30 Cute Outfits for Short Height Girls To Look Tall

Short height girls looking for ideas what to wear ? how to wear to look cute and stylish ? well outfit trends bring 30 great styling ideas and tips for short women to tall.Before we move on to discuss different outfit combinations ,For your motivation  must see “10 short height celebrities fashion you should follow“.It is surely going to charge you up .

Petite Girls  have been enveloped by different thoughts about dressing up. First thing that crosses their mind is whether this dress will make them look short or how they need to accessorize so that they seem a bit taller. All celebs we know are not tall, many of them are short height but look tall because of their dressing choices. Here are some of the dress choices that will be reshape your wardrobe in a way that everyone is left in awe.

Fashion Tips for Short Height Ladies


Did you know Shakira is a short lady? Her height is more or less 5.2’ but she looks tall. Here in this dress she have worn blaze that fits her perfectly and also her jeans and inner shirt compliment her look. Make sure to wear fitted pants with all your dresses that are cropped up. It gives illusion of you being tall.

The v-shaped front of shirt and cropped black jacket with must fit jeans make Shakira look tall. If you wear mid-calf boots it is needed that you avoid too loose shirts.

Mila Kunis

To your surprise the most beautiful lady of Hollywood industry, Mila Kunis is also quite average height. She is 5.4’ but looks tall and pretty. For the short height teen girl idea for bright colored floor grazing dress is presented. With such dress make sure to add a thin belt complimenting your dress and representing that you have long legs.

Blazer with Jeans and Heels

For all those teen girls who like sophisticated outfits and have short height can try this style. Wear the blazer that fits you perfectly and the jeans that you wear should as advised before should be tight fit.

So you want to dress up casually? Take a tip from Shakira and wear shirt that has silhouettes but also wear the jeans that has casual look but not really too baggy. Pair it with a nice pendant and you are casual yet stylish. In winters leather jacket will make you look chic and teen spirited at the same time.

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