Latest Sharara Designs – 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Latest Sharara Designs: Sharara or lehenga outfits are the life of a desi wedding. What’s a desi wedding without flaunting your colorful sharara anyway? Flowy, royal, colorful, nothing gets better than that at an Asian wedding. Wedding season is just around the corner, and I am sure you must be scrolling the internet for the latest sharara designs for your loved one’s wedding, don’t you worry there, we understand the need of the hour and got you covered, always.

From Nomi Ansari to Anita Dongre and from high-end designer shararas to budget-friendly ones, we have it all for you under one roof. Sharara, gharara, saree, and lehengas are all traditional Asian clothing worn in weddings or festive events like eid, Diwali, Ramzan get-togethers, holi, and many others. Indian and Pakistani women have taken up this attire since the Mughal era, and it has continued to steal everyone’s hearts with new designs and modern alterations and amendments. Today, we will present out all the latest sharara outfits that you should be thinking of getting for yourself this wedding season.

What To Wear With Shararas?

We’ve already done a detailed post on Latest Gharara Suits since ghararas are pretty much like sisters for shararas. The main difference is that while ghararas are more fitted around the thighs, shararas are loosely fitted. Moreover, unlike ghararas, shararas do not have stitching around the knee. You could consider shararas to be the ancestors of the modern palazzo pants. Before we get into details, here are some tips on how to style your shararas.

  • Traditional and conventional work can be done on modern cuts.
  • The same is with old fabric; new cuts and work can make the old fabric look new.
  • Pair lightweight jewelry with heavy work shararas to get you going through a summer wedding.
  • Even if the sharara is not heavily worked, jewelry can make a big difference.
  • A fancy, heavy worked sharara is more appropriate for brides.
  • Net, Gota, Kiran have made a great comeback; make use of them in your wedding wear shararas.
  • Pair jhumkas and chandbalis with traditional shararas to make them look more royal.
  • How you style the dupatta with your sharara will define the whole personality. Make sure the dress is more visible than the dupatta. The best way is to pin it at the shoulder on one side and wrap it around the hand on the other.

So, now that that’s done let’s move forward to the ideas of the latest sharara styles.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

↓ 15 – Celebrities In Shararas

Two-legged shararas are a lot like ghararas, except they are not gathered above the knee in chunnatain form; rather, they are two flared, wide legs from top to bottom. Like Sonakshi Sinha has been seen wearing here, a beautiful white sharara and an embroidered shirt and net dupatta, also in white, which all in all looks like a desi princess. We especially love Sonakshi’s choice of nude lips and dewy makeup with this outfit since it was a daytime look. For a night function, you can glam it up with bolder makeup.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Sharara set, Anita Dongre Rs 116,000

Juttis, Fizzy Goblet Rs 2,990

Earrings, Auraa Trends Rs 9,500

And here we see the gorgeous Mahira Khan looking radiant as ever in a bold red sharara outfit.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Pooja Hedge looks just like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin here! She’s wearing an Anita Dongre outfit, and she’s definitely the go-to Indian designer when it comes to celebrity shararas.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

↓ 14 – Mehndi Ensemble

This another two-legged sharara in velvet is a perfect mehndi ensemble for winter or spring. Obviously not in South Asia, because spring here is almost like summer, and no one can bear to wear velvet in the scorching heat of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or UAE. However, desi’s across the seven seas can take on this ensemble with ease in times of spring. A beautiful blue embroidered peplum, which is not too heavy nor too simple for your best friend or your sister’s wedding festivities. Paired with flared, two wide-leg shararas and some gold traditional neck and earring piece to complete the whole look. A golden dupatta shown in the picture would work fine with it, chiffon or net pearl dupatta matching the colour of the sharara would look absolutely divine and will pull together the whole outfit as well.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Ice Blue – Peplum Pink Sharara $650.00

↓ 13 – How To Wear Shararas In Winters?

This beautiful velvet Maria B green sharara is all you need for a winter wedding. Got your friend’s wedding? Or a faraway relative or cousin’s wedding coming up? This is all you need to get through the winter mehndi days with elegance and ease. The fabric of velvet is warm and comfortable, which, however, fits best for winter but there is nothing else you would want to drift to on cold wedding days. A beautiful two-legged sharara in one fabric and one colour from head to toe, except for the dupatta to add colour contrast and so you can match your jewelry with it too. The beautiful embroidery on the lower flare of the sharara, on the border of the sleeves, and on the neckline gives it a subtle touch to make it look like wedding wear but nothing above the roof. Who would want to deal with heavy, intricate embroidered shararas on distant relatives or friend’s weddings? I wouldn’t, and if you don’t, then this is the perfect style for you.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Sharara Suit Green PKR 20,540

↓ 12 – Designer Sharara

Banarsi fabric has been the MVP of shararas, ghararas, saris, and all desi clothing since the beginning of time. Initially, sharara, gharara, and saris used to be of banarsi fabric; with time, however, embroidered, chiffon, net, cotton, and other fabrics made their entry into the world of shararas and ghararas. Bnarsi sharara and an embroidered shirt still remind us of the 90s. This beautiful ensemble adorned by Maya Ali, the creation of Nomi Ansari, is a perfect mix of today’s world and the initial sharara, gharara times. A beautiful sky blue topped with copper-colored embroidery and a mix of blue and copper-colored banarsi fabric for the sharara. The dress speaks enough for itself, so only big jhumkas would work to pull the whole look together. Simple banarsi sharara would work just fine with it too, but like shown here, some embroidery on the lower flare of the sharara looks beautiful and heavy as well.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Nomi Ansari Sharara

↓ 11 – Casual Shararas

Shararas and ghararas are not only wedding wear or saris for that matter. In the early 90s and 80s, shararas, ghararas, and saris were adorned on an everyday basis by the older women of the house, like grandmothers, mothers, and aunts. With time and modernization, though, these desi clothing items were confined to wedding wear only. However, with the 90s and 80s fashion making a comeback, South Asian celebrities have been seen wearing the desi attired on an everyday basis as well, like at a movie premiere, as their airport attired or on other days of work, which have inspired their fans and followers to take up that fashion as well. Like this beautiful Indian actress here, wearing a simple white patterned cotton frock and a sharara with a chiffon dupatta, and lace added to the borders and the neckline to add some style to it. Some dainty silver chandbalis and jhumkas with traditional silver bangles would put the whole outfit to rest. All in all, this outfit looks divine. Whether it’s a casual sharara or a formal one, the dupatta brings the whole look together, which is why we’ve compiled this list of 17 Types Of Dupattas that you must have.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas


↓ 10 – Desi Airport Look

Talking about the airport endeavors of Indian actresses and their style, nothing beats Anushka Sharma’s post-wedding look with her hubby Virat Kohli. A simple Sabyasachi long shirt and sharara with her traditional red wedding bangles, a baggy handbag for the journey, and some orange khussas to match the detailing on the clothes. This is a perfect style you can carry on desi festivities like eid, Diwali, Ramzan get-togethers, holi and others. Looks simple yet beautiful when pulled off with the right accessories.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

↓ 09 – Subtle Yet Sublime

Subtle yet sublime, light yet pretty nonetheless. This beautiful pink sharara and the short shirt is a must-have for summer festivities or weddings, be it an in-house dholki, mehndi, sangeet or any other wedding festivity which is in-home and chill. This comfortable attire would get you through any summer wedding you want. Add some big gold jhumkas and traditional jootis, khussas or heels to the outfit and it’s a full look. The short shirt and sharara are the MVP of sharara fashion, blends in perfectly nonetheless.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas


↓ 08 – Banarsi Shararas

Another traditional banarsi fabric sharara. But this one is banarsi from head to toe, except for the dupatta, which is chiffon, as banarsi dupattas are too heavy and not suitable for a summer wedding. This beautiful bottle of green colour is the talk of the town this summer, along with peach and onion pink. This is a perfect style inspo for your upcoming summer weddings. Looks royal, beautiful, yet extremely comfortable to carry with no embroidery. Match the outfit with a pair of green and silver earrings, and you are good to go for a dholki or sangeet festivity.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

↓ 07 – Semi-Formal Party Shararas

Sharara is not only confined to older women anymore but teens have also been seen wearing and absolutely loving the desi sharara style in weddings as well as in their everyday lives. However, in their own modern style, and not to complain at all here, it’s a whole new look to the traditional sharara style. Some wide-leg flared shararas for your college, friends, or family parties paired with a colored top, tucked in would look more like a dress and hugs the body perfectly. The wide-leg shararas give out the look of the palazzo and flared pants, which teens use in their favor to tuck in the top and make it look edgier. A handbag, traditional jumkas, and khussas would complete the whole look.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Women’s flared wide-leg skirt high waist sharara $25.00

↓ 06 – Yellow Sharara Suit

Another summer-appropriate sharara style would be this beautiful yellow ensemble. Perfect for religious, cultural, or wedding festivities. Yellow is a breath of fresh air in summers, along with other light on the eyes and skin colors. So, this beautiful bright yellow sharara with a short shirt and simple flared sharara, and a simple yellow dupatta with gotta work all over the outfit would be perfect for all your summer dholkis, mayoons, sangeet, eid or any other occasion of the same sort. The yellow colour is as versatile as it can get; pair it with gold jewelry or silver jewelry, it will look breathtaking.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

↓ 05 – Wedding Wear Shararas

This beautiful Nomi Ansari ensemble has gained popularity in recent times after a Pakistani actress was seen wearing it in a drama serial. And why shouldn’t it anyway? It is a perfect blend of traditional and modern. With its short apple cut shirt, wide-leg sharara and a beautiful embroidered on the borders dupatta. It is a heavily embellished attire in three contrasting colors which will be appropriate for brides. Some gold or copper colour jewelry to go with the copper embroidery on the dress would pull the whole outfit together. Different contrasting colors in one single outfit has been a gradually increasing trend in today’s world, and it looks pretty perfect, so don’t shy away from adding as many colors to your outfit as you want.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Nomi Ansari dholak bridal

↓ 04 – Summer Fit

Another Nomi Ansari sharara with a short shirt. He is known for his beautiful sense of adding colors to an outfit and making it look as lively and colorful as anyone could imagine, and not to lie, he gets the job done pretty easily and fantabulously. Color as light and dull as fawn would look so beautiful and lively with colorful detailing over it, only Nomi Ansari could know and bring it to life perfectly. A full, intricate embroidery short shirt and sharara paired with a net dupatta which also consists of the same embroidered borders, look divine. A perfect fit for a mehndi function. Gold mixed with any colour in the dress would look divine in jewelry as well.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Nomi Ansari sharara

↓ 03 – Casual Sharara Style

Another everyday look with shararas. A beautiful cotton short shirt with the same colour cotton sharara would get you through any day at your everyday calendar. Be it a family gathering; Eid get together with friends or family or a day at work when you feel like dressing up. This attire is a perfect fix for such days. Simple flats, traditional khussas, or jootis will look great with this whole outfit. Not to add a lot of bling, a pair of small jhumkis and some plain silver bangles would put together the whole look.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Khoobsurat Eva

↓ 02 – Sharara For Brides

While brides are only seen in traditional one-legged flowy, flared shararas or ghararas, this is a comfortable and beautiful alternative to that, with equal royalness and beauty to it. Everything about the bride attire stays the same, the bling, the heavy work, the fabric, and the jewelry and footwear, except the sharara, now it has two legs rather than one. Does not look odd with the wide and flared legs of the sharara, as they almost look like one wide leg sharara. The long shirt also modestly covers the legs and yet it is a perfect alternative for any modern bride.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Dark maroon long shirt sharara $2,203.50

↓ 01 – Peachy Delight

Last, but not the least for sure, this beautiful peach sharara attire for Eid festivities especially. Simple, elegant, and traditional, all at the same time. Short shirt with the wide leg sharara, again, looks modern mixed with tradition, which is a perfect fit for 2019. Add some silver jewelry to the look, and it will be phenomenal as lightweight wear for summer religious or cultural festivities. A pair of silver jhumkas for the rescue, and it’s a whole look.

Latest Sharara Designs - 15 Ideas On How To Wear Shararas

Peach sharara set 6,500


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