Outfits with Scarves – 26 Ways to Wear a Scarf this Winter

Scarves in Winter- Winters always arrive with the perks of layering and wearing the most versatile items which not only enhance your outfits but add a style to them. Yes, I’m talking about the super classy scarves here which will make you feel royal and sassy in your usual winter go-to items. Since there are scarves which are available in varying lengths and hefts or you can say a wide range of prints as well.

Thus you can create quite a number of pretty cozy as well as charming ensembles using these articles. From celebs to fashion bloggers, nearly all of us are equally obsessed with scarves as the temperature begins to decline.

How to Wear a Scarf in Winters

The article is going to enhance your knowledge regarding pairing and layering scarves with various fall clothing items from oversized to slim and smart as well as provide you with some of the pretty cool scarf tying ideas for winter which will definitely transform your clothing style.

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↓26- Square Blanket Scarf for Fall

A square blanket scarf is one of the most indifferent and versatile scarf forms as these can be worn in multiple ways. Looks like a blanket but works as a warm and cozy scarf, join its opposite ends such that it turns into a diagonal form. Put it around your neck such that the V is at the front and then bring the other two ends two the front such that they’re in the opposite direction. Here are 20 Ways to Wear Black Tights.

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↓25- Long Fringe Scarves in Winter

Wear a long fringe scarf during winter with your super sexy fitted denim jeans and a classy corduroy jacket for winter street style and your ankle booties will add a definition to your style statement. Just put the scarf simply around your neck such that both the fringy ends are in the front covering your top.

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↓24- How to Glam it up with a Gingham Print Scarf?

A gingham print scarf is quite often seen as a mandatory article for fall as it goes pretty well with the casual winter furs as well as woolen dresses. You can simply put it around your neck when wearing a simple nude coat or even a knitted caftan. It also enhances a floral sweater worn over plain wide-leg pants. Check out these 18 Ways to Wear Gingham Dresses Perfectly.

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↓23- Cutest Bow Scarves

Well, elongated scarves can now be converted into cute bows which look fantastic over oversized sweaters. Put the scarf around your neck such that one of its sides is longer which will be used to form a bow and put the shorter side such that it wraps around the bow and pull it to tighten the bow.

Scarves in Winter (26)


↓22- How to Wear a Silk Scarf Over a Coat?

For wearing a novelty print silk scarf during winters, all you need to do is drape it over your shoulders such that the print is on display. Love silk? Here are 23 Best Ways to Style Silk Outfits.

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↓21- Silk Scarf for a Retro Look

A retro girl look with a silk scarf is possible if worn with a vintage leather jacket and leather skinny pants. Put the scarf around your neck in a rolled form and tie double knots to one side or put it around your neck such that a cone is formed and simply bring the opposite ends to the front.

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↓20- Muffler Style Scarf

Tie a scarf like a muffler over your enlarged sweatshirt by draping the scarf on your shoulders, rounding it around your neck a few times and simply tying the remaining ends in the form of a knot.

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↓19- Wear it Like a Vest

Another unique style of lifting an average outfit is by wearing a long scarf around your neck such that both of its ends are hanging at the front and putting a belt around your waist. Adjust the scarf such that it looks like a vest.

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↓18- Monochromatic Look

Wear a fringy long black knitted scarf over a knitted short black dress, only if you’re a lover of monochromatic looks. Check out 25 Celebrities All Black outfits Styles for Fall to Copy.

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↓17- Animal Prints

A sexy velvety leopard print scarf can be worn over a fitted dark neutral color sweater and velvety oversized pants for a chic and cozy look.

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↓16- Styling a Chunky Scarf

Chunky knits are not that hard to style during winters. Knits with a mass material with them can be looped around your neck and they also go quite well with fancy glittery short dresses.

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↓15- X-Press Scarves

If you are a fashionista and want to flaunt your classy scarf then just put around your top. The style is elegant but not that easy to carry around.

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↓14- Allure Style

After draping the scarf around your neck, cross it behind and bring them to the front and fluff a bit. Just tie a double knot and rotate to one side. You’re done.

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↓13- Reverse Drape Looks Warm

For a warmer look, you can drape the scarf in the opposite direction over your sweater top.

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↓12- Parisian Knots are Forever Favorite

Parisian knots look extremely cool with any kind of casual top. All you need to do is halve your scarf and put it around your neck Finally pass the two ends through the loop and it’s done.

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↓11- Pashmina Scarves

Soft and cozy pashmina scarves are the easiest to style but to look trendy you can wear classy prints with a belt to cover your not so charming outfit.

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↓10- Oversized Geometric Print Scarf

Drape it over your shoulders and wear knee-length sassy leather boots with a white crisp collar shirt and black leather jacket.

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↓9- Scarves for Working Women

If you are a fashion enthusiast, wear your pencil leather skirt with glossy ankle booties and a printed dark color scarf over a beige plain sweater.

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↓8- Scarf with Baggy Sweater

Charcoal or gray straight pants with a maroon or plum baggy sweater and a chic sling bag is all that you need to wear with a scarf loosely tied around your neck. Here are 18 Best Styles of Sweater for Women this Year.

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↓7- Wear it with a Cap

Wear a bright colored scarf with a printed pleated skirt and modern newsboy cap.

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↓6- Multicolor Scarves

In order to carry a multicolor scarf, wear it simply around your neck with a light neutral shade midi skirt and same color sweater. However, keep your shoes high and classy with some fur on it.

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↓5- Trench Coat and Scarf

To add definition to your favorite trench coat, tie a silk scarf around your neck in catchy colors and prints. Here are 19 Ways to Wear Trench Coats this Winter.

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↓4- Fuzzy Scarves

A colorblock sexy dress looks exciting with a soft fuzzy scarf.

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↓3- Puffy Scarf Fashion

A puffy scarf and thigh-high boots can be worn with an elongated sweater with a bit of a texture.

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↓2- Which Scarf to Wear with All-White Clothes?

A yellow or a neon color scarf looks so catchy with an all-white attire. Here are 18 Ideal Girls Outfits with White Shirts for a Glamorous look.

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↓1- Rocking Your Floral Scarves

Wear a floral cotton scarf with a baby pink coat and faded denim skinnies.

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Share your favorite scarves outfit ideas in comments.

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