How To Create Cute Outfits With Simple Clothes – 20 Style Ideas

How to create cute outfits from simple clothing.  Ok, every woman has had that moment where you find yourself stood in front of your entire wardrobe absolutely adament that you have nothing stylish to wear. But jazzing up your otherwise ‘boring’ clothing has never been easier! Whether it’s tweaking a shirt, or adding some sparkle, you can create stunning looks just by experimentation alone. So how exactly can you jazz up your outfit? Well this post has 20 great ways that are easy to follow and will definately liven up your wardrobe. Why not even check out how the celebs up the tempo with their plain clothing? Fashionistas such as Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Kendal Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens always look amazing even if they are only out shopping in a printed t-shirt and distressed jeans. The trick is HOW you wear them. Any item of clothing can look stunning if accessorised correctly, fitted correctly and even worn in the right season!

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Ideas How to Look Expensive on a Budget

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Simple items such as bracelets, necklaces, handbags and sunglasses are easy ways to liven up your wardrobe. The same goes for tying up a shirt rather than buttoning it. Different belts give different images and are great for creating style and shape. Have a look at the following 20 styles which are quick and easy to copy. These quick ideas for outfits can be useful for all occassions, whether it be partying on a Friday night, going to a wedding or engagement party or even just a stylish outfit for the mums out there that is quick and easy to put together.

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#20 – Plain Dress. Up-style a simple plain dress with a chunky bracelet, matching handbag and nude tone pointed pumps. Quick and easy ways to style a dress.

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#19 – Belts and Maxi Dress. Spice up a patterned maxi dress with a contrasting belt. An easy way to add shape and sass. Why not top it off with a quirky fedora hat? The nude tone flat shoes make the outfit stand out more.

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#18 – Cropped Jeans. These high waisted cropped jeans look amazing with a plain 3/4 sleeve top. Add a bit of zing with a simple scarf, sandals and matching handbag.

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#17 – White T and Denim. A plain V-Neck top with a button up denim skirt is a simple combination which is easier spiced up with a headband, sunglasses and a statement bag. Simple twerks for a great look!

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