20 Best Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Women 2022

Plus Size Club Outfit Ideas: Are you a plus-size woman who is always worried about dressing up for clubs? Are you looking for outfit ideas for the club? If you answered affirmative to both of these questions, this particular article is for you. Dressing up for parties and gatherings at the club is not a piece of cake mostly. It is often challenging to find suitable outfits.

For plus-size women, it becomes even more challenging as there is a weird obsession with having slim bodies. Everyone wants to look slim to fit in. To be honest, curvy women are as lovely as any other woman. There are a number of plus size club outfits for you. You just need to love your body and wear whatever you find comfortable and beautiful. Only you can tell the world that there shouldn’t be any discrimination and that you look as stunning as everyone else.

What Are Some Plus Size Club Outfit Ideas?

There is this wrong impression that plus-size women can only wear baggy clothes. That time, however, is long gone. Curvy women can wear skin-fitting clothes just like every other woman. Your wardrobe might be full of beautiful dresses and yet, you might shy away from wearing them because of the stereotypes. So, break the stereotype and wear anything you want to. You just need to be smart with your styling. There are a lot of plus size outfits like dresses, skirts, maxis, and so on. The way you style your outfit is what will give you the statement look. Here are some plus-size club outfit ideas that you might want to try.

Tips For Wearing Plus Size Club Outfits

  • If you are going for baggy clothes, make sure you wear something that gives you a statement look, like maybe wearing skinny jeans or tights.
  • If you are going at night, a better option would be wearing glittery outfits to stand out.
  • You can wear plus size party dress with sleeves as well. The sleeves can be of different styling depending on your preference.
  • If you don’t feel like wearing a dress, wear a printed shirt with matching or contrasting skirts or pants. Add some jewelry for a glam look.
  • Try to avoid wearing big patterns.
  • If you are going to wear stripes, vertical or diagonal stripes would be better.

20 – Black Plus Size Club Outfit

If you are a fan of black, this trend might be for you. Go all black next time you go to a club. Wear black pants and a black top. For a better look, throw a matching sheer dress on top. White shoes look awesome with black plus size club outfits, so go with them.


19 – Orange Plus Size Party Dress

This plus size party dress with full sleeves is definitely for polka dot dress lovers. Polka dots have their own charm and beauty. You would definitely look gorgeous in this plus size club outfit. For an attractive look, try some statement earrings and tie a belt over your waist or a little below your chest. You can try tying it at different positions depending on your body shape.

20 Best Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Women 2022
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18 – How To Wear A Tee To The Club?

For someone who loves T-shirts, you might want to try this outfit for a night out outfit. For instance, try a white plain tee with black jeans. As this outfit is quite simple for a club, add a leather jacket, and brick red or burgundy heels. Avoid black shoes in this case.


17 – Plus Size Club Outfits For Darker Skin Tones

Here is one of the simplest yet boldest plus size club outfit idea for brown women out there. Simply go for a red polka dot dress for your next club party. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can wear tights with this dress. Add some jewellery to your looks. Otherwise, you are all set for visiting the club.


16 – Asian Night Out Plus Size Club Outfits

This is one of the most decent plus size club outfit ideas for Asian women. Being curvy is awesome, all you have to be is creative with your dressing style. You don’t need super expensive outfits for that matter. As I always suggest, be mindful of your style and determine what suits you the best. You can slay your party at the club for sure. Take this look as an example. Wear a plaid top with jeans and pair it with high heel pumps or stilettoes. Wear earrings, and bracelets if you like. If bangles are trendy in your area, you can go for them as well.

20 Best Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Women 2022
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15 – Cool Plus Size Club Outfits

As a black woman, you might hear you can’t wear all colours. This impression is quite wrong in my opinion. You can wear any colour you want. Most often, curvy women hesitate to wear yellow colour, but you don’t need to. One idea for wearing a yellow outfit is to wear a long button-down lined dress. You can pair it with heels or platform sandals, whatever seems fit to you for the occasion.


14 – What To Wear With Pink Plus Size Club Outfits?

This is one of the cutest plus size club outfit ideas for pink lovers. Pink colour never ceases to stay in fashion. Usually, plus size party dresses with sleeves are trendy, but a blouse can work just as well as dresses. As an example, you can wear a pink button-down blouse with rolled up sleeves. A bowknot short would go well with this top. Wear some other accessories for a more highlighted look. This could be among stylish night-out plus size club outfits in your wardrobe. Also, check Nightclub Outfits For Plus Size Women for more ideas.


13 – Two Piece Club Outfit For Curvy Women

For women who love wearing white and denim, this look is definitely for you. Show off your curves wearing a plain white top with a skintight long skirt. To give it a classy look, throw a mini denim jacket over it. This could be among your statement night out plus size club outfits if you find it cozy.


12 – Plus Size Club Outfit With A Skirt

If you are out of ideas for wearing a cropped shirt or top, you can always rely on a skirt. Wear a plain skirt with a pastel colour top and look glamorous. You can merge your creativity with this plus size club outfit.

20 Best Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Women 2022

11 – Chic Plus Size Outfit To Wear To A Club

You can always rely on blazers for chic looks. Blazer is something that might give some coverage if you are looking for one. For this specific purpose, a peplum outfit is the best option. In case you aren’t looking for coverage or any other reason, you can go for a simple blazer as well keeping it open, unlike this look. You would need to be careful with choosing the top then. A crop top or a tank top would do well. This could be one of the best night out plus size club outfits.


10 – When To Wear A Glittery Club Outfit?

There is no definite answer to when but you can narrow down your options by keeping in mind the occasion you are going to attend. If it’s for night club, well and good. Nighttime is the best time to go for a glossy and glittery look. Besides, you can wear it if there is a party full of glamorous people. You can take your inspiration from this look.

9 – Plus Size Club Outfit Ideas For Short Women

You might have a misconception about the fact that wearing only black would make you look slim. I mean, yeah it does make you look slim, but black is not the only option. Wearing other dark monochromatic colours also have the same effect. A long plus size party dress with sleeves is the option you could use. In addition, wearing heels might add more plus points to your height. So, you can definitely turn the tables by wearing a long plus size party dress with sleeves (without sleeves could work as well if you prefer that way) and heels. This would make you look taller and slimmer. As an example, you can wear a wine-red party dress with transparent heels and slay the look.


8 – Girly Club Outfit For Plus Size Women

Pink plus size club outfits never go out of fashion to get a feminine look. Pink is often favoured by all women. If you are a fan of pink, you can definitely go all pink. However, there are a lot of plus size club outfit ideas to wear in pink, you need to pick one that suits you the best. You can wear a crop top with sleeves and pair it with a flared skirt of the same colour.


7 – Palazzo Outfit For Plus Size Women

Show off your curves with this stunning outfit. The crop top with a collar, short sleeves and a pallazo bottom is going to rock your night out club look. The top will highlight your curves, and the palazzo bottom is going to make you look taller which in turn would make you even more attractive than ever. Wear this outfit and enjoy your night.

6 – Casual Nightclub Outfit

Are you up for a casual nightclub look? If yes, then this outfit with a shirt and a midi skirt is an ideal option for you. Wear large earrings and matching shoes and you are all set for enjoying the party at the nightclub.


5 – How To Wear Plus Size Striped Dress To A Club?

Vertical striped dresses are ideal for plus size club outfits. They are not only attractive but also make you look slim. You can easily style it for wearing it at a club. The plus point for a striped plus size party dress with sleeves is that you don’t need to make additional efforts for your outfit. You can get an idea from this look.


4 – Digital Print Plus Size Club Outfit

Long sleeves frocks are for those who prefer modesty. Anyone can wear them anywhere. It can be one of the coolest plus size club outfits. All you need to do is get a frock with a beautiful design and print, some jewellery, and heels to look cool.

20 Best Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Women 2022

3 – Plaid Skirt For A Club Party

Plaid skirts, no doubt, are trending these days for women of all sizes. If you are running out of plus size club outfit ideas to style a plaid skirt, this look is for you then. You can wear a dark colour top, a black jacket and pair them with black leggings. Add some accessories like a statement necklace, ring, and bag.

20 Best Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Women 2022
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2 – What To Wear With A Plus Size Shirt?

If you want to wear a button-down shirt to a club, you should definitely wear it. Just put a leopard print or any other dress over it. For highlighting your figure, wrap a belt around yourself. Wear knee high boots, and you are ready to go.


1 – Plus Size Club Outfits For 25 Plus Women

Do you want to wear something other than a colourful outfit? Try something metallic then. You are going to love this outfit. Wear a black top and pleated skirt. Throw a metallic jacket over your outfit. Wear pretty jewellery with this outfit. You are going to look stunning at your night out club party.

20 Best Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Women 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What looks good on plus size people?

Ans. To be honest, it depends on what suits your physique. You have to determine your shape, i.e, the shape of your body whether it is pear-shaped, or hourglass. Then it’s easy to decide what to wear that would look good on you. Body wraps, jeans, tights, dresses, skirts, and the like. Plus size party dress with sleeves or without sleeves is common these days. You could choose any dress for that matter. Just know the trick of styling your outfits, wear with confidence, and everything would definitely look good on you.

Q. What should I wear to a night club?

Ans. If you are looking for comfy as well as something glamorous, then go for a glittery body wrap or a bodycon dress outfit. You can go for a crop top and a jumpsuit is a good option too. Boots, high-heel pumps, and strappy heels are good options for shoes. In case you don’t want to wear heels, platform sandals are your substitute then. You can also wear some statement jewellery for a glam look.

Q. What should I wear if I’m short and chubby?

Ans. For chubby and short women, I would suggest wearing really long pants and heels. The long loose pants would give the illusion of long legs. However, be careful about choosing pants. Opt for loose pants instead of skintight jeans or pants. Besides, keep your chin high and posture straight as it would boost your confidence, which in turn would be beneficial to your appearance.

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