Crochet Outfits for Babies-20 Newborn Crochet Outfits Patterns

Cutest crochet baby costumes. Who doesn’t like to dress up their adorable little munchkin? Babies look just too cute in crochet clothes and making these outfits is a great hobby and so much fun for the mothers. Even for expecting mothers, making crochet outfits is a really relaxing hobby. At the same time, making these outfits is also very affordable.

Crochet Outfit Ideas for Newborn Babies

Use these outfits for your baby’s first day, birthday, attending a function or just a random day out.

#20- Peacock Outfit for Baby Girl

This peacock hat is perfect for a stroll out in the Spring season.


#19. Blue Beanie and Overall

A great outfit for baby boys. To make it more funky, you can add in multi coloured buttons or pattern.


#18. Cocoon Giraffe Outfit for Winter Baby

Who  can stop their smile at the site of this cute little baby giraffe. Crochet cocoons are also great for keeping our baby warm in winters.


#17. Boxer Baby

The combination of white and red looks perfect on newborn babies. The outfit can be used for both girls and boys. The pattern is also simple enough for you to make this your self.


#16. Santa’s Helper Outfit

Thinking of a Christmas outfit for your newborn? What could be better than dressing your little angel as Santa’s little helper.


#15. Baby Lion Hat

This is not just adorable but will also keep your baby’s head warm.


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