25 Most Awesome Mirror and Metallic Nail Art Ideas

Metallic Nail Art Ideas: We know how much girls are obsessed with nail art. We all want to get the coolest and most beautiful nails. Some of the trending nail art designs are cool metallic nails and mirror nails these days. Mirror and metallic nail fashion has become more popular than any other nail art design these days. That’s why we bring you this collection of 25 top metallic and mirror nail designs so far. Mirror nails are very simple to create. Here is a simple 3 step tutorial on how to do metallic nails. You can easily DIY mirror nails yourself at home following the tutorial.

What Are Some Good Mirror & Metallic Nail Designs?

Every design with metallic nails looks absolutely stunning. Even if you are going for simple colors or patterns or different kinds of nail art, you are going to love them all. Brighter colors like red, hot pink, and purple look the most captivating with metallic art, and you can also create abstract nail art with such colors.. Although the most common colors preferred by girls are gold silver and black. Apart from that, you can also express your creativity by creating a design of your own choice. You can also get some ideas from Pinterest.

Metallic nail art ideas

Do’s And Dont’s For Metallic Nails

  • Metallic nail art can be done on any nail shape but they look the best with coffin and square shaped nails
  • If you are planning to do your nails at home, make sure to prep your nails by priming, cleansing and trimming them first.
  • You can also get creative and create different designs and patterens with metallic nails.

25 – Go Glam

Shinny Silver Nails

24 – Electrifying Purple

Chrome Nail Powder Mirror Nail Art $9.69


23 – Gold Mirror Nail Art

Shinny Gold Nails
Gold metallic nail fashion

Gold metallic Chrome Powder

23 – Shades Of Silver

The best color to get metallic nails is silver after all it is the real color of metal. They add the extra glam factor to your nails and they are also perfect for parties outfits like gowns.

How to do metallic nail art
Metallic nail polish ideas
Mirror nail polish ideas
Shinny and glowing nails

PrettyDiva Silver Chrome Nail Powder

22 – Metallic French Tips

If you want to add a little bit of bling to your nails then you can get silver metallic french tips. They will enhance your nail art without being too extra.

OPI chrome nail

21 – Metalic Magic In Black

Black shinny mirror nails

20 – Short Metallic Nails

It is not important to have long beautiful nails to do metallic nail art, instead, you can also rock this design with short nails like a pro. Here are some of the short metallic nails ideas.

Chrome Nail Designs
Cool Silver nail design
Latest Metallic nails fashion
Mirror nail fashion ideas

19 – Holographic Nails

Metallic and mirror nail art

Super Holographic Blue Purple Nails $6.99

18 – Coffin Shaped Nails

The metallic design looks the best with coffin-shaped nails so it is a great idea to try this combination at least once.

Long metallic Nail Art

17 – Square Shaped Nails

Best nail colors
Cute metallic nail designs
Funky mirror Nails
Fancy mirror nail designs

16 – Sparkling Blue

If you are the kind of person who likes bright and sparkly colors then you should definitely try this shade of blue as it will stand out more with metallic designs.

Cool Mirror Nail Designs

False Metallic Light Blue Fake Nails $6.50

15 – Black & Silver Nails

You can get these beautiful Christmas-inspired nails with black and silver metallic nail paints and a few colorful sparkles on top of that.


14 – Hot Pink For The Win

Another bright and one of the most favorite colors of girls is hot pink. To get cute metallic nails you can get them in hot pink color.


13 – Blingy Nails


12 – Blue Metallic Acrylics


11 – Metallic Galaxy Nails


10 – Striped Nails

Striped nails are not new for us but they look even more beautiful with metallic designs so you should definitely try this design on coffin-shaped nails.


9 – Silver & Golden Bling

To get a creative design you can get half golden and half silver metallic nails. They look beautiful and can be worn casually.


8 – Shining Nails


7 – Metallic Leopard Print Nails

Leopard Nail Foil Transfer Stickers $8.99


6 – Matte & Metallic

A combination of matte and metallic is not a bad idea at all. Both of them look absolutely stunning and you can get both of them without any fear.

Black Short False Press On Nails$4.99

Cosydays Square Short Mirror Press on Nails $8.66


5 – Get Creative

You can also get creative with your nail art and try some different designs apart from your simple nail colors.


4 – Royal Red

Almost every girl loves the deep red color on their beautiful long nails. You can also try this color for special occasions.

Mirror Fake Nails Red Metallic $6.20


3 – Try Patterns

Different patterns are quite popular and we all love them as well. So you should try them to get creative nail art designs.


2 – Pretty Basic Nails

Short silver metallic nails are the ones that you can wear on a daily basis. So if you are looking for some basic nail ideas then this one is for you.

Glowing Shinny Nails

Mirror Effect Fake Nails Silver 

1 – Metallic Pink

Light pink nails in oval shape also look very beautiful. It is a soft color and a different nail shape which you can try.

Purple shinny nails

Oval Mirror Fake Nails Light pink

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I do metallic nails at home?

Ans. You can create metallic nails at home with some easy steps and products. To DIY metallic nails, you will need chrome powder along with your regular or gel polish and a no wipe top coat. Chrome powder is easy to use and gives your nail a shiny look. After prepping your nails, apply your base color, and after some time apply chrome powder of your choice to your nails. You can also create metallic nails by using foil.

Q. What are some trending metallic nail art designs?

Ans. Some of the trending metallic designs are the ones with different patterns and designs. Although simple metallic nails are also very popular among teenagers. If you want something different then dual-tone metallic nails and striped nails are also really good options to go for. We can say that all the designs of metallic nails are quite famous and trending because of their sparkly factor.

Q. Are metallic nails in style?

Ans. Yes, metallic nails are one of the most popular nail art designs. The most likable fact about this nail art is the glam factor that it has. They also look very different from other nail art designs so if you are bored with your regular nail paints and want to try something new, then you should definitely go for metallic nails. These kinds of nails are unique and very eye-catching from the other ones that’s why girls get more attracted to them and they never go out of fashion.


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