Top 10 Ideas On How To Wear a Pashmina Hijab & Video Tutorial

How To Wear a Pashmina Hijab: One of the biggest problems concerning Modest Fashion is finding the right color, fabric, and style for your Hijab. Here is a complete guide on how to best style your Pashmina Scarf based on your face shape, complexion, and choice of outfit.

Pashmina scarfs usually come with tasseled or fringed ends making them trendier than plain chiffon or cotton scarfs. Pashmina is a type of wool that is often linked with Kashmir, where it was first woven. The lightweight fabric is extremely soft and often a favorite when it comes to wearing a Scarf. It also does great at providing warmth from the Wintery cold. Read the following ideas to style your everyday outfit with the right scarf, saving yourself the time and trouble.

Latest Pashmina Hijab Styles

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Read the following tips on finding the right scarf:

  • Finding an authentic Pashmina scarf is a stressful job. Test the authenticity by burning a fringe of the Pashmina Scarf. The burnt area should only smell of burnt hair and should appear matte.
  • Make sure to choose a Color that best suits your complexion.
  • Invest in neutrals to pair with printed and bold colors.
  • Scarfs don’t go without Scarf Pins, and so it is a nice idea to buy pairs of funky pins to accessorize your look.
  • There is no wrong or right when it comes to styling a Hijab; it is about what one is most comfortable in.
  • Do not shy away from choosing a different and unique look if it is something that intrigues you.
  • Stock up on different colored caps to wear under your scarf.
  • Keep exploring your style by experimenting with different looks.
  • Accessorize your look with the addition of headgears, necklaces and also with a hint of earrings.
  • Remember to dress based on the occasion. Pashmina scarfs mostly create simple, basic looks perfect for every day.

↓ 10. Color on Color

One of the most common mistake one can make is wearing the wrong colored scarf on a colored outfit. With an outfit that is colored on its own, it is best to wear a neutral shade so as not to overshadow the outfit. However, it certainly does not mean that one has to throw away their colored scarfs. Colored scarfs are great to add some brightness to your look. Additionally, they are great when trying to create a color contrast. The best way to pick the right color is to study the color wheel carefully. Colors that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel complement each other well. This blue, fringed Pashmina has carefully been picked to pair with a sienna-colored dress. Since the color of her dress is a dull tone, the blue scarf does great at lifting it. Moreover, we love how it has been styled with a slight twist on the side, making it both modest and unique. Here are some great ideas on Simple Makeup with Hijab Tutorial and Hijab Makeup Tips.

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↓ 9. Back Knot

Same colored outfits and scarfs are tricky to do since it could end up making one look like a candy bar. However, it is not always the same case. We love this burnt orange, casual outfit and how beautifully the same colored scarf has been draped. The key is to pick a lighter tone of the same shade. This tip is commonly practiced in the fashion world with types of denim, where the look is achieved by wearing a lighter wash of denim to compliment the denim on denim look. The similar version is to opt for a lighter tone of the same shade to perfect the look. Despite being the same color, it goes well with her overall look. It is appreciatable how she has kept her shoes a shade of pink to compliment her otherwise orange look. Her pashmina is a two-toned scarf that can be used in other ways but has been kept one-toned on the front. The back knot is one of the classiest ways to do Hijab and is currently trending. Refer to the video tutorial and learn how to do yours. This style is easy to do and can save you the time of draping it around your head.

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↓ 8. Pashmina Hijab with Jeans

One of the most comfortable ways to do Hijab is with an under cap to keep the scarf in place while also hiding the hair. The under cap also does great at showing off a bit of contrasting color with different colored scarfs. Modest fashion does not mean one has to refrain from wearing western outfits. An outfit inclusive of jeans can also be dressed appropriately in light of both our religion and cultures. Wide legged jeans and an overcoat can be great to invest in. Not only are they fashionable but also great at helping one stay covered up. The neutral scarf is a great pick for the matching blue coat and jeans. The outfit reminds us of crisp autumn evenings and is great for the upcoming season. This style of doing Hijab is easy to do with a Pashmina scarf and is perfect to go with Western outfits. Here are 30 Stylish Ways to Wear Hijab with Jeans for Chic look.

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↓ 7. Twisted Turban Look

The turban looks have been trending for quite some time now. The urban style of Hijab involves covering the head while leaving the neck uncovered by either creating a front knot or with a twisted top look. Turban Hijab is easily achievable with a pashmina scarf as they hold up well and are less likely to slip off, unlike silk scarfs. With a scarf cap in place, it is less likely for a turban hijab to fall apart. For individuals also wanting to cover their chin and neck can wear a new scarf around their neck, ensuring a complete modest look. This style of Hijab is great for both teens and adults, and it comes down to how comfortably one carries it. This form of Hijab is often spotted with Western Outfits like Dresses, Suits, Jeans, and Shirts. However, it is also spotted in Eastern Cultures where it has been sported with Eastern Attires. We are amazed by how comfortable yet chic it looks in the picture below.

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↓ 6. Turban Pashmina Wrap

Here is another turban look which involves a front criss-cross. This new style of doing Hijab is interesting and is being adopted worldwide. This head wrap with a nude Pashmina Scarf is what the upcoming winters should be all about. Instead of draping the scarf under the chin, how about only wrapping it around the head? It is also great at providing warmth since Pashmina is made from a fine type of wool that comes from the Himalayan regions. Head wraps were initially done by the Africans and have now come to be used as head accessories. Head wraps are now being substituted for Hijabs as they provide more hair coverage. Many believe this style not to be compliant of the teachings of Islam, while some argue that it comes down to how one covers themselves along with the turban hijab.

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↓ 5. Calligraphy Pashmina Scarf

Printed Hijabs have been around for quite some time now with a few variations here and there. We came across this Calligraphy Pashmina scarf that is beautiful to carry. The Islamic Calligraphy is appreciated worldwide and is traced back to the 8th century. Calligraphy was incorporated in art where it was often inscribed into the ceilings of Mosques. Eventually, it entered the fashion world where it was done on Apparel like Shirts, Kurtis, and Bags. Calligraphy is now being done on Scarfs that are often used as Hijabs. This type of Hijab can be draped in the old traditional way or can be draped around the head like a turban.


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↓ 4. Neutral Shades of Pashmina for Daywear

We cannot seem to stress enough on the importance of owning pairs of neutral shades of pashmina scarfs. Neutral shades are great to pair with Printed or Solid Colors. A white scarf is also great at creating a monochrome look. Apart from that, an all neutral look can also be created as done below. This form of turban scarf involves tying the Hijab like a bun leaving neat and clean folds on the top of the head. The look has been achieved by putting together White-toned front open cardigan. The light gray Hijab is a subtle addition to the overall look. We love the play of colors on the hem of the cardigan and how they have been allowed to stand out. The bright colored handbag and the statement necklace are perfect for accessorizing the look. This modest look is one of our favorites and is easy to achieve. Since Pashmina scarfs seem to come in all shades and tones, it would be a great idea to own a few pairs of neutral shades. Don’t miss out these 20 Ideas How to Wear a Silk Hijab in Style.

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↓ 3. Pashmina Shawl Style

The current Arab Hijab trend involves layering Hijab by wrapping it around the head multiple times, creating a heavy look. This style of Hijab is widely practiced in South Asian countries as well except few. For individuals with an oval face, this style of Hijab should be the go-to. Pashmina scarfs come in all shapes and sizes; the longer ones can be used to create this draped look. This form of Hijab can be worn without the caps for individuals wanting to show a bit of hair, while those that prefer a tighter look can wear it over the Hijab caps. The fringes and tassels are great to add a bit of style element by either draping the tasseled end on the side of the head or by letting it hang behind. This edgy look has been put together with a printed pant, pastel-toned shirt, and denim jacket. It has been completed with a few hints of tan brown and similar pastel colored Hijab.

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↓ 2. Casual Pashmina Hijab Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial is a great help for girls learning to style their pashmina Hijab the right way. This shade of purple is an excellent choice to pair with a shade like black. This style of hijab resembles the layered Arab look but is a simpler version of it. This casual style is perfect for a day at work or teens going to Schools. The first step is to place the Hijab, leaving the shorter length on the one side. Once placed, tie a pin under the scarf, tightening it to prevent it from falling apart. Drape the longer side over the head, securing it with a pin. The portion hanging behind is then brought forth to pin it again, creating beautiful folds and layers. The tasseled hanging ends are left to create an elegant look.

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↓ 1. How to Wear Pashmina Hijab in Summers

Many people believe Pashmina to be a thing reserved for the Winters, which is not valid. Pashmina comes in different kinds, and there may be one perfect for the summer weather. Another concern among girls practicing the Hijab is how to wear it during the harsh Summers. Cotton is sweat-absorbent, and so a Cotton Hijab may end up looking like a wet mess. On the other hand, Pashmina is not a sweat-absorbent meaning; it allows sweat to evaporate properly, letting you cool down. Additionally, the layers of threads, also known as the Ply, is a determinant of whether it is wearable in the Summers or not. The great idea is to opt for a lighter tone to keep the summers cool and breezy. This bright, sunshine-yellow dress is great for the Spring and Summer period. The addition of the belt makes for a great accessory and keeps the waist in shape, preventing a very baggy look. The black scarf and heels are two contrasting shades, added to create a bold look. However, they can be substituted with pastels and nude shades for a summer-appropriate look.

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Video Tutorial on Different Ways to Wear Pashmina Hijab

Follow the step by step instructions and create the trendy looks as shown to you in the video. Dressing modestly does not mean letting go of your style statement. Express yourself through your style by accessorizing or styling the Hijab in a way most appropriate to you.

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