Hijab Accessories-25 ways to Accessorize Hijab With Jewelry

If you are a hijabi and  interested in knowing how to accessorise your hijab then do read this post. We bring you many ideas on what jewelry to wear with hijab to maximize your hijab style. You might think that you could only wear a necklace around your neck and that is it but there is a lot more other than this. You can change your personality a bit by adding more sparkle to your hijab.

In the last post we talked about 10 simple ways  how to make your own hijab accessories at home .If you are wearing a plain outfit then you could add up clips or brooches. This will add more beauty to the scarf. It is extremely simple to accessorize your outfit. These days trend of decorating hijab is spreading throughout the Muslim countries. Whether you are going out to a party, get-together or to a wedding ceremony you can decorate your hijab for a stylish look. It will look more classy.

ideas to accessorize hijab with jewelry

For a funky hijab style You can easily shop different funky accessories. They are available in the markets. The more unique accessories you buy the more you can style it. Colorful or printed hijabs can be can be decorated in various styles. You can look more elegant by decorating you hijab with pins or headbands.Brooches and bows are used to give ladies fabulous look on different occasions. It gives an enchanting look to the hijab. Here are few tips on how you could use accessories that are used to decorate your hijabs and do try all of them.


Hijabs decorated with bows

This style is very famous among Muslim fashionistas. Ladies like to wear ccolorful bows on their head or over the hijab. You can style the hijab with plain outfits. If you are going to a party then you could wear bows that are embellished with stones. Young girls can wear bows with polka dot designs. It gives very cute look.hijab bow pins

Hijabs decorated with headbands

They are very famous. Headbands are popular in young girls too. Even those who do not wear hijab. Headbands of different styles and designs are worn over the hijab. You could also wear headbands with floral prints and embellishments. This will gain attention. They can be worn to a party.Chains with hijab

Hijabs with tassels

Tassels are very much on high bloom these days. They are considered to be famous in fashion field. Ccolorful hijabs can be worn with tassels that are simple. Printed hijabs could also be styled.

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