What to Wear on a Beach Wedding ? 14 Outfit Ideas

The season for beach weddings is just around the corner and many of us find it hard to choose the right outfits for a beach wedding. Well it isn’t as hard as it seems to be and with the collection of tips and suggestions we have for you it will become even more easier now to dress up for a beach wedding. In simple words, the best beach wedding outfit is simple, colourful and flowy. It’s not like a fancy hotel wedding so you have to keep it simple, go for sandals instead of heels, and wear light and natural make-up instead of bold make-up. Now we’ll be sharing some pictures which will help you better understand these tips and will inspire you to choose the best beach wedding outfit and be the star of the function.

How to Dress Up for Beach Wedding

# 14 – Pleated Dress

You can find a range of pleated dresses in all shapes and sizes. They make the perfect outfits for a fancy beach wedding. We recommend brighter colours like orange or shocking pink for beach weddings.

Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (21)

Here are some more ideas showing how you can accessorize the dress shown above. You can either choose matching jewellery or go for a gold bracelet or earrings. Strappy sandals and a high ponytail would create a dreamy look with this dress.

Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (20)

#13 – Pastel Printed Dress

If the wedding is in day time, pastel dresses look great. They are especially recommended for the bridesmaids.

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 Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (19)


#12 – Blue Maxi Dress

All shades of blue look perfect on a beach wedding as they blend in so well with the background. Also look for some natural flowers that you can use as a hair accessory.

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#11 – Bohemian Floral Dress

A bohemian dress like this and that too in floral print would make an amazing combination. When it comes to hair styling, try going for a bun with this dress. They are also perfect if the wedding is boho themed.

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#10 – Cocktail Dress

Nothing is more appropriate than a cocktail dress if you are attending a formal beach wedding. You can choose a length and style that fits your style and body shape. Cocktail dresses look breathtaking if you are in a good shape.Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (14)

If the function is planned in evening then try to find a cocktail dress that is a bit sparkly. Like the one shown below, makes her look like a beautiful little mermaid.

Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (15)


#9 – Cascading Gown

The best thing about cascading gowns is that they look great on both plus-size and average-sized women as well. Adding a belt on the waist makes them look even more beautiful. Choose from either bold eyes or bold lips if you are going with the cascading gowns. If you are a plus-size woman then don’t forget to click here for some of the most gorgeous party outfit ideas.

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#8 – Crochet Dress

How about being a bit traditional and choosing a crochet dress? Perfect for casual beach weddings and you don’t need to make a lot of effort in dressing up this outfit.

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Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (11)

#7 – Kaftan

Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (9)

#6 – Tunics

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#5 – Lace Top with Skirt

Skirts look glamorous on an occasion like a beach wedding. Click here to take a look at some more spectacular outfits to wear with pencil skirts

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#4 – Chiffon Dress

Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (6)

#3 – Crop Top and Pants

This is an extremely cute look for a casual beach wedding if you choose the right colour combination. Click here to get some more ideas about the right kind of shoes to wear with plazzo pants

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#2 – Romper

Beach Wedding Outfit Ideas (4)

#1 – Tie Dye Dresses

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