30 Most Beautiful pictures of Muslim Girls in World-2019 List

Most Beautiful Muslim girls in the world. As a child, all girls are told about women’s beauty. We kept hearing how beautiful a girl can be. All emphasis had been put on how to look pretty and beautiful as a girl.

No doubt that whether a girl is either American or Asian; Christian or Muslim or Jewish; Black or White, their beauty is not bound by any cast, creed, color or race. As it said by Audrey Hepburn that the beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the real beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.

After having gone through different social and question answers forum, I  have come up with this list of most pretty Muslim ladies. Here is another list of top 10 Most Beautiful Muslim Women In World from another site. Everyone has a different perspective and way to see the beauty. Probably whom I found beautiful might not be for others as each person looks towards beauty in their own way. We are living in a world that is filled with beauty, and there is no such word that can define beauty. No matter how women dresses, if she’s attractive enough and has got the best smile, certainly has a charm.

Prettiest Islamic Women

#30. Palestinian Beauty

This little angel has been widely acknowledged as cutest Muslim baby girl in the world.

most beautiful muslim girls 1

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#29. Jawahir Ahmed from Somalia

Now that’s a sharp perfection such an attractive beauty. Jawahir was Miss Africa, Somalia in World Muslimah Contest.

most beautiful muslim girls 2


#28. Beren Saat-Turkish Actress

Eh! Who doesn’t know this beauty from Turkey? Every girl envies her charm. Beren Saat is a popular Turkish actress and model. She gained her major fame worldwide through her drama serial called ïshaq e mamnoo (Forbidden love). She is a remarkable actress and model with a lot of talent to show the world.

most beautiful muslim girls 3


#27. Madhubala-Indian Actress

Madhubala’s real name was Mumtaz Jehan. She has been known as one of the prettiest actresses who has worked in Bollywood till date.

most beautiful muslim girls 4


#26. Nina Septiani from Indonesia-winner of World Muslimah Contest

most beautiful muslim girls 5


#25. Prismatic Attraction from Kalash Pakistan

most beautiful muslim girls 6


#24. Oriental Delicacy

most beautiful muslim girls 7


#23. Bahare Kian Afshar – Iranian Actress

Although there are not many Iranian Actress at this time because of their own beliefs and culture, Bahare Kian Afshar is one of the few Iranian actresses who made it successfully to the fashion industry. They proved that their talent and beauty could not be held back by the culture and beliefs of their country and their society.

most beautiful muslim girls 8

#22. Girl with the Cutest smile – Gul Panrra from Pakistan

Gul Panrra made her first social media entrance through Coke studio. Through which she gained worldwide success and fame and also attracted a lot of hiring agencies. She is known for her beautiful and cute smile. The whole Pakistani nation went mad after seeing her for the first time signing a song in coke studio, and since then she is very famous in Pakistan for her voice as well as her looks.

most beautiful muslim girls 9


#21. Simply Magnificent Attraction

most beautiful muslim girls 10


#20. Lebanon’s Bewitching Charmmost beautiful muslim girls 11


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#19. Awe-Inspiring Fatema Bhutto

Fatema Bhutto is another inspiring Muslim fashion icon. Although she is a non-hijabi, still she did not leave behind her modesty just to get accepted by the fashion industry. She has done collaborations with various other companies and fashion brands. She is also a model and a social worker by profession.

most beautiful muslim girls 12


#18. Beauty lies within simplicity – Turkey

Turkish women are known for their beauty and simplicity. We all know that turkey lies half in Asia and half in Europe and that is why there is a lot of inclusion of western culture in turkey, but still, the Muslim girls of Turkey did not leave behind their religion to get modern. They incorporated the modern fashion and knowledge of Europe into their own culture and religion. Even looking at a Turkish wedding, you can witness the simplicity and modesty of their brides and the grooms.

most beautiful muslim girls 13


#17. Snow White Perfection – Saudi Arabia

most beautiful muslim girls 14


#16. Mehwish Hayat – Pakistani Actress

Mehwish Hayat is a talented and beautiful Pakistani actress. She has also been in the list of 10 most sexy Asian women for the year 2013. She has done several shows and modeling as well in her career as a fashion icon. She is said to be the most beautiful Pakistani actress. She has a good dressing sense of not only Pakistani dresses but also of western dresses.

most beautiful muslim girls 15


#15. Fatma Ben Guefrache – Miss Tunisia

Fatma Ben Guefrache is considered to be the most beautiful girl from Tunisia, and that is why she became miss Tunisia because of her style and modesty. She looks a lot like the hijabi version of Demi Lovato if you look very closely to both of them. Wherever she goes, she never leaves her hijab behind. According to her, her hijab is her identity and her confidence.

most beautiful muslim girls 16


#14. Miss Africa

most beautiful muslim girls 17


#13. Nurul Husna Zainul Abidin – Malaysia

Nurul Husna Zainul is an inspiring Muslim fashion icon who is famous in the fashion industry around the globe. Nurul proved that you could be modest and be a cool and inspiring fashion icon at the same time. You don’t have to leave your religion just to become a fashion icon. Her beautiful hijab styles are trendy among young girls who take hijab by heart. RECOMMENDED: Hijab New York Fashion Week Ramp- All you Need to Know

most beautiful muslim girls 18

#11. Queen Rania of Jordan

most beautiful muslim girls 20

#10. Nadine Chandrawinata of Indonesia

most beautiful muslim girls 21


#09. Naznin Boniadi – Iranian-British Model

most beautiful muslim girls 22

#08. Astonishing Algerian Beauty – Amina Kadur

most beautiful muslim girls 23

#07. Sofia Essaidi – Moroccan Spice

most beautiful muslim girls 24

#06. Huda Nachi – Palestinian Model

most beautiful muslim girls 25

#05. Mona Abou Hamze

most beautiful muslim girls 26

#04. Sabrina Houssami – Australia

most beautiful muslim girls 27


#02. Abrar Shahin – New Jersey

most beautiful muslim girls 28


#01. The Gorgeous Benazir Bhutto

Arguably most acknowledged beautiful women around the world who came with a complete package. Benazir happened to be the first women Prime minister of any Islamic state. She has been Prime minister twice from 1988–90 and then 1993–96. She was Assassinated on December 27, 2007.

most beautiful muslim girls 29

Muslim girls are found around the world. Some remain simple and yet look elegant. Others like to cover themselves with hijab. On the other hand, some are entirely fashionholics. How a woman looks beautiful is only the way you want to perceive it. So I have gathered a collection of different Muslim girls, some are ordinary girls from villages while some belong to high-class families. Each one has its beauty with complete perfection. Let us know which of these beauties is your favorite!


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