50 Islamic Birthday and Newborn Baby Wishes Messages & Quotes

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Muslims- These wishes plays a very significant role in one’s life as the birthday is the most memorable day in their life. At the point when a birthday individual gets all the exquisite writings, calls, cards, and messages from social media this all makes them feel good and upbeat.

Also, they get consoling and refreshing feeling to see that so many individuals would take a few seconds out of their busy day to acknowledge their existence once a year.

On the note point that individuals should express gratitude toward the friends and relatives who have greeted and celebrated their birthday. This article will list down all the beautiful Islamic ways to wish a Birthday to a Muslim individual. Thus if someone is celebrating his/her birthday, be sure to send your warmest happy birthday wishes. Here are some samples of Islamic birthday wishes that might be an inspiration for you.

How to Wish a Birthday in an Islamic Way

Islamic Birthday Wishes (46)

Reasons to Wish a Birthday in an Islamic way

  1.  Celebrate strength –  One should pause for a minute, from time to time to simply sit up and applaud yourself. they have been amazing throughout the year. Celebrate the strength mean with what you have been through, the grief, the battles and you should spend a minute in acknowledgment of that. RECOMMENDED: 150 Romantic Muslim Couples Islamic Wedding Pictures
  2. Being happy makes others happy.
  3. They deserve to be treated – Normally individuals tends to buy and give gifts to close friends and family members, however, overlook ourselves. Taking a day to do what you need, even do nothing and unwind, is similarly as impeccable as going off to accomplish something.
  4. It brings us together – A birthday supper prompts individuals and their family and companions, one may not frequently observe, to really get together. It is an exceptional day for an association that shouldn’t be left for Christmas and Easter. Have a BBQ and get a couple people around to get up to speed, you could ask everybody that all you need is for every individual to bring a plate of sustenance. This makes it simple and modest for everybody and no work for you yet to simply kick back and appreciate time with friends and family.
  5. It inspires others.

How Should a Muslim Celebrate Birthday?

These are some points that a Muslim individual should keep in mind while celebrating someone’s or their own birthday.

  1. Muslim individual can plan for new Islamic task for next year.
  2. They can pay a visit to poor families and celebrate their birthday with them.
  3. They can bake a cake and take other edible items for the homeless people, in short, feed them and in return ask them to dua for you.
  4. Always remember to express gratitude toward Allah for all that you have and you don’t have.
  5. List down sins you mostly committed in last year ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty and make sure not to commit them in future.
  6. Plan some good deeds do them regularly if possible.
  7. Perform Nawafils and make dua as much as you can. Also have a look at These 50 Islamic Quotes on Mother that Show Status of Women in Islam

↓ 50 – Islamic Birthday Wish for Sister

Islamic Birthday Wishes (20)


↓ 49 – Wish Birthday to Husband in an Islamic Manner

Islamic Birthday Wishes (40)


↓ 48 – Islamic Birthday Wishes to Brother

Islamic Birthday Wishes (41)


↓ 47 – Wish Birthday to Wife in an Islamic way

Islamic Birthday Wishes (1)


↓ 46 – Islamic Birthday Wish with a Mosque

Islamic Birthday Wishes (18)


↓ 45 – Romantic Islamic Birthday Wish

Islamic Birthday Wishes (13)


↓ 44 – Birthday wishes for Muslim Friend

Islamic Birthday Wishes (39)


↓ 43 – Wish  a Newborn Baby with Islamic Birthday Message

Becoming a parent is the moment when all of the life’s battles suddenly seem worth fighting for. Other family friends congratulating the parents of the newborn not only bring the parents into the comfort zone but also make them feel more relaxed and happy. Therefore with my point of view, individuals should celebrate the new entry in the family. RECOMMENDED: Islamic Quotes About Life-50 Best Quotes which describes life in Islam

Islamic Birthday Wishes (16)


↓ 42 – How  to Wish Islamic Birthday to a Teenager Boy

Islamic Birthday Wishes (6)


↓ 41 – Wish Birthday to a Son with an Islamic Way

Islamic Birthday Wishes (8)


↓ 40 – How  to Wish Islamic Birthday to a Teenager Girl

Islamic Birthday Wishes (7)


↓ 39 –  Islamic Happy Birthday Wish for Family

Islamic Birthday Wishes (32)


↓ 38 – Happy Birthday Wishes with “Allah Bless You” Words

Islamic Birthday Wishes (19)


↓ 37 – Islamic Happy Birthday Wish for Daughter-in-law

Islamic Birthday Wishes (34)


↓ 36 – Islamic Birthday Duas

Islamic Birthday Wishes (26)


↓ 35 – Islamic Happy Birthday Wish to a Niece

Islamic Birthday Wishes (15)


↓ 34 – Islamic Birthday Quotes for a Husband

Islamic Birthday Wishes (24)


↓ 33 – Islamic Birthday Quotes for  Grandmother

Islamic Birthday Wishes (28)

↓ 32 – Dad  Islamic Birthday Messages for Daughter

Islamic Birthday Wishes (35)


↓ 31 – Islamic Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Islamic Birthday Wishes (33)


↓ 30 – Islamic Birthday Quotes for  Grand-Father

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Islamic Birthday Wishes (27)

↓ 29 – Islamic Birthday Quotes in an Arabic style

Islamic Birthday Wishes (49)


↓ 28 – Islamic Birthday Wishes with Images

Islamic Birthday Wishes (23)


↓ 27 – Comic Islamic Birthday Quote for Sister

Islamic Birthday Wishes (37)


↓ 26 – 20th Birthday Islamic Quote

Islamic Birthday Wishes (51)

↓ 25 – Islamic Birthday Wishes for Father

Islamic Birthday Wishes (48)

↓ 24 – Wishing Birthday In an Islamic way to a Finance

Islamic Birthday Wishes (30)


↓ 23 – Wishing Birthday In an Islamic way to a Cousin

Islamic Birthday Wishes (36)

↓ 22 –  Islamic Birthday Wishes for Mother

Islamic Birthday Wishes (17)


↓ 21 – Islamic Birthday Wish to a New Born Baby Boy

Islamic Birthday Wishes (46)

↓ 20 – Birthday Greeting to an Unknown Person in an Islamic Way

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Islamic Birthday Wishes (3)


↓ 19 – Islamic Birthday Wish to a New Born Baby Girl

Islamic Birthday Wishes (45)

↓ 18 – Islamic Birthday Wishes for Sweet Sixteen

Islamic Birthday Wishes (11)

↓ 17 – Cute Islamic birthday message for son-in-law

Islamic Birthday Wishes (10)

↓ 16 – Wish Birthday on a Century

Islamic Birthday Wishes (38)

↓ 15 – Beautiful Islamic Birthday Greeting from Daughter to Father

Islamic Birthday Wishes (48)

↓ 14 – Beautiful Islamic Greeting Cards

Birthdays are usually the occasions for happiness and feasting. Relatives and friends gather at the event referring to Birthday and wish numerous happy returns of the day and offer their blessings. They carry with them wonderful presents and cards. Do have a look at this guide on Is Hijab Compulsory in Islam? Everything You Need to know About Wearing Hijab

Islamic Birthday Wishes (21)


↓ 13 – Islamic Happy Birthday Uncle Quote

Islamic Birthday Wishes (4)

↓ 12 – Advance Birthday Quote to Wish

Islamic Birthday Wishes (50)


↓ 11 – Sweet Birthday Message from Son to Father

Islamic Birthday Wishes (9)

↓ 10 – Islamic Birthday Wish Thank you Quotes for Families

Islamic Birthday Wishes (5)


↓ 9 – The Most Heartfelt Islamic Birthday Greetings.

Islamic Birthday Wishes (25)


↓ 8 – Happy Birthday Islamic Quotes for Sister In law

Islamic Birthday Wishes (12)

↓ 7 – Islamic Birthday Wishes to Son from Parents

Islamic Birthday Wishes (14)


↓ 6 – Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes For Best Friend

Best friends are such a gift in life, and it’s important to find ways to surprise your best friend every now and then to remind them how special they are. But make sure that you do all surprises in time.

Islamic Birthday Wishes (42)


↓ 5 – Happy Birthday to Wife Islamic quotes

Islamic Birthday Wishes (2)


↓ 4 – Belated Birthday Wishes & Quotes For Friends & Family

Islamic Birthday Wishes (43)


↓ 3 – Birthday Wish with the word “Islam”

Islamic Birthday Wishes (22)


↓ 2 – Beautiful  Islamic Birthday wishes Card

Islamic Birthday Wishes (44)


↓ 1 – Islamic Birthday Wish to a 1-year Old Toddler

Islamic Birthday Wishes (47)


Islamic Birthday Wishes (54)


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