Sailor Pant Outfits-17 Ways to Wear Sailor Pants Fashionably

Outfits with sailor trousers – Pants come in all shapes, sizes and varieties but the best ones are sailor trousers for this season. This is because they are loose, comfortable and can be worn by both plus size and skinny girls. These stylish trousers are in vogue this winter season. Wear them for Sunday brunch fashion or a shopping trip with your friends. Enjoy our list and you are sure to get ideas, tips and tricks on dressing up this winter season.

Ideas How To Wear Sailor Pants

#1. Pop of Bright Color

Live it up this winter season by adding a bright pop of color. Pair your denim shirt and belt with a watermelon shade trousers. Other colors such as red or pink would also look great for winter wardrobe.

ways to wear sailor pants fashionably 1


#2. Casual Yet Sophisticated

Want to look smart without the extra effort? Pair a low-cleavage white cotton shirt, with black flared pants. Stretchable elasticated waist band will add for comfort and style.

ways to wear sailor pants fashionably 2

#3. Street Style

Stay cozy this winter season by mixing a bright neon color with a funky design pant. Black, white and yellow look great together and make the perfect sailor pants combo.

ways to wear sailor pants fashionably 4


#4. Perfect Sailor Pants Look for Daytime

A marine look that is great for brunches, birthdays, galas or dates is this look. Match well-cut, tailored trousers with a contrasting cotton blouse. Tuck it in for a more sophisticated look.

ways to wear sailor pants fashionably 6

#5. Winter Wear

For college students, wearing stylish clothes is super important. A helpful tip to look hot is to wear navy blue sailor pants with golden brass buttons. Pair this with all white accessories, so that the trousers stand out. You will surely make heads turn.

ways to wear sailor pants fashionably 7


#6. Sexy Diva Jennifer Lopez Style

Copy Jennifer Lopez’s sexy style by wearing nothing but white from head to toe. Here, she wears tight and fitted sailor pants with a lacy crop top. For the winter season, add a long white fleece coat for added warmth and sexy style.

ways to wear sailor pants fashionably 8


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#7. Modern, Sophisticated Posh Beckham Style

Victoria Beckham knows how to look glam. Here, she tucks in her polka dot silk blouse into cotton white trousers. This look is great for travelling and working women.

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