, the pallu will not trill on the ground while you walk. If you’re looking for something different, you can also try front pallu sarees.
saree gown design
  • Make-up: The saree look itself is grand but if you want to apply some make-up to it then we suggest applying it according to your outfit. For a heavy dress, nude makeup is perfect and for simple ones, smokey eyes will slay the outfit.
saree gown design
  • Blouse: A blouse aggravates the curves your dress gives you, so a perfect blouse is important. The blouse should be a perfect fit. It shouldn’t be loose or too tight. So choose it wisely. A simple saree dress with a detailed border works well with a contrasting blouse. The monotone duo is also elegant, so try it too.
saree gown design

To apply all these tricks to look gorgeous with these dresses, see our top saree gown ideas for inspiration.

20 – An Ode To Glamour Outfit

The beautiful dress below magically creates an air of ode around its draper. Don’t trust me? Catch a sight of the dress below. How elegant the model looks with those ruffled detailing at the borders and the pallu. The 3D Resham blooms on the blouse do accentuate the elegance of this dress.

Drape this new style on and make every speculator go bonkers about your outfit. Complete your look with golden stilettos, and give your hair some mermaid waves.

Accessorize minimally with small earrings and nude makeup, and you are all set to strut the mehndi night in this outfit.

saree gown designs


19 – Ecstatic Cocktail Outfit For Women

Do you have a cocktail party at noon and can’t choose an outfit? Well, no worries as we are here for you.

Have a glimpse of the charming outfit below and you’re done. Its classic outlook will surely make it stand out in every event of any region, may it be a western wedding or an Indian cocktail party. Elegance and taste this dress has it all.

Those neat pleats in the front spiraled pallu at the shoulder and the slit-neck blouse! They are so new to this classic trend. And the color contrast explicitly emanates snazzy vibes from this outfit.

So give it a try. Accentuate the look with high sandal heels. Accessorize it minimally with silver earrings and smokey eye makeup. With your hair nicely tucked in a bun, you are all ready to slay!

saree gown design


18 – Easy Saree Gowns for Beginners

If I were ever asked to wear a saree with its pallu trilling down my shoulder or the outfit below? I would definitely prefer the dress below.

I’m in love with the intricate dyeing of the fabric and how it is shaped into this exquisite masterpiece. How enchanting the silver and blue blending is, like a starry night.

Beginner saree drapers out there; this outfit is meant for you! Furthermore, with the garment all nicely tucked and secured around you, specifically from the hem then absolutely you will shine the night.

With big maroon ear studs and clear sandal heels. You are all set to strut the after-party in glamour.


17 – Indo-Western Saree

Most girls fear disaster with the notion of different traditions’ combinations. They can’t risk their beautiful looks, right girls? However, in our opinion, the outfit below defies it all.

How adorable the model looks in this outfit and how gawking the design of the dress is. Furthermore, the neatly detailed layered gown looks so mesmerizing, trapped by the detailed frill of the pallu.

Do recreate this casual but classic look. Accessorize this outfit with a floral blouse. Then add some loose earrings and voila! flaunt in it as no one else has ever done.

saree gown design


16 – Modest Saree Gowns for Hijabis

Hijab is itself an enchanting attire and is sought by many Muslim girls for weddings and other events. So, if there’s a farewell or welcome party ahead of you and you want something flamboyant then this outfit will prove the OTT for you. The uniqueness of this dress; color, style, belt everything exudes grandeur.

So, yes, who is ready to be the talk of the show? The lavender will give you elegance, the hijab modesty, and the classic gown style will turn all heads to you.

Accessorize it with make-up and silver bangles and voila! Our beauty is ready.

saree gown design


15 – Sarees With Slit

If you want to ace the new fashion trend in saree then do take notes from the charismatic Niddhi Agerwal on how to ace this moonlight pre-draped saree outfit.

How enchanting the fancy powdery blue looks as a saree gown and the scallop embroidery detailing aggravates that sexy slit at the side. How incredibly sultry she looks and the pose, by god it’s so breathtaking. So, who is ready for a breathtaking look and wedding outfit? If you are, then recreate this epitome.

With this saree gown cinching your waist, ensemble it more with a cutwork corset or a sequined silver blouse. Minimally accessorize it with some smokey eye makeup and silver jewelry. With this done, go girl and dance those sassy vibes off the floor.


14 – Saree With Belt for Weddings

The looks that this bombshell is inscribing upon us will surely allure us to sit and adore the work of glamour below.

How craftily the designer has designed this outfit and the embroidered belt.Amazing!From a glitzy Swarovski neckline to a sequined crystal gown, this outfit will become the love of your life. If you dare copy it for glam.

Ace this look the way you love to, however, we suggest adding some tasseled drop earrings too. A sleek hairstyle and lustrous make-over. Now you are ready to stand high under the limelight.

saree gown design


13 – Pair Your Polka Dot Saree With Colorful Blouse

This cheeky georgette polka-printed saree dressed as a maxi-gown is exactly what we were looking for this summer. This casual trendy outfit, with its breeziness, will take you to another world of wonder.

If you have a brunch planned or a mehndi event ahead, then put on this polka-dot pattern dress and tug the pallu at the front. Secure and simple, this outfit will gawk everyone around you.

Pair it with a highly embroidered multi-colored blouse. Add more chunkiness to it with an embroidered belt. With chandbalis or jhumka on and make-up done, now rock the look and strut the whole event with passion.


12 – Sensational Pastel Outfit For Women

If I were ever asked for which dress I’m totally dying for, then it would definitely be this. I am literally head-over-heels in love with this outfit.

How ravishing and iconic this outfit looks? Just have a glimpse of those detailed frills in layers and pallu. And the pastel hue of the gown! Gosh, I am famishing with this dress.

The startingly cheeky glasswork on the v-line neck blouse and the Kundan jewelry is all that it will take to ace this look. Therefore, girls don’t miss the chance and become the definition of “ravishing” in this outfit.

saree gown design


11 – Take Inspiration from Shilpa Shetty’s Ruffle Saree

Everyone step aside as our saree experimentalist Shilpa Shetty is here. May it be a party or a Diwali, this concept saree dress is a tell-tale of her affection for these outfits. The sheer net gown with a ruffled front and heavily embroidered borders add a new tint to the versatility of this traditional outfit.

Some blow-dried hair, perfect matte make-up, chunky earrings, high heels, and a halter-neck embroidered blouse is all it takes to ace this mermaid look. Test it and slay it, girl!

saree gown design


10 – Lilac Wedding Outfit

Who’s ready for a monotone for the wedding? If you are, this lilac ruffled dress is sure to be declared as the event’s haute-couture. This beaded lilac saree is a must-have for the festive seasons. Just drape it on and strut with its jazz at the event.

To add more to your glitterati outfit, choose an embellished monotone blouse. For spicing up the look, add a chunky embroidered potli bag. With that done, now show those desi moves with this alluring outfit.


9 – Slay It With A Slit

“Slit dresses make a statement” yes, we have heard of it but have you ever heard of slit sarees making a statement? if not, then have a glimpse of the outfits below.

How magnificently this outfit reflects Amit Agarwal’s innovativeness. How daringly sharp the knee-high slit is and the intricately crafted body suits. By God, this is the unceasingly sultry fashion trend. So girls, what are you waiting for? Go and design your outfits like these bombshells.

This outfit itself is so elegant that it demands nothing more. But for the sake of allure, add a sleek hairdo and smokey eye makeup. Accessorize it minimally with rings or small ear studs.

With that done, now climb in your stilettos and bring the rain of glamour down your enemy in this outfit.

saree gown design


8 – Black Saree Gown Outfit

Okay yeah, so our fashion-idol Shilpa Shetty is again here with us. However, the dress she is manifesting now is meant for a formal dinner or a family get-together. She looks traditional yet chic in this black zari saree, styled as a classic gown. So, you are encouraged to try this alluring look for a graceful look.

With a contrasting floral blouse, chunky accessories like a maroon choker and some gold wristbands and blow-dried hair. You are all set to dazzle in this iconic outfit.


7 – Nothing can Beat The Charm of A Red Saree

This dress is sure to stand the test of time, be it an after-party, a dinner, or a romantic candlelight date night.

This glamorous outfit is an alluring sartorial intermediate of a saree and a western bodycon dress, so we highly recommend giving it a shot.

Enhance this sassy look with an open hair-do, a heavy necklace and minimal dewy make-up. Now shove that frilled pallu up your shoulder and ignite the crowd with your jazzy outfit.

saree gown design


6 – Hassle-Free Wedding Outfit for Moms

Look at the inspiration below and hold your horses and tears for choosing an outfit. This look will be a head-turner for you. The baby pink hue enchantingly compliments the outfit’s elegance. So, with the template chosen now hurry up and follow this look.

To finish off this look a white waist belt, a sleek low bun or low ponytail and nude makeup are mandatory. Now, go live your heart and do tell everyone from where did you copy this fascinating fashion trend.


5 – Party Outfit For Women

Who better than Madhuri Dixit to tell us how to wear a modish outfit that makes us look like a million bucks? Clad in a striped pink dress with pleats so beautiful, like the spectrum of shades of pink Madhuri Dixit looks so ethereal and graceful in this outfit.

The outfit below is the ultimate reflection of a perfect party outfit, and we would love to see our bombshells shine in this outfit too.

So girls ace this celebrity-inspired look. All it takes to recreate this quintessential look is a striped pre-draped gown whose sheer elegance will have you drunk on it.

Enhance this majestic look more with a pair of ankle strap sandal heels, a sleek hair-do, a contrasting clutch, chunky jewelry and some dewy make-up, and Voila!


4 – Cape It Till You Make It

“The white hue is bland and boring. “If that’s so, then why does the monotone drape below is so appealing?

If you have a western wedding ahead or a casual brunch outside then, this outfit is all set to get you sorted.

The feather-detailed sheer cape on the top of this dress makes it a statement of taste and grace. So, to have elegance and taste in an outfit, go for this dress.

Pair it with black stilettos and pull your hair into a sleek bun or leave them open. Accessorize it minimally with chandbalis or silver earrings. Now our lady is all sorted for the day.


3 – Fascinating Ruffled Saree Gown Outfit

White never goes out of fashion, especially when it comes to wedding gowns and wedding outfits. So, enhance the charisma of this ruffled wedding outfit with a craftily-stitched embroidered blouse.

Complete your look with a sleek bun and some Feroze ear studs. Now strut like a diva in this haute-couture as it is meant to test and slay.

saree gown design


2 – Stitched Saree Gown Designs

Our enthusiasm is astonishingly at its peak when we try a western skirt and blouse for ourselves. However, what if your bonkers-about dress gets a taste of the eastern tradition? If yes, this western-Indo outfit will surely take you on a ride of the two worlds.

I can not take my eyes off the ruffled silhouetted georgette gown and how plausibly the pallu is tucked in the cut-out blouse. This regal outfit is all you need for making a statement on Diwali and is also best for a qawwali night.

So, beauties, don’t hustle and replace this model with yourself in this outfit. Add some chunkiness to your outfit with embroidered body-con blouse. Minimally accessorize it with chandbalis or dangling earrings. Dewy make-up, glossy hairdo and a bold lip. Now you are all sorted to dazzle.


1 – Best Red Saree Ideas for Brides-to-be

How adorable the model looks in this exotic red outfit and the layered ruffles at the bottom give it a breezy look.And the frilled blouse! I am definitely not getting enough of these regal outfits. How stunning the pallu looks in the front and goes plain on the back. Amazing!

Pair your sexy outfit with a sequined sweet-heartline off-shoulder crop top, tuck your hair into a fashionable bun and add some chandbalis to your outfit.


That’s our curation for the best ideas for wearing a saree gown in 2023 as this trend is going nowhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best ways to turn your saree into a dress?

Ans. For turning a saree into a dress, make sure that the fabric of the saree is able to hold the gown silhouette. For a perfect saree gown outfit, we suggest consulting a tailor that can stitch it properly according to the given instructions.

Q. What are some of the cool ways of wearing a saree other than the usual way?

Ans. The saree is a cultural and traditional heritage and one can easily wear it in many ways. You can wear it as a gown, as a maxi dress or as a saree pants. For more guidance on wearing sarees in different ways, read our article on 20 popular saree gown designs for 2023.

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