20 Stylish High School/ College Outfits for Curvy Girls

Chubby Teen Girls Outfits – If you are a college or high school going girl and are fat or chubby, then I am sure you have heard all the do’s and dont’s that people have to offer. Like don’t wear bright colors, or don’t wear dresses or avoid showing your skin.

Well, trust me, these are all just baseless myths and you can dress up any way you want as long as you are confident enough to carry that look in an elegant way. So in this post, we will be discussing some everyday looks that are ideal for all the chubby girls going to college. We’ll be sharing the latest college/high school fashion trends for plus size teen girls for all seasons.

Plus size Outfits for College/High School Girls

But first, you need to remember that there is no need to be oppressed by what people say or think as you are not dressing up for them. Learn to embrace your body shape, consider it a gift and keep experimenting with new looks till you find the ones which suit you the best.

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Tucked in shirts

If you are wearing a long shirt to college, then I would recommend that you tuck it in. This helps balance out the weight distribution and gives a nice and cute look.

Tucked in shirts


Asymmetrical shirts

Asymmetrical shirts with jeans would be another ideal college look, especially if you wear them in stripes. These would look elegant on any plus sized girls and are simple enough for casual wear. If you want, add heels and create an even better look as heels will make you look longer and again distribute the weight. Also, try some light natural makeup and jewellery to add some spark to the final look. Check out Swag Outfits for Chubby ladies-18 Plus Size Swag Styles

Asymmetrical shirts


Belts and dresses

Wearing a dress with a belt will not just help make your legs look better but will also highlight your waist. This will help bring out your curves and create an ideal summer look. I would also suggest that you avoid big belts as they make the waist look bigger, instead go for the short or medium but classy belts. There are many plus size celebrities out there whose style you can follow for inspiration and our favourite one amongst them all is Adele, here are 20 Best Adele Outfits Every Plus Size Woman Should Follow

Winter outfit

Wearing blazers in Winters can give any outfit a whole new look so check out 20 Ways to Wear a Blazer for Plus Size Girls; Blazer Outfit Ideas

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Simple casual with Long Boots

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (10)


Try wearing an unbuttoned blazer over either a dress or a flowy blouse. It is hard for chubby girls to find a blazer which fits them perfectly and can be buttoned, so I suggest you buy one which fits your arms and your back, and you can leave it open in the front. Check out the picture below and see for yourself how cool blazers look on any chubby girl, especially when paired with long boots. Check out 28 Fashionable Nightclub Outfits For Plus Size Women This Year

Summer outfit with sneakers

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (5)


Ruched Single-Button Blazer -Perfectly accessorized with light makeup and hairstyle. Being curvy does not mean you are fat or that you can not wear anything. But in reality, curvy girls look more pretty in everything than normal skinny girls. If you want to look flawless in your college then try out going for the tribal printed shirt and pair it with skinny jeans. Along with that, add a single button blazer in the matching or even in contrasting colors. For example, you can wear the shirt in different shades of blue and then wear dark blue or red blazer on top. For jeans, you can wear them in any dark color.

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Style it With Denim jacket

If you are not a very big fan of dark coloured single button blazers and you love to wear denim jackets then you can switch the plain single button blazer with a denim jacket. These jackets are available in a huge range of colours and styles so you should really look around to find the best fit for your body shape. Have a look at 10 Short Height Plus Size Models Breaking the Stereotypes

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (13)

Printed dresses

If you are tired of wearing the same old t-shirts, jeans, and stuff, then go for a printed dress. They create the ideal summer look. Pair the dress with a nice catchy belt, sunglasses, and matching sandals.

Printed knee-length dresses look so cool if they are worn with the right combination. For example, you can go for a floral printed dress and pair it up with matching accessories. Floral dresses are in trend these days and look super cute on curvy girls.

Printed dress


Or you can combine a printed shirt with plain shorts that match or maybe even a skirt.

Long coat over a skirt? Yes, this is a perfect combo, you may feel a little weird when wearing it but trust me once you wear it and how it to people they are gonna fall in love with the combo and the idea. You can wear a knee length skirt and over that, you can go for a cool printed shirt either tucked fully in or halfway insides. For the long coat, you can choose any dark coloured coat and keep its front for extra spice. For those, you can wear long ankle sandals and take a contrasting coloured bag with you.

Printed shirt with skirt

An oversized tunic with matching or contrasting colored tights. This outfit is perfect if you play sports a lot because this outfit idea is very comfortable and any kind of activity can be done while wearing it. You can wear tennis jackets or hoodies and then wear it with tights or you can even wear trousers with it. Both of this option go very well. For shoes, you can wear your fav pair of joggers or cool looking sneakers as well.



Here are a few more simple ideas which you can alter according to your personal choice and style to wear to college.

Edgy Spiked Plaid Shirt

If you are the kind of the girl who likes to dress differently and in a unique way then this outfit idea is perfect for you. Go for plaid pattern shirt and wear leather tights with it. Keep the color scheme in red and black tones for a more edgy look. This outfit idea is mixed with the right amount of edginess to it and elegance and is perfect for every occasion as well.

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Plus Size Basic Color Leggings

Nude colors are curvy girls best friends. You can wear nude colors whenever you want and they will never disappoint you. For instance, you can go for nude colored lace shirt and wear basic green color tights with it.

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (2)

 Ideal glasses to Match this dress.

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (3)

Casual Plus size outfit combination for college girls


Plus size High School/ College Outfits (4)

 Go little funky with Ripped Jeans

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (6)

 Spring outfit with Flats

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (7)


Plus size High School/ College Outfits (8)

 A perfect  High School/College hairstyle for plus size girls complimenting the entire look

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (9)

 outfit for Short height blacks curvy Girl

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (12) Winter outfit

For more winter outfit ideas, have a look at Plus Size Winter Outfits-14 Chic Winter Style for Curvy Women

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (15)

 Crocheted Chiffon-Sleeve Top

Plus size High School/ College Outfits (16)



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