Funky Toe Nail Art-15 Cool Toe Nail Designs For Teenage Girls

Are you looking for some funky toe nail designs? Want to get some ideas on how to do super cool toe nail art yourself? Then follow the blog post as Outfit Trends brings you plenty of ideas.

Fancy toe nail art is pretty famous among the teenage girls. They always look for some creative nail art designs. Nail art decoration is a famous fashion activity. It started in salons professionally and now every girl can easily do it at home.These days nail art kits are available in the markets. Some are very reasonable and some are a little expensive then the rest. The kits come with a nail art design machine, nail colors, nail art stick, and cute stickers.

Stamping machine is very common these days as it’s an easy way to make designs and patterns by yourself. They come with embellishment stones too to decorate the nails. Different methods of application can be done with several designs such as polka dots toe nails, stripes, stars, flowers, animal designs, zebra pattern etc.Easiest way is to apply stickers on the nail. It gives a very funky look. Appliques are also used to enhance the nail art decoration by applying tiny pearls and stones with an applicator.Water marbling is a popular nail art design that can be done at home. All you would be needing is few things and they are a water bowl, Vaseline, water bottle, nail polishes.

Simple DIY Toe Nail Art Tutorial/Procedure

1. Firstly paint your nails white completely
For the base coat you will use a white nail polish. Other colors will be applied easily after the base coat. Now let it dry completely.
2. You will be filling the bowl with water
Before you move onto another step make sure that the bowl has a little amount of warm water. If it will be too hot or too cold it will ruin the colors.
3. Add the first nail polish color to the bowl
Now hold the brush to the water surface and take any color. Pour a drop of nail polish into the water. It should diffuse in the water.
4. Repeat it.
Add different colors until it forms a circle of rings. You can select two colors to it.
5. Swirl the design
To create the marble pattern now place the tip of the toothpick into the centre of the polish and drag it.
6. Apply Vaseline to the nails.
Apply Vaseline to the nails as it will prevent polish to stick on the skin.
7. Now dip your nails into the bowl for design
Now dip your nail onto the design and into the water. This will help the patter to stick to the nails and a design will form on the nails.
8. Remove it from the water
Now take your finger quickly out of the water. Blow on the nail so that it dries out. to Once it’s dry then take off the excess Vaseline using a paper towel.

 From the following images you can get lot of ideas about the trendy toe nails fashion these days.You can also try these different designs with some really cool toe rings to add beauty to your feet.

2015 toe nails designs

Cartoon Toe nail Designs


Toe Nail Designs

Stylish toe nail art

Simple toe nail designs

Pedicure Toenail Art

Mix toe nail prints


Funky toe nails print

Funky toe nail art for teenage girls

Fancy toe nailart


Dotted toe nail at

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Cute toe nail Designs

Cute Toe Nail Art Designs

cool toe nail designs

awesome toe nail designs

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