20 Most Funny Costumes for Dogs

Who says fashion is just for humans? Dogs can rock the same outfits as you and even look cuter. They can pull off going out wearing nothing but a belt or they’ll attract you with their charm in a branded 3 piece suit. Here are 20 funniest outfits that you could get for your dogs.

Guaranteed to bag all the awards on the pet show and melt hearts of everyone as they run around in their tiny denim covered legs.

Funny Dog Costumes to Try This Year

funny outfits for dogs

First things first, here are some tips to dress your furry friend

  • The outfit should be the perfect size. If it’s too tight it will restrict its movement making your dog feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, too loose and your dog will have to drag its outfit all over the house.
  • Make sure to stay clear of fragrance because dogs’ sense of smell is more sensitive than ours. Any chemical odors can bother your pet.
  • Just like we like to be admired and praised in our new dresses dogs do, too. Make sure to use positive reinforcement after putting on an outfit on your dog so he knows it’s not meant to trap him
  • Never ever leave your dog unsupervised in an outfit. It can tangle itself up in clothes trying to get out of them. Or worse, choke in the process
  • Make sure the dog is comfortable in its ensemble.

↓ 20 – Outfits for Small Dogs

It would be a crime to burden your tiny pet with something elaborate and heavy. It’s better to stick to something minimal, like a bow or sunglasses. Here are 20 Christmas Costumes For Cats.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (3)

funny outfits for dogs

↓ 19 –  Matching Outfits

What’s better than showing up wearing the same outfit as your best friend. Just let your outfits express your love for each other.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (7)


↓ 18 – Designer Costume

Put your dog in the right high-end designer outfit and it will work the runway like a boss! This isn’t a joke. Anthony Rubio has a whole line of luxurious clothes for your pet which were even modeled by cute little puppies in the New York Fashion Week.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (1)

↓ 17 – Christmas

It’s the festive season and your dog deserves to enjoy, too! Put a little red hat on your dog to make ready for the holiday. Or go with a full Santa Claus costume. Depending on how extra you’re feeling.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (5)

↓ 16 – DIY Outfits

Dogs will do anything for us, from guarding the gate to turning our gloomy days into cheerful ones. In return, we can at least make them a sweater to show how grateful we are. There are numerous ways you can turn your old shirt into a cute little outfit for your doggie, or your sock into a scarf (just make sure they don’t smell).

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (2)


↓ 15 –  Head Accessories

Blip-blop blip-blop is all that’s going on in that head and to match the cute little thoughts we need something just as cute. A bow, a fancy tiara or a little hat can do the job perfectly.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (6)


↓ 14 – On a Budget

You don’t always have to be fancy to be adorable. Just in PJs and your dog will still get the Insta-perfect picture.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (4)


↓ 13 – SUIT UP!

He’s not just a good boy, he’s a gentleman. Let your dog show that to this goofy personality, there’s a dashing side, too.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (8)


↓ 12 – Jacket

Cover your dog in a jacket. This is multipurpose. Not only will it beat the cold, but also make your dog look ten times endearing.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (20)


↓ 11 – Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a perfect chance to dress your dog up. Go crazy, go creative. Throw on a wig and turn your doggo to a diva. Or put him in a striped onesie and you get a little Zebra. The options are endless. You can even match outfits with your pet.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (19)

↓ 10 – Accessories

Anything you can wear, they can wear. Imagine little puppies in sunglasses, scarves, socks, tiaras, beanies…the list just goes on and on.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (18)


↓ 9 – Dress Up As Other Animals

A dog in a Shark’s costume? Yes, please.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (17)


↓ 8 – Denim

Be it summer or winters denim never fail. Be it human or dogs, denim will never fail.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (16)


↓ 7 – Flags

Sounds bizarre, but looks super cute and patriotic.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (15)


↓ 6 – Raincoats

Today’s walk doesn’t have to get cancelled just because it’s raining. Get a raincoat for your dog and yourself to enjoy the weather and play in puddles.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (14)


↓ 5 – The Wedding Perfect Dress

Watch your little girl in awe as she comes to you with a bouquet in her hand and a veil on her head.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (13)


↓ 4 – Tuxedo

You need a groom for the wedding, too. Get your dog a tux and watch two little puppies running around in their wedding outfits. Try not to let the allergies act up.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (9)


↓ 3 – Bikini

Time to hit the beach in the itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka dot bikini and make all those girls jealous with your summer bod.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (11)


↓ 2 – Sport It Up

Show your dog’s love for football by dressing him up in a tiny kit of his own.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (10)


↓ 1 – Your Dog’s Own Rock Show

I would definitely buy tickets to the show just to hear dogs in rock outfits singing woof.

Funny Outfit Ideas for Dogs (12)


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