15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)

Board shorts outfits for women: When the temperatures are scorching, it’s no good to dress in heavy fabrics and tight cuts. Whether you’re heading out for a swim or not, a pair of swim shorts for women will surely appeal to you because of their relaxed style, loose fit, and water-resistant fabrics. Board shorts are a great summer addition and you can choose from a variety of fun prints and colors.

Having said that, when it comes to prints and bright outfits, you cannot go wrong with vibrant colors, polka dots, tropical prints, abstract patterns, and so forth are on the top of the list in popularity these days.

A warm summer day in the water is one of the summer’s most enjoyable adventures, but it requires the right board shorts or suits to make it a memorable one. Fortunately, I have some great board shorts outfit ideas for you to choose from. Here is the list of best swim shorts outfit ideas for you to help make your styling part of it easier. Have a look below, I’m sure you’ll like them.

What to Wear with Board Shorts?

When going to the beach to hang out casually, some people don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini. Sometimes it may be appropriate to wear more casual beachwear. If you’re going to play beach volleyball, for instance, you want to look casual and natural.

If you want to do that, you should wear ladies’ swim shorts. An under-swimsuit, a bikini top, or a waterproof t-shirt are some of the options for pairing it with. For more modest options, you can check out these Beach Outfits If You Don’t Want To Wear Bikinis.

What are Board Shorts?

Surfers initially created board shorts to provide themselves with the coverage they need while on their boards, and to protect their legs while they perform movements on the board. Board shorts pair well with tank tops, tees, and tucked-in blouses.

Women’s board shorts 7 to 9 inches long are great with sandals, loafers, and boat shoes since they appear less like swimwear. As another option, you can choose spandex women’s swim shorts since they have great elasticity and stretch, making them perfect for swimming.

Tips on Styling Outfits with Board Shorts

  • Making the right choice of shorts: Shop with a friend. While shopping, it’s important to get another’s point of view since many people tend to make their own mistakes. Particularly if you are lacking self-confidence, you may perceive flaws that nobody else would see.
  • Think about the type of shorts that you need: Consider what you intend to accomplish and how you would like to look in your shorts. What is your style preference, sexy or casual? Depending on the length of the shorts, it can be sexy or modest. Shorts can be long or short, with or without pockets.
  • Ensure your shorts go with your entire outfit. If you want to look great when wearing shorts, you should have a cohesive outfit instead of a random assortment of items.
  • Shape your legs to your liking. Your legs will be visible in most shorts styles. Ensure that you are comfortable with the way they look.
  • Fitted shorts are the best choice. In order for a fit to be perfect, it must not feel restrictive but at the same time, not be too baggy.

15 – How to Wear Board Shorts When Not on the Beach?

If you’re trying out board shorts casually for the first time, I would recommend pairing them with any tee or top and then layering them over it with a long jacket, so you don’t feel uncomfortable. Of course, the choice of shoes will also be casual for these looks, such as sneakers or boots.

Baben is a really great brand selling board shorts that are perfect for your off-the-beach looks.

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)


15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)

14 – Beach Party Look

Board shorts and sequin? Count us in! Because we’re currently obsessing over this look and can’t wait to give it a try at the next beach party.

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)


13 – Summer Picnic Outfits

While some prefer their picnic outfits to be semi-formal or fancy, others prefer comfort – if you’re the latter type, then board shorts will make great picnic outfits for you.

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)


12 – Go for Funky Printed Tops

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)


11. Bikini and Cover-up Board Shorts 

A beach is a place where every lady wears a bikini, as you’ve seen in movies. However, in real life, surfing has gained so much popularity that more women are choosing to wear trendy board outfits. However, everyone has different choices.

Some want to dress swim shorts up with a bikini top while others choose to pair a t-shirt with long-board shorts and sandals. If you want a swimsuit that will catch everyone’s eye, then go for this bikini along with tropical print board shorts. You can even choose to accessorise your swimsuit if you have a special day planned.


10. Board Shorts Outfit for Hiking

An all-American seamless crop tank, which can be worn with or without a bra, allows you to stay comfortable in your active lifestyle. Combine it with flawless blue surge swim shorts and women’s hikers to make the adventurous feel even more energetic. This combination works well for swimmers and hikers.

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)


9. Fit for Summer Travels

You’ll look cool and comfortable in these navy blue board-shorts trunks and SHEIN Scoop-Neck foam-fitted Bodysuit. Want to look more stylish? Add this stylish crossing skinny straps travel sandals to your collection of two-toned totes and wide-brimmed hats. You can easily carry this look with you for your next trip and the best part is that they don’t take up much space in your baggage.

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)


8. Wear High Neck Tankinis with Board Shorts

Board shorts are a great style for anyone who enjoys beach activities. Therefore, if you are an avid surfer, you should definitely opt for this green palm printed chlorine resistant tankini set with a high-neck top and bottom bike shorts.

These comfortable shorts will keep you relaxed at the pool or on the beach with a full coverage bottom, making them perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Fits comfortably below the belly button and keeps chafing at bay.


7. Long Board Shorts with a White Top

Style the long board shorts in this way for a cool, and a little unisex look. Put on a white vest top with them. With a white vest top that fits just right, the outfit can actually be pretty sexy. This outfit features a simple white top paired with classic navy blue long board shorts with a flat front waistband for a cool and stylish look.  

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)

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6. All-Black Bikini Top with Shorts

This monochromatic look can be achieved by pairing a black bikini top with black long-board shorts. Summer and the beach go well together with the passionate feeling that comes with the shorts. These brilliant swimming trunks are super short and extremely comfortable and are great for swimming, surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, hiking, and more.


5. Retro Board Short with Matching Top 

Get this vibrant look to capture the joy of summer’s return filled with sun-filled days and bonfires at night. This retro-inspired printed swimsuit comes with an abstract top bra and a matching swim board. These shorts are made with stretchy polyester that has elastane, as well as water-resistant. You can hop into the water with no problem!

15 Board Shorts Outfits for Women to Wear (Beach & Casual)

J.Crew Board Shorts $23.88

4. Hawaiian Style Women Board Shorts with Matching Top

This is how you can achieve this colorful, attractive look. This Hawaiian style can be achieved with a red and green graphic top and coordinating shorts. You can look natural and refreshing on a beach in flat nude slippers if you want. 


3. Board Shorts with a Plaid Print and Contrasting Top

This theme would be ideal for beach games or surfing without a doubt. You should definitely consider buying this style if you are a beach-sporty or a surfer. A combination of mid-length ladies’ Hurley beach rider board shorts in a plaid print and a neon yellow swim bra gives you an appealing and cool look. 


2. Green Polka Dots Tankini with Board-shorts

Polka dot t-shirts, dresses, and swimsuits have been a fashion staple since the 19-century, and they have never been out of style since almost everyone enjoys wearing them. This design is most popular among beachgoers in swimsuits.

There are still many big brands offering beautiful pieces in this style. Thus, you should consider this two-piece tankini consisting of a laid-back top and a lovely pair of polka dot board shorts, ideal to wear at the beach.


1. Blue Floral Board-shorts Paired with a Black Tee

If you want to experience the joy of summer through sartorial escapism, wear this stylish pair of floral-printed shorts and a simple, black tee. No matter where you’re headed this summer, this beachy and embellished style-set is sure to catch everyone’s eye.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do board shorts allow you to swim?

Yes, wwim in the lake or leap off the diving board, paddleboard, hike to the waterfall, and so on. In addition to being traditionally seen as surf shorts, board shorts can be worn for so much more than surfing! A board short and bikini bottom combination is a great choice if you spend a lot of time on, in, or around water. Moreover, most board shorts feature drawstrings, so everybody type can get the perfect fit.

Q. Are board shorts supposed to be worn with anything under them?

Ultimately, you are the only one who can decide what to wear underneath your board shorts. Generally speaking, if your boardshorts are lined with mesh, you don’t need to wear underwear.

What is the fabric of board shorts?

Men and women can wear board shorts as swimwear, which are more like casual clothing than swimsuits. The clothing is designed to dry quickly yet be comfortable and lightweight. The fabrics are usually polyester or nylon.

Q. Does wearing board shorts casually look weird?

Not a tall, they are increasingly popular for good reasons: they dry fast, are trendy, and keep their appearance. In addition to being suitable for swimming, board shorts can definitely be worn casually. 

Q. How do board shorts work?

Basically, it is a kind of swim cover-up that women wear over their swimsuits. They’re perfect for both in and out of the water activities-dive into a game of volleyball, sail, paddle-board, or stop by the snack bar for some treats. Typically, board shorts are made of four-way stretch fabric with a quick-drying finish and UPF 50 protection. Board shorts are available in a wide range of lengths, from long-board shorts to short-size board shorts to coordinate with tops and bottoms made for active swimming.

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