23 Simple And Cute Hairstyles For Mehndi Function This Season

Hairstyles For Mehndi FunctionDesi weddings are full of vibrant events and one such event is our mehndi ceremony. It is a super special event where everyone gets to be a part of pre-wedding rituals and fill their day with fun, laughter, music, games, and blessings.

For a ceremony like this one, you definitely want to look nothing less than perfect. But if you’ve got a gorgeous colorful mehndi outfit, what are you going to do with your hair? You need to do something to keep your hair in place while you enjoy yourself. You might have many questions like what am I going to do with the hair? What hairstyle shall I choose? How to match a hairstyle with a mehndi dress? Should I go for hair accessories or leave them open? Well, let me answer all these questions for you!

Latest Hairstyles For Mehndi Events

No matter what hairstyle you choose, you need to decide parting based on your face shape. Do you look your best in middle part hair or side part hair? Of course, you know the best which parting makes you look gorgeous. However, if you don’t then here are the general partings according to the face shapes. For a heart shape face, deep side part is great. Whereas, a middle parting looks best on round and oblong faces. If you have a sqaure and diamond shaped faces, consider side parting your hair. Lastly, you are lucky if you have oval face shape since every parting looks great on them. Now just decide your mehndi dress and you’re good to go!

hairstyle for mehndi functions

Do’s And Don’ts Of Styling For A Mehndi Ceremony

  • Using conditioning products for your hair styling process can go smoothly.

  • Blowdry your hair to make them look bouncy.

  • Keep your dress in mind while choosing a hairstyle, it should go well with your dress.

  • Professionals recommend washing your hair prior to your main event so that your hairstyle can last longer. 

  • When buying a hair spray, make sure to consult with a professional hairstylist. They can suggest a good hair spray that will keep your hair in place without giving it an unnatural look. 

  • Choose a statement hair accessory and incorporate that in your hair. 

  • Your hair accessory should complement your dress and jewelry, hence, take both of them into consideration before buying your hairpiece.  

23 – Messy Braid With Flower 

A simple yet messy braid for girls with both short and long hair. All you have to do is to create your a side braid and put some flowers over it. This is a very traditional hairstyle that is perfect for brides who wish to keep it simple on their mehndi ceremony. 

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function001

22 – Side Parted Waves With Twisted Front

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function002

21 – Hairstyle With Jhoomar

Put all hair on one side and jhommer on other side. A perefct hairstyle for brides who want a less jewelry but stunning bridal look. 

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function004

20 – Long Floral Braid Hairstyle For Mehndi

Long floral braids are a big yes! Especially for events like mehndi or mayun. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle, it’s one such hairstyle that is tried by celebrities. Create a dramatic look with flowers and by the way If you are wearing a yellow dress for your mehndi you can put yellow flowers to match your dress which will give a really stunning look.

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function005

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function006

19 – Simple Layered Hairstyle For Medium Length

Here’s a fuss free hairstyle. All you have to do is to blowdry your layers and you are good to go. 

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function007

18 – Afghani Maatha Patti

You can get lot of latest mehndi hairstyles from pakistani celebrities and models. They always come up with the trends that are quite in with the season. Here is one of them from the beautiful Ainy Jaffri Rehman. wear a afghani maatha patti with messy curls on one side and you will look gorgeous. Since afghani maatha pattis are heavy, I would recommend to not add any other jewelry piece. 

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function009

17 – Keep It Minimal With Simple And Straight Hair

If you are confused about what hair style to make then go for straight hair – it can never go wrong. It is one effortless mehndi hair style that has all the elegance and style in one plate.

12 Simple Hairstyles For Mehndi Function0010

16 – Maang Tikka With Puff Hairstyle

cute Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles (10)


15 – Side Braid With Tiny Flowers

cute Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles (12)


14 – Fish Tail Braid For Bridesmaid

cute Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles (3)

13 – Elegant Middle Part Hair

A classy and elegant middle part hairstyle for bold make up look.

hairstyle for mehndi functions

12 – Simple South Indian Hairstyle With Gajra

hairstyle for mehndi functions


11 – Add Maang Tikka And Rose 

cute Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles (6)

10 – Create A Unique Ponytail Hairstyle With Gajra

hairstyle for mehndi functions


9 – Side Parted Bun For Mature Women

hairstyle for mehndi functions


8 – Let ’em Loose

Nothing can beat the simple open hair. Just create some soft curls and part your hair from the middle.

hairstyle for mehndi functions

7 – Cute Two Sided Fish Tail Braid With Tiny Flowers

hairstyle for mehndi functions

6 – Add Floral Maang Tikka

hairstyle for mehndi functions

5 – How About A Floral Tiara?

hairstyle for mehndi functions

4 – Hairstyles For South Indian Brides

hairstyle for mehndi functions

3 – Cute Indo Western Hairstyle

hairstyle for mehndi function


2 – Formal Updo

hairstyle for mehndi functions


1 – Incorporate Roses In Your Bun

hairstyle for mehndi functions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What hair accessories can I use for my hairstyle?

Ans. There are a variety of options. If you want a traditional look, go for matha Patti, maang tikka, jhoomar, hair brooches, or you can also get floral maang tikka and maatha Patti. Go for hairpins, clips with blossom, or a crown if you want a bohemian look. For a modern touch, you can use a wreath made of rhinestones or pearl beads.

Q. How can I make my wedding hair last all day?

Ans. First up, make sure to wash your hair at least one day before the wedding. One or two days of washed hair hold the best styles, especially the curls and updos. You can spray some dry powder before you start doing your wedding hairstyle. After you are done with the hairstyle, ensure your hairpins are secured properly. Spray your hair a lot of time to help your hair stay in place. Most brides use less hairspray fearing their hair might look unnatural, however, ask your professional hairstylist to recommend you the best hairspray that will give a nice and soft finish to your hair. Also, give that hair spray to someone who will stay close to you during the ceremony and ask them to carefully spray your hair throughout the event.


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