20 Cute Tee Shirts for Muslim Girls – Modest Shirts

How Muslim Girls can wear Tee Shirts. Thinking of how to get a chic look while wearing hijab? Well that ain’t no problem. Fashion changes and so does our ideas and styles; leaving us to think for prolonged hours what to wear and what not to keeping in mind the norms and culture of a hijabi girl.

You can easily style out by wearing tee shirts of various styles along with hijab by keeping modesty and fashion altogether. Nowadays tees have become popular and famous. They have become a mode of asserting one’s expressions by printing apprehensive words, arts and photographs as well.

So, in order to ease your problem; I have come up with a collection of tees that will give u chic and in vogue look that can be easily carried out keeping in your religious boundaries. But before that i would recommend you to give a look at some tips that will give a chic look to you.

Tips to Wear Tee Shirts Modestly for Muslim Girls

  • select those colors that will suit you best
  • get a perfect size of t-shirt for yourself. If it doesn’t fit on you then your style can be affected
  • buy good quality tees.

Here are the 20 fashionable ways that Muslim girls can style shirts with different outfits. I hope this will help you out at best. 🙂

20. T Shirts with Hijab

As discussed above that you can get prints of expressive words on your t-shirts. There you go then.

Tee shirts for muslim girls
19. Trendy cosmetics tools screen printing

Girls just can’t get enough of make up especially when it comes to eye make up; and mascara is one of its essential part. So why don’t get it screen printed on tee. 😉

Tee shirts for muslim girls 1

18. Keep Calm and Wear a Hijab

Keep Calm tees still at rage. Go and grab one.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 2


18. Yes i’m an Athlete

Just have fun and enjoy. Wear your favorite athletic t-shirt with jeans and athletic shoes.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 3

17. Modest Tee Shirts for Islamic Girl

Pair up with t-shirt worn under a collar shirt, with long boots.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 4

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16. Comfy look

Nothing is better than being comfortable at what you wear.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 5

15. Tiger screen print

Personally speaking, I love lions and tigers. Hence, I couldn’t resist on this one. Tiger printed shirt with colored collage textured tights giving it a wild look.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 6

14. Crop top TEE –  Usually maxis are found either backless or sleeveless. It can be worn with a crop top tee to cover it up and yet get a chic look.Tee shirts for muslim girls 7


13. Create your own style

Be what you are. Go for your own style.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 8

12. Hard to resist


Tee shirts for muslim girls 9

11. Delicate

Wear a tee under stripped long coat or a collar shirt along with skinny jeans.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 10

10. Full sleeve sweater Tee look

You can also wear sweat shirts paired with jeans.

Tee shirts for muslim girls 11

9. Digit printing TEE with black jeans

What’s your favorite digit?

Tee shirts for muslim girls 12

8. TEE with blazer on top

Tee shirts for muslim girls 13

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7. Favorite Sports’ persons name

Tee shirts for muslim girls 14
6. White and Black combo

Tee shirts for muslim girls 15
5. Metallic belt on jeans with black TEE

Tee shirts for muslim girls 16


4. Put a Leather Jacket on TEE

Tee shirts for muslim girls 17

3. Wearing TEE with a Maxi Skirt

Tee shirts for muslim girls 18

2. Wear TEE with Cardigan on Top

Tee shirts for muslim girls 19
1. Dapper look with Hip Hop Long T-shirts

Tee shirts for muslim girls 20


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