Kittens Christmas Outfits – 20 Christmas Costumes For Cats

2019 Christmas outfits for cats. Christmas is just around the corner, and as much as you like to dress up for it, so do your pets! Your cats deserve to look cute and have their own Christmas outfits. Chances are, they are more excited about Christmas than you are!

There are various simple and easy ways to create outfits for your kittens that look super adorable for Christmas and other holidays. Not only will it make your cats happy, but I am sure it will be a treat for you too.

Ideas for your Cat’s Christmas Clothes

We have rounded up ideas to help you design a Christmas outfit for your cat. But let’s begin with some basic guidelines to go over the things that we need to keep in mind when selecting a Christmas outfit for our beloved cats.

First of all, remember to give the outfit a try before Christmas so you are sure that it’s the right size.  Which of course means that you need to start planning now if you want a nice outfit in time for Christmas.

Secondly, if your cat starts getting uncomfortable or stressed in the outfit, get him out of it immediately.

Thirdly, once you decide that you do want a Christmas outfit for your cat, set a budget so you can plan things accordingly.

Don’t go overboard, keep  things simple but creative.

Make sure that the outfit that you get or stitch is not too smelly. One option is to let the cat play with the outfit a bit before trying it on so the cat gets familiar with it beforehand.

Lastly, when your cat is wearing an outfit, never ever leave it attended as cats dressed in outfits tend to get in lots of troubles around the house so make sure that your cat is safe and supervised at all times.

Without further ado, have a look at these 20 Christmas costumes for cats that we have compiled for you:

#20 – Christmas Collar For Cats

You can buy a red or green coloured collar to create a Christmas look for your cat. You can enhance the look by adding a hat.


#19 – The Reindeer Hat

How adorable are these reindeer hats? They look great on their own and even better if paired with a cat scarf or sweater.


#18 – Christmas Hat With Bells

Christmas bells will add the finishing touch to your cat’s outfit.


#17 – Cute Santa Hat For Kittens

These Santa Claus hats for kittens are easily available and look extremely cute.  You should also get yourself a hat of course, check out these Stylish Winter Hats for Women-These 8 Winter Hats Every Girl Must Try


#16 – Woven Christmas Hat

Red and green woven hats are a classic! You can easily make them yourself or buy it in different colours and designs.


#15 – Christmas Robe For Kittens

You can get a complete Christmas themed robe with a hood for your cat. Doesn’t it look amazing?


#14 – Sweater And Hat

You can create a Christmas outfit for a cat simply by pairing any sweater with a hat in Christmas colours. If you’re getting a sweater or any other shirt for the cat then you also need to measure its size. So how do you measure your cat’s size? Well, the right way is to wait for the cat to be in a good mood as you can just not get the size unless the cat is calm enough. Then start by measuring your cat’s length, which is from its neck till it’s tail. Then measure it’s width by wrapping the measuring tape around it, especially it’s belly.


 #13 – Santa Cape For Cats

Santa capes look fantastic. Tie them around your cat and add a Santa hat for a perfect Christmas look.


#12 – Under The Mistletoe Christmas Hat

This under the mistletoe hat is a must buy for your cat this Christmas!


#11 – Knitted Helmet For Cats


Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to DIY Christmas Outfit for Your Cat

Why You Should Dress Your Cat on Christmas

Let’s now go through the big question, why should you dress up your cat for Christmas? Well, because it gives them a unique personality. If you have never dressed your cat up, you might be surprised by how much some cats love getting dressed up. Moreover, Christmas is usually cold and your cat needs as much protection from the cold as you do so why not offer it some?

#10 – Complete Christmas Outfit For Cats


#9 – Fancy Christmas Hat


#8 – Santa Claus Outfit For Cats

There’s just nothing better than a Santa Claus outfit for cats.


#7 – Green Hat With Bow Tie

You can simply dress up your cat in any green hat with a matching bow tie and stockings for Christmas. If your cat is not comfortable with a shirt or sweater then try going for just a hat and bow-tie. They look cute and are not likely to bother your cat much.


#6 – Christmas Scarf For Cats

You can get one of the Christmas themed scarves for your cat. Wrap it around on its own to give it an absolutely unique and adorable look. To step up your style game, also add hat that matches the muffler. If you’re planning a Christmas party then such adorable outfits are definitely going to get your cat everyone’s attention.

You could also try getting your cat these hats and mufflers in colours that match your own christmas outfit. Yes! That way you’ll both have matching costumes and won’t it just be the best christmas ever.


#5 – Reindeer Hat With Red Scarf

Instead of going with the typical Santa costumes or hat-muffler combinations, how about something different like a reindeer costume for the cat?


#4 – Red Outfit For Christmas


#3 – Christmas Costume For Cats


#2 – Cute Christmas Outfit For Kittens


#1 – Santa Hat With Bow

If you’re fond of crochet or knitting, what’s better than making a hat for your cat yourself? Wouldn’t it be the best Christmas gift ever?


These super cute and adorable cat pictures will tempt you to dress up your cats in the same way. Use these ideas and ways to dress up your cats this Christmas and enjoy the day full of love, happiness and joy for you as well as your kitty.

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