23 Best Easter Outfits for Plus Size Women 2021

Easter Outfits For Plus Sized Women – The occasion of festivities and joy is right around the corner and for women, all over the world the biggest decision to make is what outfit to wear. But you’re not alone in this endless cry of never knowing what to wear, in fact, every woman shares the pain with you!

This decision becomes a lot more difficult if you’re a plus sized woman in a world where the beauty standards are set to size zero models. The struggle to find dresses your size and that also look good on you is real. Whether its an Easter brunch with friends or a grand dinner with family, what outfit to wear is a crucial choice for plus size women. So, to make things easy we’re here to guide you about the different options as to what to wear on easter if you are plus size. Whether you want to shine or stay with some sophisticated styles, we have got your back.

How to Dress On Easter For Chubby Ladies

Here are some interesting ways to dress up this Easter:

  • There are different dress cuts that flatter different body sizes; you just need to find one that fits you best.
  • Loose fitted, voluminous clothing looks best on plus size bodies, as they cover your curves and give them a flowy look.
  • Skin fit clothes are best to enhance your curves and flaunt them
  • Colors make a huge difference; dark colors flatter your curves while keeping it subtle whereas bright colors are catch attention and project your curves out there.
  • Deep necks make your neck appear longer, thus making you look taller for instance V-necks.
  • Similarly, small necks such as turtle necks have the reverse effect.
  • Another way to really stand out this Easter and make your dress shine is to accessorize! Never forget to accessorize your outfits. Carry a scarf around your neck, bedazzle the audience with a gorgeous neckpiece and wear your favorite heels.

Easter Outfits

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↓23 – Outfit With Faux Fur Jacket

Faux fur jackets are red hot this season. Irrespective of the color or style you choose, rest assured that you will make a huge fashion statement with these. In case you feel like a diva inside, it is your time to shine this Easter. Don’t hesitate and get yourself an outrageous faux fur jacket in the most shaggy shape ever. If the weather is chilly over Easter, you can easily wear a fur vest jacket over a casual top paired with leather pants or any other jeans of your choice. Here are 20 Ways to Wear Faux Fur Coat.

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↓22 – Pencil Skirt Outfit For Plus Size Women

With there sultry cut and decent length, pencil skirts are loved by most of the plus-sized women. You can choose multiple fabrics for pencil skirts. However, on Easter, the best way to go forward is to select a flowy fabric or something that makes your curve appear in the most flattering style. We suggest you try Ponte knit pencil skirt because this fabric retains its shape and will hide any imperfections. You can put together a colorful peplum top with a black skirt for a cute look this Easter. Have a look at our earlier post on 20 Stunning Skirt Outfit Combinations for Plus Size Ladies.

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↓21 – Easter Outfit For A Formal Look

Whether you love the power that comes with an intense suit or have a formal dinner to attend to on Easter, a structured suit is the best option. Go for a white formal shirt and pair it with a blazer and dress pants. You can choose the color and fabric of the suit depending upon the time of the day as well as dress code ethics. For example, for a funky style, you can choose bright colors and for a more refined look, go with the traditional shades like charcoal, black and greyish blue.

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↓20 – Colorful Dress For A Cute Look

Nothing looks as festive as a multi-colored dress, so you can definitely consider it as an option this Easter. You can either select to go with strips or just color blocking dresses. Cape sleeves midi dress is a stunning option and you can even match it with your dark brown boots for Easter. Outfits like these look amazing when paired with the trending tassel earrings so do have a look at these 22 Ideas How to Wear Tassel Earrings.

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↓19 – All Black Outfit For Easter

All black Easter outfits are not that bizarre and it is time to stand out in a black dress. There are many ways to carry a black dress. In case you are planning to go to a special party, a lace crop top and satin high-waisted midi skirt will make you look glamorous and elegant all at once. For a more casual get together with friends and family, it is better to go with a chiffon black dress with a fluted skirt that twirls sweetly when you move. Style your black dress with black leggings and boots.

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↓18 – Easter Outfit For A Classy Look

Here’s a great monochrome look to make you stand out this Easter! Playing around with one color can be tricky, so you have to add layers that make your outfit really stand out. Go with a check-patterned coverup like a kimono or an unstructured blazer over a simple dress. Throw in some classy earrings and a pair of statement-making black boots. You are now good to go!

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↓17 – Polka Dots Semi Formal Dresses

If you want to look chic and stylish, you can go for a polka dress that never gets old! For a captivating semi-formal look, a chiffon polka dot dress can be a great piece to start with. You can recreate some iconic styles from the past era to go with this simple dress. Wear some black satin or leather gloves and black stocking. You can also wear some black block heel shoes or Mary Jane and 70’s women mod hat along with vintage shades.

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↓16 – How To Accessorize Your Outfit For Easter

You can uplift any outfit with the right accessories such as a nice chunky pearl necklace, statement earrings, trendy clutch or a cool pair of sunglasses. In case you want to go with a more sophisticated look, layered gold necklace look best with plunging necklines like V-neck or scoop necks. Wristlet handle bags are quite popular these days and would look perfect for any Easter dress.

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↓15 – How To Style Plus Size Blouse For Easter

Cold shoulder tops are making waves this season, so why not try wearing it this Easter? Who can resist the flirty appeal of the cold-shoulder blouses and there are so many options to go with. You can go with denim or chambray blouse for a more casual look. For special dinner parties, you can go with crochet tops or printed chiffon ones. Style them with jeans or formal flared pants. Here are 12 Hot Plus Size Street Style Fashion Ideas for This Season.

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↓14 – Trendy Easter Outfit For Curvy Girls

Confused with color selection for Easter? This is a great transitional outfit that will work for both day and night time. For a unique look, you can get your hands on a similar split color block black and white dress and wear it with statement earrings and a stunning pair of heels.

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↓13 – What Wear For Easter Brunch

Nothing compares to the class of a simple red dress and you can definitely opt for such a dress when going for brunch. Bright colors are best for special occasions and display your excitement for the day.

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↓12 – What Outfit To Wear For Easter Mass

When deciding on an outfit for Easter mass, you not only have to look super smart but also have to skip wearing overly casual dresses. Don’t select outfits that can create distractions and will annoy others. Go with light colors and simple cuts with no provocative graphics on them. We recommend that you should try something celestial such as this pretty white maxi lace dress. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

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↓11 – Outfit With Skirt For A Sophisticated Look

A great way to style your skirt for Easter this time around is by going for the high-waisted look. This way you will get that amazing and flattering hour glass look. This is also a great way to wear flowy skirts without the added stress of hiding your tummy. You can tuck in a white button-down shirt with a cute skirt to look elegant and sophisticated. Wear cute minimalist heels in the color similar to that of the skirt for an elongated look.

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↓10 – Velvet Dress For Easter

Experiment with different textures such as velvet. It’s simple, graceful and modern at the same time! A fitted velvet dress would flatter your figure and would help in case you are still experiencing cold weather. Do check out these 10 Ways to Wear Leggings if Curvy.

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↓9 – Denim Dress For A Casual Look

If you do not want to put too much effort into your outfit and yet look fashionable, this denim knee-length dress is for you! Denim is the most versatile fabric and with a simple denim dress, there are still many options to spruce up your look. You can either DIY your way to a very modern look with sticking embroidered flowers, pearls or lace on the dress. You can tie a bow on the waist and make it fit more snugly. A blush or tea pink purse would look amazing with this dress and wear some chunky silver earrings and heels for a wonderful look.

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↓8 – Animal Prints For A Chic Look

Cheetah and Leopard printed outfits make you look young and chic and will also compliment your curves. You can go with an animal print blouse and black leather pants a contemporary look. Or wear your favorite animal print dress with thigh-high boots for a vivacious look. Hoop earrings are the perfect way to complement the animal print outfit and carry a smart clutch for the style.

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↓7 – Easter Date Attire

Keep things formal and classy with an elegant dress with modern cuts that fit perfectly. The high low hem creates a sexy silhouette and shows off your legs in an elegant way. It is a great look for date night. Wear this dress with black heels and silver jewelry.

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↓6 – For A Glamorous Look

For those who think jumpsuits are either too plain or slightly inappropriate choice for Easter, we have a stunning outfit. You can go for a sparkly sequined jumpsuit to brighten up your look and make all heads turn your way!  Go with a bold red shade of lip stain and some pointed-toe heels for a breathtaking look.

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↓5 – Outfit With Long Coat For A Cool Look

Enhance any outfit with a coat that is in contrast with your dress, perhaps one with fur such as this one. Here’s the best collection of Plus Size Date Outfits.

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↓4 – Printed Dress For Plus Size Girls

A printed top or dress will make you look slim, making it an absolute must in your list of Easter outfit options. Go with prints and colors that would go with the spirit of Easter. A bodycon dress is perfect to show off those amazing curves you have been hiding all along. Go for a boat-shaped neckline and let your hair loose for the day.

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↓3 – What Outfit To Wear On Easter Sunday

You can wrap around a scarf or shawl around any dress to enhance your look. In case your dress is not making you excited, there is no need to feel anxious. Adding pretty scarves or shawls can do a lot for your dress. You can even wear a belt with a shawl for cinching your waist.

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↓2 – Flowy Outfit For Plus Size Women

If you are not a fan of the fitted dress, you can still style your outfit by incorporating loose-fitting dresses for a great style. Go with flowy fabrics and chiffon or georgette are your best bet. A chiffon blouse with pink culotte flared pants can be an impressive choice. Style with brown suede boots and a bright colored purse.

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↓1 – Outfit With Off Shoulder

Go trendy with an off shoulder paired with white pants. Not all of us love bright colors and for lighter shades option, we suggest a gingham print blue and white shirt with white capris for a pretty look. Go with bright blue earrings and brown wedges for the day. For more ideas, check out these 23 Ways to Style Plus Size Off-the-Shoulder Tops for Women.

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We hope this helps you narrow down your options. As long as you’re comfortable in what you wear and are confident about it, nobody can stop you from stealing all the attention! We hope you liked this article, don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments.

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