15 Ideal White Party Outfit Ideas for Men for A Handsome Look

Stylish Ways to Wear white – White can be an awkward color to style and some people will steer clear of it altogether. However for gentlemen nowadays this is not the case and white can be an attractive color which such gives such a powerful impression and that can suit all shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind what sort of party it is that you will be attending. What should men wear to different parties? What footwear is ideal for a guy’s white outfit? And which accessories are great with white styles? This post brings you 15 ideas of white dresses for men to wear at parties. Don’t forget to also check out our post on Men’s Party Outfits.

White Outfit Ideas
Well in the last post we talked about 15 trending all black outfits for men. If going to a more formal party why not go for the trendy and sophisticated white three piece suit? If choosing this look why not stand out and add a patterned tie, colored belt and contrasting shoes? Oxfords are perfect shoes for this style of white outfit. In keeping with the theme and looking stunning at the same time. Make sure shirts are crisp and ironed correctly. Creases will stand out on a white shirt and can completely ruin your look. The same goes for the rest of your suit.

For a more casual style to a not so formal party, select a white polo t-shirt, vest with a blazer or even a jumper. These are great tops for a casual look and will go with plain white jeans, suit trousers or even crops if worn properly. To complete a casual look, include accessories such as colored belts, ties, handkerchiefs, sunglasses and even watches. All accessories do not have to be white. Colors such as black, blue and brown will break up your outfit beautifully without creating an overwhelming image with too much white. Even shoes can be white with casual styles, however also try and get a touch of color in there. Sneakers, pumps and boat shoes with brown, black or blue detail will be perfect for this style as well as be comfortable party footwear.

DO’s and Dont’s of Wearing White
White on white can be overpowering so do not use white everything. Break up your look with ivory, cream or off white if you want to stick to this color. Avoid heavily contrasting or odd color choices with your white outfit e.g. orange, neon green etc. Instead keep it neutral. Although it may sound ridiculous, it is best to shy away from certain foods especially if you’re at a formal party i.e. a wedding. The last thing you want is a red wine stain down your stunning crisp blazer.

Check out the following images which show great ways of rocking a white on white party outfit.

Top 15 Men’s White Party Outfit Combinations


#15 – Cruise Ship Party Outfit.

The double breasted suit associated mostly with the movie characters of the 40s have returned with a bang. It has been modernized according to the taste of the latest trends and is now easily becoming a must have item in fashionable men’s wardrobe. It is now much more slimmer and body fitting type but retains its elegance and manliness. And is the suit is in white the more dressier and eventful it gets. You can wear a white suit on a cruise or when going to a birthday bash or a cocktail party but not for an interview or a serious corporate meeting. The playfulness of the color suggests that you should opt for a dark tie and nice patent Oxford shoes in black and white. Slicked back parted hair and a nice watch should be your only accessory.


 #14- VIP Suit Party Style.

Head to toe in white. Now this is a look that you can adopt if there is an after party on a golf course or to a wedding. As this is ultimate casual dressing style in a suit so have fun with the whole outfit and choose matching shoes and a tie.


 #13- Suave Tailored Suit.

Although white suits are a risk to wear as they get wrinkled and dirty rather quickly than all the other colors but you should have a white suit and in three piece if possible cause if you are making a statement than go all the way to prove it that you a dressy man. Choose to wear white shoes with the matching tie or exchange the tie with black and black shoes. Blow dried rumpled hair will look nice if you have long hair and a crew cut would be nice for short hair guys.


 #12- Street Style Party Outfit.



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