What To Wear For Cinco De Mayo – 15 Outfit Ideas

What To Wear For Cinco De Mayo: Cinco De Mayo, Spanish for “The Fifth of May” is a Mexican celebration held every year on this day to commemorate the Mexican victory in a historical battle. More popular in the United States than in Mexico, Cinco De Mayo has become associated with the celebration of American-Mexican culture.

It is a big and colorful celebration that attracts many tourists to participate in it and also join in the festivities. The festival is an opportunity for Mexicans and Americans alike, to dress up in colorful clothing and dresses to really honor and celebrate the Mexican culture.

Outfits To Style for Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

The easiest way to plan for this colorful and lively occasion is to prioritize clothing that is vibrant in color or clothes which have fun patterns and designs, (specifically bright florals!) on them. Big bold prints are the way to go for this wonderful event, so time to put away the neutrals and bring back the bright prints! Neutral options also exist for this category however, they are usually accompanied by a floral or bright element.

For example, a white floral dress with ruffles and bright pair of heels will give you the neutral look but will also be a good option to wear to this event. Other variations include bright red jumpsuits, dresses with big, bright, and bold floral prints, and tops and dresses with many ruffles, to honor the commonly worn items in Mexican culture!

Do’s and Don’ts for Cinco De Mayo Outfits:

  • Do try to opt for as many skirts as possible! Skirts can never go wrong on Cinco de Mayo! especially the ones which are tiered and ruffled to create a lot of dimensions.
  • Nothing is too much for Cinco De Mayo, so do not shy away from bright colors! Reds, greens, oranges, and purples, you can wear any color that your heart desires and it will surely look good. Go big or go home!
  • Try to avoid cover-ups like blazers. These items of clothing have a muting effect and can take away from the fun of your bright and bold outfit. In case it gets chilly, opt for a light colorful shawl/scarf or perhaps a very thin cardigan. Black blazer outfits may be very trendy, but they can overpower your outfit and hide away all the fun colorful parts of your outfit underneath.
  • Don’t be afraid of big florals! Some may shy away from big flowers and opt for something less feminine (in that case, bright jumpsuits and jeans with a bright top work!), but for the occasion of Cinco De Mayo, florals are a no-brainer!

15 – White Top With Colorful Embroidered Neckline Paired With Jeans

To start off, we have a simple and no-brainer Cinco De Mayo outfit that will take minimal effort to put together but will guarantee to make you look great for the occasion. This is the perfect outfit to put together, especially when you do not have anything to wear because it mostly includes items for your everyday closet! This is a great option that anyone can pull off with ease.


14 – Bright Orange Asymmetrical Top With Lace Ruffles To Wear With Jeans

Another one that you can not possibly go wrong with. This orange top is great to wear to Cinco De Mayo because the color represents freshness and youthfulness which is so on brand with the themes and colors of the Cinco De Mayo festivities. The top is plain in theory, but the color, compounded with the lace detailing and the off-shoulder elements add the dimension it needs to be perfect to wear to the festival!


13 – Printed White T-Shirt With Tiered and Ruffled Blue Midi Skirt

If you are not in the mood for doing something extremely crazy and bold with your top, then no worries. There are plenty of outfit alternatives for Cinco De Mayo that can work wonderfully and compliment the occasion just the same. This outfit is great because it has a staple piece in every girl’s closet: a white t-shirt. If the t-shirt is printed, then even better, because it will add a bit of vibrancy to the overall outfit. but the main star of the show has to be the midi skirt. Beautiful and showstopping with its flattering ruffles and amazing length, the skirt has a vibrant and unique hue of blue which will work perfectly for the festivities of Cinco De Mayo! The tiered detail of the skirt will also add so much more dimension and it elevates it from looking like an ordinary skirt to something that will definitely get you many compliments when you wear it!


12 – White Off-Shoulder Crop Top With Bold Floral Embroidery Paired with Matching Red Flared Pants

This outfit is so simple but so effective for Cinco De Mayo! The top is cropped and cute, with the bold detailing adding life to the otherwise plain top. The ruched and layered elements of the cropped top really make the floral design stand out and accentuates the body perfectly. The flare pants match with the florals to really complete the look and the overall shape that it gives the body is extremely beautiful. To spruce up the outfit even more by adding another fun element, one could opt for a gold belt to cinch in the waist and draw attention to the hourglass figure of your body!

2. Embroidered Top (similar) $38


11 – Simple Ruched White Top With Bold Florals at the Neckline paired with Jeans and Calf-High Boots

This is the perfect foolproof minimal effort look to try for the Cinco De Mayo. It is a simple white top, that is very commonly worn by a lot of people going to the Cinco De Mayo, paired with faded denim jeans. This outfit is for more of a casual look, and it will look best when worn in addition to calf-high boots and a beige straw hat with red detailing. A belt can be worn to cinch in the waist but this outfit looks great without it too. This is such an easy way to pull off a Cinco De Mayo outfit, especially if you have not gone shopping for the occasion because this outfit contains items that are available as staple pieces in every girl’s closet!


10 – Cropped Floral Top With White Ruched Mini Skirt

This is a more summery rendition of a Cinco De Mayo outfit. It has this beautiful crop top which is printed with the most beautiful floral design. The top will work with almost anything, but in this case, a white ruched skirt adds a lot of dimension and uniqueness to the overall outfit. It is a simple and easy outfit to pull off for the Cinco De Mayo even though it is a bit more toned down. This, therefore, may be the perfect outfit for those who are more into lighter prints and florals. Minimalistic, but pretty, this outfit will work with added accessories like gold jewelry and perhaps even a hat.


9 – White Cropped Ruched and Twisted Top with Tiered and Ruffled Matching Mini Skirt with a Pop Of Color

Cinco De Mayo is well known for its colorful celebrations and traditions. However, some people are different and prefer to stay in neutral colors. For such people, this outfit is perfect to wear as their wish to stay neutral is fulfilled but also, there is a pop of color. This not only keeps the sophisticated monochromatic effect in the outfit, but it also adds a bright color in the form of a shoe to add some color in honor of the colorful occasion.


8 – Bright Green Asymmetrical Wrap Dress With Ruffles Bejeweled Accessories

This is a very simple and breathable dress to wear to Cinco De Mayo. It has ruffles on the ends which make the otherwise plain dress more interesting, especially when tied with the vibrant green color that will honor the Cinco De Mayo occasion perfectly. This dress can go with all types of accessories, but something that will make you stand out in the crowd is if you opt for large earrings or bejeweled shoes for example. this will add another colorful and sparkly element that will really enhance the entire look and elevate it to make it perfectly festive to wear to the festival!


7 – Mini Bright Orange and Pink Bodycon Dress With Asymmetrical Neckline With Matching Heels

This dress is so simple to pull off because it is literally just one piece of clothing, but with so many different elements that you do not need anything else! The dress has an asymmetrical neckline made of spaghetti straps and also has a beautiful color range made of bright oranges and pinks fusing together to create a look that looks as artistic as a painting! This type of look is exactly what works best at a festival like Cinco De Mayo as the bright colors are perfect for any skin tone to enjoy. This look can be further accentuated by the addition of a matching heel to really elongate the body and add more dimension to the overall look.


6 – Bright Purple Off-Shoulder Tiered Dress With Many Ruffles

The color of this dress screams Cinco De Mayo as it is a unique and bright color that will definitely grab everyone’s attention. This dress has many tiers and ruffles which add so much texture and definition to make it perfect for Cinco De Mayo. The off-shoulder detail will only accentuate the figure and prevent it from drowning out the body.


5 – Red And White Peplum Style Dress With Printed Geometric Patterns 

This cute peplum-style mini dress is so cute to wear to Cinco De Mayo. Even with just two colors, this dress works great because of the beautiful geometric patterns printed along the entire length of the dress. It adds so much dimension and makes it such an interesting outfit to wear, especially when tied with colorful accessories like large vibrant earrings. However, this dress is perfect on its own too, so grab yours as soon as possible!


4 – Backless Light Red Dress With Large Flared Skirt With Colorful Prints

This dress is to die for. Starting off with the back, it will render anyone speechless as it has a crisscross strappy detailing, whilst keeping most of your back bare, adding such a unique and flattering effect to accentuate your body. Then we have the main star of the show, the skirt. The skirt is long, all the way down to the knees with the largest flare ever, to really give you those princess feels. There are vibrant patterns printed on the skirt, which stand out very beautifully against the red of the skirt and make it the perfect outfit to wear to Cinco De Mayo. This outfit is festive and fun, and honestly, what more do you even need for Cinco De Mayo?


3 – White Summer Dress With Big and Bold Flowers Printed On it

This outfit is beautiful because it not only gives off the perfect summer vibe, but it also makes for a great option to wear to the Cinco De Mayo. This dress is very simple in terms of the cut, but the prints on it make it perfect for the Cinco De Mayo occasion. The flowers printed on it in the brightest shades of blue, orange and green make it really come to life and turn it into a festive dress that will definitely get you compliments when you wear it to the festivities of Cinco De Mayo. This dress can be styled with gold accessories, but also with jute or straw add-ons like a cute handbag or even a hat.


2 – Black Slitted Dress with an Embroidered Neckline

This outfit is so stunning as it hugs the curves of the body in all the right places and really accentuates the figure to give the best look. This outfit also has bright embroidery at the neckline which is so on the theme for the Cinco De Mayo, and will definitely make this a great option to wear to the event. This outfit can be styled with gold jewelry and a neutral heel!


1 – Off-Shoulder Red Jumpsuit with Colorful Scarf Tied at the Waist

This outfit screams festive, not only because of the vibrant color but also because of the colorful scarf detail, cleverly placed at the waist to cinch it. So if you are confused as to what colors do people wear on Cinco De Mayo and why, then you can try this look. The ruffles tied with the off-shoulder element really bring this outfit together and makes it perfect for Cinco De Mayo.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What accessories to wear to Cinco De Mayo?

A. As far as accessories go, you can really do whatever you please according to your outfit. In terms of jewelry, the best accessories are always gold hoops and necklaces as they go with pretty much anything and are always flattering. But you can also go for festive hats and colorful fans to hold too!

Q. What can i DIY in my Cinco De Mayo outfit?

A. DIY can be used for a number of things, but the most effective and fun way to use it for Cinco De Mayo would be to create paper flowers that you can match with your outfit and put in your hair as an additional fun element to really enhance your outfit according to the bright and colorful theme.

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