15 Latest Style Walima Bridal Dresses To Look Gorgeous Bride

2017 Walima dresses are the ones in which a bride can truly show her creativity and beauty. While the mehndi and barat functions are usually limited to certain colours like orange or yellow for mehndi and red for barat, when it comes to walima dresses, brides are usually free to choose the colour which best suits them.

What makes things difficult is that the trends in walima dresses for dulhan are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. But you need not worry as in this post we have collected together some of the prettiest walima outfits you will ever come across.So today i will bring some top designers walima dresses collection to make you big day special These dresses show case the latest fashion as well as unique and pretty colour combinations.You can get many ideas from this collection as what to wear on walima ? how to wear ? how to look gorgeous bride for walima ?what footwear is perfect ?To make the best of it you need to have a perfect hairstyle which goes with walima outfit.So must check out these 25 cute hairstyles for walima.

Latest style Walima Bridal Dresses 2017


#15 Wearing a Plain Top with heavy Lehnga

This is a really different and yet interesting concept and gives the look of the traditional anarkali dress that almost every one loves. What makes this dress even more beautiful is the wonderful use of embroidery and colours.


15 Latest Style Walima Bridal Dresses004


#14 White Lace Dresses – Simplicity is the Key to Elegance

Wearing white on walima has been one of the latest trends amongst Asian brides who are all set to break the traditional stereotypes. A dress like this looks perfect when made in chantilley lace.

15 Latest Style Walima Bridal Dresses006


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#13 Wear Pink and make everyone Blink

It is said that pink is the colour of romance. So what better occasion to wear this romantic colour than on your walima day.

15 Latest Style Walima Bridal Dresses00


#12 Double Shaded Dress

15 Latest Style Walima Bridal Dresses009


#11 Combining Embroidery and Embellishments

15 Latest Style Walima Bridal Dresses0012


#10 Combination of Pastel Colours


 #9 Silver-grey Dress Combined With Your Favourite Colour

 #8 Blue – One of the Most Attractive Colours on Earth

This shade of blue looks wonderful on any girl as a bride. No matter what your size or complexion is, this colour will surely look beautiful on you.Those who are looking for cheap bridal dresses many of these are available at reasonable prices .You can buy them online.


# 7 A White Dress and Smoky Eyes


#6 Go all Gold

As a walima bride, don’t be afraid to sparkle a little more and gold surely is one of the most attractive colours to shine in.Those girls wondering what jewelry to wear with walima suit ? here is the perfect guide for you.

 #5 Mermaid Tail Dress

Dresses with Mermaid tails create and elegance of their own. They are specially recommended for slim girls as they can help highlight their best parts while covering the weaker ones.

 #4 Combination of White and Red

This bride truly looks like she just came out of a fairy tale. She really made her white dress sparkle by choosing the red jewellery and lip colour. Moreover her hair accessory is to die for!

 #3 Be a Mint Green Bride

This is such a cool and calm colour that it makes the bride look like a treat for the eyes.

 # 2 Long Tail Dresses

Create the royal look with a long tailed dress.

 #1 Combination of Champaign, Pink and Blue colours in a Maxi dress

This is definitely one of the best colour combinations I have ever seen. The limited and yet enough usage of pink and blue really makes the dress stand out from the rest.

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