How To Wear Camo Pants? 43 Outfit Ideas

Outfits with Camo Pants- Camo pants, basically the ‘camouflage’ fashion, are the latest must-have item to have in your wardrobe! Although it’ll make the wearer stand out rather than cloaking them, so even better obviously.

We totally get how these camo pants were far from any kind of fashion trend rather they have been associated with military fatigue and hunting attire.

But if you’d just know how to add a teensy bit of feminine touch to the overall look, camo pants will become your go-to, whether it’s for a fancy gathering or an informal one. On the plus side, camo pants are for everyone regardless of age.

This trend might be subtle but it has such a versatile advantage to it, you can easily pull off your own unique style. Camo pants are the perfect fall staple!  So do you want to look badass and totally chic at the same time? We’ve rounded up 40+ ways to wear camo pants stylishly.

How to Wear Camo Pants?

Camouflage pants are one of those prints that always seem to be around. No matter the highs and lows of certain trends, camo goes on quietly holding its own, popping up every now and again in celebrity wardrobes, in popular brands and stores, and on the runway.

It’s one of those enduring prints that holds its own and it’s one we are going to be talking about today – specifically outfits with camo pants for women and how to wear them.

First things first. When did camouflage pants become a thing in the fashion world? As we all know, camouflage really hails back to military uniforms where its practicality far outweighs the potential it would one day bring to the fashion industry.

But wearing camo is a fairly recent trend, one that had unusual beginnings. Birthed as an ironic response to the Vietnam war, civilians appropriated the surplus of military clothing to don as streetwear… it had a resurgence in the 1980s and then began to deviate from military styles in the ’90s, though it remains firmly rooted in military culture today.

camo pants outfits for women

  • Never wear animal print with Camo pants, ever. Rather keep the rest of your outfit pattern free so it’s not too busy.
  • Always pick contrasting footwear.
  • Trousers must be slim-fit and never long enough to puddle on your shoes.

Where To Shop For Women’s Camo Pants?

Hunting these bad boys down can get a little tricky so I did the hunting for you. Here are six places where you can buy women’s camo pants.

  • Nordstrom. While Nordstrom offers lots of camo pants options, I love their Cara Camo Joggers as well as their drawstring pants which look so cute with sandals.
  • ASOS. These Missguided camo pants have a cuffed hem and have a similar fit to joggers except they are cargo, which I think is so fun.
  • Shein. Looking for affordable camo pants? The popular brand has lots to choose from but their classic cargo pants are great as well as their high-rise joggers.
  • Forever 21. These plus-size cargo camo joggers are the real deal as well as their ankle joggers.
  • Urban Outfitters. They have just one option, good old UO, so if you are an avid fan of the store, snag their vintage camo pants here.
  • Amazon. Amazon offers camo joggers galore (check these out) so if you are on the hunt for a variety of options, Amazon might be your best bet.

Now that you know where to find them, let’s look at how to style camo pants. Here are some camo pants outfit ideas to show you just how you can rock these practical but edgy pants for everyday fashion.

↓ 43 – Street Style Camo Pants

Want to add a little bit of swagger to your everyday routine style? Camo pants are ideal for giving a rough look, they’ll make you look tough because of the military influence so without a doubt, these pants do give a street-style vibe.

Pair it with a plain shirt and go out with minimal makeup or accessories. Also, don’t forget to wear heels! After all, you need to look a solid 10/10, don’t you? Look at these 16 Popular Spring Street Style Outfits Ideas For Women.

Outfits with Camo Pants (1)


↓ 42 – Celebrity in Camo Pants

Rihanna is giving off such relaxed vibes. I picked this look to give confidence to all you beautiful ladies out there, please don’t hesitate from bold colors, you need to have individuality in your style. Orange camo pants are super uncommon but gorgeous nonetheless.

Pointer: She decided to match her camo pants with similar color boots which actually look pretty cool. Do give this look a try.

Outfits with Camo Pants (19)


↓ 41 – Jean Jacket paired with Camo Pants

Comfortable, warm, and classic for winters, plus the jean jacket is the perfect fit with camo pants. These pants are incredibly versatile, they can create an immediate distraction for literally anyone around you.

Plus I love how they add a fun and trendy element to your overall look.  You can carry this outfit easily when planning to chill with friends or a late evening party. Do accessorize to enhance your appearance. Here are 20 Ideas How to Wear Denim Jackets.

Outfits with Camo Pants (20)


↓ 40 – Camo Print

Camo is one of those timeless prints you should totally invest in. This look is 100% full proof regardless of your body type. The constant pattern in your entire outfit will make you look very sleek! It’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

You can also add a few personalized touches like black shades or white trainers, whatever works for you. Don’t forget to wear a watch to complete the look. Pointer: Love the pop of red color in her outfit.

Outfits with Camo Pants (21)


↓ 39 – Up your Game with Camo Pants

No harm in looking extraordinary, right? Deffo opt for purple camo pants. The different textures and colors will help in giving you the break that you need from the pair of jeans that you usually wear. Let camo pants be your standout piece for the day.

Pair these pants with a purple tank top and own the look. Notice her white ankle booties though, such a refined outfit. Add a contrasting handbag to boost the chill vibe even further. Here are 10 Super Cool Gym Outfits for Women.

Outfits with Camo Pants (22)


↓ 38 – Curvy Girl in Camo Pants

Neutrals give a very mellow feel to the overall look so pair a nude top with khaki camo pants to give a polished yet chic vibe. Also, add strappy sandals to your outfit. Let your hair loose, preferably get a blow-dry and accessorize appropriately.

I would also recommend a belt to give definition to your waist. The shades she’s wearing are an absolute game-changer, you go girl! (Refer to the image below) Pointer: Consider how she’s carrying the handbag around her waist, spot on!

Outfits with Camo Pants (23)


↓ 37 – Casual Wear

Camo pants are best described for couch potatoes because of the comfortable feel, but you never know when you’ll have to run errands. So to stay at ease but totally vogue you’ll have to give this look an attempt.

Rolling the trousers up will take the look away from military attire and transform your trousers into a more casual get-up. Round off this look with a short light-colored cardigan. For a more laid-back look always opt for flats.

Outfits with Camo Pants (24)


↓ 36 – Sporty Chic

The design and fabric of camo pants are ideal for sports or any kind of manual labor. Pair these pants with your favorite v-neck tee and converse for a more athletic look, add a baseball cap, and there you go!

I love how you can effortlessly pull off the tough-girl look with these pants. So to get you up to speed and give you the confidence you need to rock this look, you’ll have to buy a pair of camo pants as soon as possible.

Outfits with Camo Pants (26)


↓ 35 – High-heeled Booties with Camo Pants

The right kind of shoes can transform your look. These boots will keep you fashionably warm and dry on colder days but also are a sexy pick for a night on the town or a dressy occasion. My personal preference has always been heeled boots with camo pants.

 It doesn’t get much sexier in the shoe department than this. Pointer: Let me hint towards the camo pants she’s wearing. (Refer to the image below) To wear camo you don’t need to restrict yourself to sober tones at all. You can carry any color as long as you’ve faith in yourself. Go conquer!

Outfits with Camo Pants (27)
outfits with camo pants

 ↓ 34 – Everyday Look in Camo Pants

Comfortable, practical yet can disguise dirt? Camo pants all the way. At this point, striped shirts are literally in everybody’s wardrobe, which apparently also go so well with camo print so grab a pair of these pants and prove how you can still look absolutely fabulous with a super basic outfit.

Keep your look simple so camo pants get to stand out. This outfit gives that effortless vibe we’re always striving for. Complete the look with a pair of pumps. Opt for a ponytail hairdo.

Outfits with Camo Pants (28)


↓ 33 – Pair White with Camo Pants

If you are a woman with a white shirt in her wardrobe, you are already halfway there to nailing this smooth, all-season style. There is little that doesn’t go well with a pair of camo pants, and unsurprisingly, a white loose/button-down shirt is no exception.

Bare a little skin to charm while you’re at it! Finish it off with a tweed handbag for stylish texture. Minimal accessories though. Pointer: Tuck in your shirt from the front for extra bonus points.

Outfits with Camo Pants (25)


outfits with camo pants


↓ 32 – Nude Trench Coats

Let camo pants shine in a new fashion-forward light with this beautiful trench coat. It can be a great way to finish off a smart casual outfit in an individual way. This is a classic combination that works particularly well if you go for a darker shade of jeans.

Just make sure you haven’t got any conflicting prints going on. For a more contemporary look go with a pair of bold earrings. This is a combination that relies on contrasts to look good, which is something you need to consider when going for any camo look. Top it off with some nice shades.

Outfits with Camo Pants (29)


↓ 31 – Crop tops with Camo Pants

Just go with this look blindly because it’s the perfect outfit for just about anything you have planned. This particular reboot is attractive, youthful, and yes, even classic. Crop tops are no longer exclusively for teenagers.

One of the easiest ways of wearing your crop top is to pair these bad boys with camouflage pants and voila! Use accessories to amp your look, a statement neckpiece can do wonders. You can always go for a loose crop top for a more curvy body type.

Outfits with Camo Pants (30)


↓ 30 – Sleeveless knit

To upgrade your average everyday look pair a dark olive sleeveless knit with camo pants and round it off with a bun. Oh and back heels of course! Make camouflage the focal point of your look. Dark olive color will add so much personality to your outfit and is absolutely genius with camo print.

Go with deep red lipstick to revamp your overall appearance. Pointer: I love how she chose to go along with a white clutch, fantastic contrast! (Refer to the image below)

Outfits with Camo Pants (31)


↓ 29- Multi-Colored Camo Pants

As the blue skies turn to gray, we can always take comfort in knowing that there are dapper options out there for us. Even in camo pants, so don’t feel timid when it comes to pushing boundaries.

Unicorn camo pants are your way to go. Go ahead and pair these pants with your forever favorite leather jacket to stay voguish and trendy. Keep your accessories on the sleek side.

Outfits with Camo Pants (17)


↓ 28 – Baggy shirt with Camo Pants

There’s something so cool about an oversized shirt, and you don’t have to be model-tall to pull it off just try it on with a pair of camo pants and add a set of red heels to brighten up your otherwise colorless ensemble.

You can make camo pants look romantic, feminine, chic, sexy and edgy depending on how you style them. But we guarantee won’t be able to stop wearing these pants once you’ve bought them. You can always opt for a more rebel look with reflective shades.

outfits with camo pants

↓ 27 – Camo Leggings

This look would be great for a weeknight dinner with girlfriends or even a casual Friday at work! There is a correct way to wear leggings: With a tunic or long sweater that covers your butt and falls to the middle of your thigh.

(Refer to the picture below) Throw on a pair of camo leggings, some pointy heels, a few bracelets and you are ready to talk business! Pointer: Pair with knee-high boots for fashion and function combined. Here are ideas on how to wear Patterned Leggings.

outfits with camo pants


↓ 26 – Camo & Denim

It’s a timeless combination, camo and denim look flawless together. Ensure that your accessories don’t overpower your top.

outfits with camo pants


↓ 25 – Sucker for Camo

You can never go wrong with adding this print to your wardrobe. Camo pants will probably, no, definitely work with the clothes you already have in your closet. Score! It’s absolutely iconic. Pair camo pants with beaded heels for a more glamorous vibe. Tone down the look with a pink sweater.

outfits with camo pants


↓ 24 – Dressing up Camo Pants

Ready to make a bold fashion statement? I thought so. Pair a faux fur long hairy coat with a formal red shirt. This way, your chic camo pants will steal the show. 

Up the ante by wearing an edgy pair of ankle booties. Oh and accessorize with a classy neckpiece and people won’t be able to resist complimenting you. For a more formal gathering, you can always do a fancy hair-do.

outfits with camo pants


↓ 23 – Military Inspired Camo Pants

I think women will soon take over the world with these camo pants. Not even kidding. How amazing do these pants look with her entire outfit? (Refer to the image below) The point of the trend is to look unexpected and unique, these pants evoke a wild, carefree, edgy vibe to your look.

Counteract this outfit’s natural masculinity by rocking red lips. Pointer: Opt for the most alluring pair of heels in your closet.


↓ 22 – Senior Woman in Camo Pants

A 50+ senior woman can carry camo pants just as easily as the one in her early 20’s. They’re not only comfortable but also super convenient. An amazing way to wear camouflage is to pair it with something insanely girly.

Finish the ensemble with a stunning clutch. Also, the floral print kitten heels are a major plus to the entire outfit. Doesn’t she look absolutely spectacular? (Refer to the image below)

outfits with camo pants for women


↓ 21 – Time-less Camo Pants

Looking good shouldn’t be reserved for dressy events and special occasions. Why not add style and sex appeal to your weekend look as well? Camo pants are truly diverse and are a great investment for the everyday woman. Go wear these pants, the possibilities are endless! Love to all x

outfits with camo pants for women


↓ 20 – How to Style Camo Joggers

Styling camo pants might seem a little daunting at first, but when you see such a cute, lowkey, and casual outfit like this, it seems a lot more doable, right? For this look, pop on your favorite graphic tee and tuck the front bit into your camo pants.

These are drawstring joggers with rips and with the cuffs turned up. Add some Converse or sneakers of your choice and you’ve got a great weekend outfit. Here are some more ideas on How to Style Jogger Pants.

↓ 19 – Camo Pants Outfit Plus Size

Camo pants might not be the first style pant that comes to mind when you are getting dressed up, but they can bring an edgy, almost grunge-like vibe to an ensemble that balances out a pair of heels really beautifully. This is a simple look but it has a lot of character and that’s what makes it stand out.

↓ 18 – With a Beanie and Tee-Shirt

This look is decidedly street style and is great for fall or winter days where you just want layers on layers to nice and cozy. This look is really laidback but it has lots of personality from its mustard yellow belt to its pom-pom beanie and tinted shades.

↓ 17 – How to Wear Camo Pants Casually

If you are new to camo and you prefer a more low-key take on the print, these slightly faded ankle pants are a great option. Some camo pants are really out there but these are quite laidback, yet when paired with a white wrap top and some strappy heels, they suddenly become worthy of date and party wear.

↓ 16 – With a Sleeveless Tank

Because camo pants are such a “loud” print (ironically!) keeping the rest of your ensemble neutral or more simplistic is a great approach. This cropped sleeveless top is plain but when paired with big earrings and heels, you have a fantastic ensemble you can wear for a date, a house party, or simply a semi-casual event you have been looking forward to.

↓ 15 – With Crop Top For a Dressy Night Out

If you love a blend of dressy style with laidback comfy wear, this is the outfit for you! Want to feel really edgy, stylish, and yet super comfortable? Again, this outfit does it all. A sleeveless crop paired with camo pants and heels keeps things fabulous without sacrificing personality.

↓ 14 – Camo Pants Outfit Idea For Teenagers

As a teenager, you have so many ways to style camo pants, from pairing them with crop tops to graphic tees to tank tops and Converse. This look is classic and simple and great for family outings, hanging with friends, or going to the movies. The high-waisted fit of the pants makes tucking in your top a must. Finish off the ensemble with some chunky white sneakers.

↓ 13 – With Black Pieces

Make your camouflage pants the focal point of your whole look by pairing them with black pieces like a simple tee and peep-toe booties. Some gold statement earrings and a few chunky bracelets round out the look.

↓ 12 – With a Sweater and Sneakers

I love this blend of a cozy sweater and dark green camo pants. It’s aesthetically pleasing and great for fall or winter! Just add a coat if you get cold. The addition of a pretty chain-strap purse helps lock in the feminine side of the outfit and the simple little sneakers tie the whole thing together.

↓ 11 – With Striped Top

You don’t often see camo print paired with another print as it is pretty distinct all on its own. However, this outfit shows where you can make an exception. This sleeveless striped top really holds its own and treats the camo print like a really fabulous sidekick. Note also that with the looser fit of the top, the pants are more slim-fit which helps balance out the look. Here are all the Best Ways to Wear Striped Shirts.

camo pants outfits for women

↓ 10 – What to Wear With Casual Women’s Camo Pants

As we have already seen, you can wear camo pants with tee shirts, crop tops, wrap tops, and more. Here we see them paired with a racer-back tank and some stacked gold necklaces. It’s subtle but ties together really well. I also love the addition of the bow-front tie on the pants. It’s that little touch of femininity that makes it distinctive. Last but not least, we see some great sandals to finish it off.

↓ 9 – With a Cropped Tee

With a simple swap of footwear, this outfit can go from party time to lounge time at the drop of a hat. And for someone who loves her lounge-time, I’m all for it! This outfit proves you can be super comfortable without sacrificing an inch of style or personality with it’s statement jewelry and nude heels to its loose white crop and baggy fit pants. Love!


↓ 8 – Casual Street Style

Keep it casual with your choice of graphic tee, baggy camo pants, and funky sneakers. But so as not to look like you just rolled out of bed, be sure you have a sleek hairdo and a great makeup look (if you wear makeup). It’s a good rule of thumb that if you are wearing super casual pieces to make sure that your hair and makeup are on point or you risk looking sloppy instead of stylish.

camo pants outfits for women

↓ 7 – Business Casual in a Blazer

While I wouldn’t recommend wearing camo pants to the office, there may be some instances where camo pants can really work for business casual wear! That could mean as work from home attire or casual meet-ups with business friends. Or you can just rock them if you love a business chic style.

↓ 6 – Casual Weekend Attire

Perfect for running errands on the weekend or grabbing coffee with friends, this outfit is easy to throw together and is more fun to wear than your basic jeans-and-tee look.


↓ 5 – Accessories for Camo Pants Outfits

Because camo pants have such a distinct connotation to them, it can be a lot of fun to pair them up with really girly accessories or fashion-forward pieces. These statement earrings and this round woven purse are great examples of that.

camo pants outfits for women

↓ 4 – How to Style Colored Camo Pants

Now, while I have mostly stuck to green camo pants in this post, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to choose from! Check out these totally awesome colored pants that bring one’s idea of camo print to a whole new level. Paired with an off-shoulder top, a crossbody purse, and Vans, this is one look you definitely want to try.

↓ 3 – Bold & Beautiful

If you are feeling like you are ready to get really bold with your fashion picks today, try pairing baggy jogger-style camo pants with a white cami and a tailored jacket. The contrast of business-chic with the laidback pants is such a fun concept and will have eyes turning your way wherever you go!

↓ 2 – For Mature Women

But camo pants aren’t just for crop tops and heels. They’re also for the moms at the park who are ready to branch out from yoga pants or jeans. They’re for grandmas who need something fun to wear when hanging out with their grandkids. And this outfit works for both! Pair with a faded tee and a denim jacket, all you need is a pair of neutral loafers to the look together.

↓ 1 – Street Style

Finally, we come to my personal favorite way to style camo pants, and it’s this one right here. From its ribbed mock-neck top to the crossbody satchel and ankle-strap heels, this look doesn’t sacrifice an inch of style and is totally trendy as well. If you are ready to make a statement, give this ensemble a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, to answer some frequently asked questions about camo pants! Being a distinct style of both pant and print, we need all the help we can get, don’t we?

Q. What color top goes with camo pants?

A. Neutral tops are your best bet for what color top to pair with camo pants. After all, you don’t want to wear a really contrasting color… but that doesn’t mean you are stuck with white or black either (nothing wrong with them – they are the most popular choice as you can tell from this post – but there are other options). Check out outfit #1 again which pairs a gorgeous jewel tone of burnt orange with green camo pants.

Q. What to wear with camo pants for women?

A. The same as you would any other pants: high-waisted, belted, cropped, rolled at the hem, wide-legged or as joggers. There are tons of camo pants to choose from; how you wear them is up to you!

Q. How do you style colored camo pants?

A. The most popular color for camo pants is green, but they also come in pretty much every other color too. From orange blends to pink, gals that love color have plenty of options to choose from. But when it comes to styling them, keep this in mind. A neutral top is your best bet and depending on how dressed up (or casual) you want to be will determine your footwear. Check out outfit #4 for some inspiration!

In conclusion, wearing and styling camo pants is not as tricky as you would think and can even be lots of fun. From its versatile nature to its straight-up practicality, adding a pair of camo pants to your wardrobe is a total must. Let me know your favorite way to wear camo pants in the comments below!


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