15 Useful Fashion Ideas for Today’s Business Woman

It is a well-known fact that any woman going to a new job interview will spend ages scouring through her wardrobe putting items together to try and create that perfect first impression. But there really is no need to. With these little tips and tricks finding that seamless outfit will be a walk in the park. Why not check out these 22 Elegant work wear outfit combinations along with these ideas.

Hair and Make Up Ideas Business womenbeauty
These must be pristine! Going to an interview with ‘just got out of bed’ hair is an ultimate no. the typical hair style is the pony tail. Simple, sophisticated and takes minimal effort. Keep your hair style conventional and away from the face, the last thing you want is your hair constantly sticking to your lipstick when you speak. Make-up should be kept to a minimalistic measure but also look immaculate. Neutral shades such as bronze and golds are a nice touch to accentuate eyes without going overboard. If you’re feeling brave enough why not go for a striking red lipstick? This will make your lips stand out as a key feature and keep the professional image alive without looking like you are going for a night out.

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While the typical and obvious attire for a business woman is the sleek and simple two piece suit, it can still be viable to venture out into slightly bolder and daring apparel. Red is a good choice of colour in the workplace IF used correctly. Red can be very intimidating so too much red can look disastrous. However, matching some red heeled shoes to a black single breasted jacket and knee length skirt get up can look stunning as well as give the impression of power and professionalism.
If you prefer the calmer side of business wear then why not go for an open shoulder, coloured, illusion top with plain black suit trousers? If shoulders are to be covered in the workplaces then a matching black jacket is perfect for completing the outfit. If you would rather the beautifully contrasting black and white suit then why not choose pinstripe? Pinstripe is a fantastic pattern which can subtly break up an outfit with use of colour.
It is absolutely paramount that a business woman’s outfit must be matching! Do not match black trousers with a grey jacket because your black one is in the wash. A mismatched outfit can give the vibe of ‘I really couldn’t be bothered’ and is majorly frowned upon in the business world.


Accessories Business Women Must Carry
Once again, bags, necklaces, bracelets must be in keeping with the business style you have chosen. If you have decided to go for the red shoes then why not match them with a stunning red leather hand bag? Reds and golds go hand in hand so if wearing red try to use gold jewellery.
Jewellery may not always be allowed in the workplace or if it is it is usually minimalist. With this in mind keep necklaces and bracelets simple.

Plus size business women can also get lots of ideas from our previous article “ cute work wear outfits for curvy women“. If you have a corporate meeting at a place where it is rather chilly then check out these winter dresses for business women. The following images will demonstrate what has been suggested above. Have a look at the outfit ideas below and mix and match to create your own business combo. These outfits are available at a reasonable price from macys online.

Business Attire – Women

Fashion Ideas Business women (1)

Corporate Women Fashion


Fashion Ideas Business women (2)

Blazer with Red Pant.

Fashion Ideas Business women (3)

Spring Outfit.

Fashion Ideas Business women (4)

Chic Business Girl.

Fashion Ideas Business women (5)

Latest fashion Trends.

Fashion Ideas Business women (6)


Casual Business Attire

Fashion Ideas Business women (7)

Black women’s business wear


Fashion Ideas Business women (8)

Professional Business Attire


Fashion Ideas Business women (9)


Fashion Ideas Business women (10)

Suit with wide Legged Pants.

Fashion Ideas Business women (11)
Fashion Ideas Business women (13)

Comfortable Pant Suit.

Fashion Ideas Business women (14)


Fashion Ideas Business women (15)
Fashion Ideas Business women (12)

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