How to Wear Straight Pants with Desi Outfits? 22 Best Ideas

STRAIGHT PANTS WITH DESI OUTFITS. When verbalizing about fashion, a fusion of Eastern and Western is something always trendy and cool. You can wear a plain white shirt with denim and OH MY DEITY! You look smart yet straightforward. But on the other hand, you can withal go fancy with any resplendently antique piece of jewelry and bold heels. So, in short, this combo is fashionable yet straightforward. Nowadays, Desi Outfits are very commonly paired with straight pants. These pants are comfortable to wear because of their texture, as many of them are available in many fabrics including linen, lawn, cotton, and silk.

These straight pants have superseded Shalwar’s, which were genuinely trendy in the past. Shalwars have their own grace, and these pants look keenly intellective and pulchritudinous in their own way. Every trend is pulchritudinous and graceful – it all depends on how you carry it. Every woman can, and every woman will be able to carry them, from homemakers to working ladies to teens. All of you are mystically enchanted with bold designs and artistic looks. You are unique, and I know you will prove it one day.

But first, do you have any ideas on what to wear with straight pants for a desi look? Let me help you. Here are some looks that I think will look best on you.

How to wear Desi Outfits with Straight Pants?

From work outfits to some fancy styling, today’s post is going to cover all aspects. From styling plain shirts to luxury outfits, everyday looks to a formal one, cumbersomely hefty makeup look, every look is as unique as you. Desi outfits are always trendy and comfortable. Every woman nowadays should have at least one in their closet. Today we will discuss twenty-two ways of styling these resplendent and luxurious outfits.

desi outfits with straight pants

Where to Buy Desi Outfits and Straight Pants

Here are some stores where you can buy any sort of kurta’s, shirts and pants. These outfits are easily available everywhere almost. Some of the following are :

. Khaadi outlets are available in different countries including the UK and Canada. For traditional Kurti’s this place is the best.

. Ethnic is a place for any type of traditional Kurti, short or long, and beautiful traditional yet smart outfits.

. Zara Shahjahan is a house for luxury lawn three-pieces or wedding outfits. This is your place to find anything at any time.

. Maria B. outlets are almost everywhere around the world. Every type of desi attire from decent work outfits to vibrant wedding outfits. It’s all just a click away.

. Nomi Ansari is a well-known Pakistani designer. Everything you want is just a click away.

. Manish Malhotra: Who doesn’t know him? How thoughtful is he? Every woman dreams of wearing his outfit for their big day.

. Sabyasachi Well well well! This is your dream place.

. Laam is Pakistan’s latest fashion discovery platform. You can find a range of different brands here and discounted prices on many of them.

Do a little search on these websites and I hope you get what you desire.

22- Trending Lilac

Lilac is a very trendy color nowadays. Fixate on this resplendent attire worn by Sumbal Iqbal. Everything is impeccable here. A little touch of silverwork integrates glamour into it. Unclad makeup and silver earrings will compliment your dress. Grab your favorite lilac to incorporate some drama into your life. A little drama is okay. Give yourself curls to integrate spice. You are too resplendent to care what other people celebrate, so integrating heels is not an astronomically colossal issue.

Desi Outfit With Straight Pants

21- A Perfect Mehndi Outfit!!!!!

Are you probing for the Mehndi outfit? Fixate on this adorable attire—orange color with pink shades. WHAT AN IMPECCABLE MEHNDI OUTFIT. For Mehndi outfits, yellow, orange, green, and pink are the best colors. Integrate Jhumar for a traditional look. Make a hairstyle of your cull. In my opinion, beachy waves, loose curls, or a messy braid are impeccable for this occasion. Bold ocular perceiver makeup looks good on you. Flats or heels? What do you prefer? Both look different and resplendent. For a traditional desi vibe, flats are more preferred. But for a desi and a little modern touch, Heels are made for you.


20- Comfortable Lawn

The lawn is comfortable to wear. For blazing sultry weather like nowadays, this lawn outfit is impeccable for outside parties/events. Visually examine this comely attire and thoroughly a summer color. Wear shoes of your cull. Simple or fancy earrings? It depends on where you are peregrinated. Open your hair and integrate some curls, and WOHOOO!!! Who is that?

Straight Pant With Desi Outfits


19- Summer Outfit

Front slit Kurtis is very prevalent in fashion nowadays. From fancy Kurtis to simple plain solid Kurtis are all relatively mundane. You can engender a look with minimal makeup, blue/ebony jeans, a choker, and bold heels. Take a leaf out of Bhumi Pednekar’s chic look. She stepped out wearing a floral printed slit Kurti with a dyad of blue jeans and yellow heels. She integrated a silver choker, watch, and Louis Vuitton clutch.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants

18- Everyday Outfit

It is conspicuously not possible to go fancy every day. Every girl dreams of wearing fashionable yet straightforward apparel. There is a simple lawn Kurti with unclad color lawn pants, minimal makeup, and straight hair for a PERFECT SUMMER LOOK. It is a mundane yet trendy look

Desi Outfits And Straight Pants


17- Like Mother Like Daughter

The mother-daughter bond is always special. For any occasion, this trend never gets old. Fixate on this resplendent attire worn by both mother and daughter. Senior women can pull off this style facilely. Lawn three-piece with jhumka’s or earrings will compliment your dress. Wear shoes of your cull.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


16- Gorgeous Pistachio

Give all your attention to this beautiful piece of art. This elegant piece consists of a mesori lawn embroidered shirt with paste-printed chiffon dupatta and dyed cambric trousers. A bold red lipstick and eyes drenched with khol with some loose curls will make everyone around you wonder HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


15- Perfect Date Outfit With Straight Trousers

Are you going on a date? Discombobulated? Here’s an outfit conception for your impeccable dreamy date. Smokey ocular perceivers will make your partner sink in your eyes. Unclad or bold lipstick is thoroughly your cull, but unclad will work better for you. But who verbalized that makeup defines you? You look pretty without makeup additionally. All those cicatrices show how beauteously polished you are. Heels or no heels? Depending on the place, if it is a hilly area, it’s too jeopardous to wear them, but if you optate to fall in somebody’s arms, then it’s a nice cull.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


14- Tie & Die Shirts With Jeans

Tie & die shirts are very trendy nowadays. Pair it with your favorite denim and a messy high bun. Integrate some traditional jhumka’s for relaxed vibes. Wear your favorite flats, or you can additionally wear jogging shoes for more comfort. For teens, what are you guys waiting for? THIS IS YOUR LOOK!!

Here are some more ways to style the Tie-Dye Outfits this season.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants

13- Creamy Affair

Want to pull off a fantastic decent look? Take a visual examination of this pretty outfit, like just wow. Not too fancy but too trendy, and visually examine those heels can’t take my ocular perceivers off them. Syra Yousuf looks sempiternally comely and sets all trends for us. If you ambulate in dressed up like this, people can’t avail saying, How You Doin?

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants

12- Senorita

Look how gorgeous is this beautiful attire—the perfect attire for those who desire to wear not too fancy. Minal Khan is adding more color and vibrancy to it. You can pull off this beautiful look in just three steps.

First, Grab a beautiful three-piece like this.

Second, nude makeup and heels of your choice.

Third, your very own jewelry.

11- Friday Outfit!

If you are too elegant, then why aren’t you having a dress like this? What is obviating you from getting all dressed up like this? This look is impeccable for all working ladies. Grab an ideal white/ebony coalescence with your favorite silver/white heels. Look at how comely and elegant Urwa Hussain looks.

10- Sister’s Before Mister’s

Want to look gorgeous like this resplendent pair? Why not? All you require is a pastel-colored outfit with comely jewelry, including pearls, silver, rust gold touch. A simple hairstyle or integrating some curls will make you look immensely captivating.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


9- Lil Dramatic Reception

This attire worn by Hania Amir is by Nomi Ansari. Look how pretty and dreamy this pulchritudinous attire is. Every woman out there can integrate the same glamour as Hania Amir did. Perspicacious women cull sleek buns to look elegant.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants

8- All Set For Mayun

Need to attend a friend’s dholki? And you don’t know what to wear? Too late to shop?

You can still pull it off, mam. Chunri is prevalent in every Desi household and is additionally facilely available out there. For people living abroad, search for some Desi shops there, and you will find this comely chunri three-piece. Wear khussa’s with it and bangles are a MUSTTTTTTT.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


7- Family Lunch

An impeccable outfit for a family lunch/formal summer event. I can’t take my ocular perceivers off this elegant piece. It’s simple to carry this outfit. All you require is nice summer heels and silver earrings. Do a bit of eye makeup, but that thoroughly depends on the event you are attending. If you are willing for a formal meeting, then go for plain ocular perceivers. But if you are attending a daytime day of inception bash, you should go for fancy eye makeup.

Desi Outfits and Straight Pants


6- Plain But Gorgeous

For any work meetup, take a look at this gorgeous attire. It’s simple but cool concurrently. Just integrate some heels to engender a fancy look; otherwise, any flats, especially khussa’s, are always trendy. Blending a traditional neckpiece and jhumka’s with loose curls will integrate some cool vibes

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


5- Purple Is The New Black

This color is the perfect summer color. Integrating silver jewelry or pearls will incorporate glamour. For a fancy event, integrate heels into it, but for comfort, flats are always trendy. An unclad makeup look with dead straight hair will glorify the overall look. How adorable! Here are some of the Biggest Summer Fashion Trends For Pakistani Women.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


4- Puffed Sleeves

Puffed Sleeves are a fashion trend nowadays. Look how pulchritudinous yet straightforward this piece of art is. Integrate a printed organza dupatta for a formal look; otherwise, if you pair this plain kurta and pants with heels that are withal formal. Make a hairstyle of your cull. For college, it’s better to tie up your hair, but for formal events, loose hair doesn’t care.

Desi Outfits With Straight Pants


3- A Beautiful Piece Of Art

Waistcoats never fail to disappoint. Style it in straight pants, a crop top, and vibrant pink heels. Unclad makeup with simple dead straight hair will integrate a variant of glamour. Integrating jewelry is your cull—an faultless fusion of eastern and western outfits. Pistachio green is trendy this summer.


2- Chicken Kari Shirt With Straight Pants

In Summers, Chicken Kari shirts are pretty mundane and trendy. Take an optical canvassing of this pulchritudinous attire with transparent flats. WOW! An impeccable look for college and university-going girls.

Straight Pants With Desi Outfits



Maya Ali looked elegant in this lilac ensemble featuring a front open jacket draped over a plenarily embroidered front slit shirt. Beauteously furnished with a pulchritudinous cumulation of gold and silver work. A raw silk lilac trouser is paired to consummate the look. Rust gold choker with a pearl mala. Integrate gold heels, and YOU ARE ALL SET TO SURMOUNT.

Straight Pant With Desi Outfits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is long kurta with straight pants design a trend?

A. Yes!! Long kurtas are always trending. They are easy and comfortable to wear. As I mentioned above, You can wear them with any type of jeans and a cool hairstyle like a messy bun or beachy waves will compliment your look.

Q- Can we wear a Pakistani suit with straight pants?

A. Yes!!! Fashion has evolved to a great dimension nowadays. Pakistani suits are also available with lawn textured pants. They are quite very much in fashion and they give really smart looks. They are the best for your ALL DESI LOOK.

Q- Is pant style shalwar fashionable?

A. Without any doubt, Pant style shalwar’s are always fashionable. They give comfortable and smart vibes. Adding some heels, natural nude makeup, and loose curls will compliment your look.


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